Kotak Education Foundation Ngo Project Essay

Introduction [pick Kodak Education Foundation is an organization working for the underprivileged children and youth In Iambi and Raging district. An Annihilate In the field of education by Shari day Kodak and SMS. Papilla Kodak, it started officially on January 1, 2007. Shari Day Kodak Is the Promoter and Managing Director of Kodak Maidenhair Bank Limited.

He heads the Kodak Maidenhair Group which is in diverse financial services such as Banking, Investment Banking, Stock Broking and Distribution, Life Insurance, Car Finance, Mutual Funds, etc. A compelling need was felt to raise the quality bar In Education for the underprivileged children who have entered a School, perhaps the first generation in their family. Focus was necessary on how to get the child to complete education.

Since 2007, KEF has worked In two streams – Education and Livelihood. In the former, it has partnered with over a dozen schools with over 20000 students from under-privileged backgrounds In urban and rural areas in Iambi, Thane and Raging districts and assist them In training the trainers (school-teachers), working with the children on enhancing their English speaking skills, Life-skills, Health, hygiene and nutrition and working with parents to assist their children.

In the latter, It runs vocation-oriented training for youth from the underprivileged class of society in the domains of Hospitality, Customer Relations & Sales and TIES. It assists in Job-placement through tie-ups with corporate in upwardly mobile Jobs. Till March 2011, over 3200 youth have been trained and over 2500 placed in Jobs. Vision: KEF is an MONGO which aims at transforming India through the aid of educating under privileged children and youth In and around Iambi and Raging through education and livelihood programs.

Mission: To have a sustainable process to support children,’youth from under-privileged implies with different interventions so as to empower them, support them to rise above the poverty line and lead a life with dignity. ; Education Improving the quality of education for underprivileged children & focusing on how they can complete their education. ; Livelihood Conducting vocation-oriented training for youth from the underprivileged class of society & assisting in Job-placement through tie-ups with corporate in upwardly mobile Job.

Activities undertaken by KEF: ; Spoken English Program (SEEP) To help students speak in English (7th & 8th SST vernacular medium students) Kodak – In search of Excellence – scholarship program To provide mentoring and financial help to the scholars to complete education ; Student Intervention Program SIP focuses on teaching students attending schools in low-income, disadvantage areas, Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills (IBIS) in English. Parent Intervention Program To explain the importance of education to the parents to reduce high dropout rate and to create awareness about Health, Hygiene and Diet and to support students to overcome problems of education ; School Teachers Enrichment Program To enhance teaching ability of teachers and to improve their English speaking ability. ; Principal Enhancement Program To enhance the administrative, professional, academic and managerial ability of the Principal. ; Health and Hygiene To improve the health of school children and to provide aid to the needy. Innate Livelihood To provide educational training to youth who are school/college dropout and are from underprivileged families and assist them in placement in upwardly mobile Jobs. Student [pick] Project Satellites Project theme & location: We Joined the SEEP on 4th Cot, 2012 at Mar Koru Vitally, Abandon. The main focus f the program was to develop the skill of English communication among the students. We worked for 9 hours from am to pm for 2 days in a week – Wednesday and Thursday. We followed the TTL given by KEF.

We need to speak in English with students every time we interacted with them. Pill] Project Activities: ; Teaching 7th & 8th Standard students spoken English through TTL Preparation of teaching aids for daily classes ; Preparing Del and log report for our daily activities & submitting the same to MONGO guide ; Visiting Students’ parents (Home Visits) ; Taking tests and evaluating students in terms of spoken English Preparation for RAZZ event About TTL: TTL is developed by taking into consideration the leaning ability/ style of the students.

KEF teachers always refers their students as Kinesthesia that means these students have tactile learning style which takes place by the student carrying out a physical activity, rather than listening to a lecture or watching a demonstration. The TTL developed by KEF has following steps – ; Teacher reads ; Teacher reads, Student repeat ; Silent Reading by students ; Individual reading ; Pair and share ; Explaining meaning of difficult words ; Question and answers session Daily Activities:

Our day used to start from 9. 00 am at Mar Koru Vitally, Abandon. We used to prepare teaching aids (charts, flash cards, drawings, etc) given by our MONGO guide Ms Gaur’ Atari for first one hour I. E 9. 00 am to 10. 00 am Nine Tort anal an nor ( am 0 10. 30 am) we uses to conduct various satellites with 7th and 8th SST students like question and answer activity about their favorite TV program, giving them advertisement topic to prepare for the skit, etc. Next half an hour (10. 30 am to 1 1. 0 am) we used to work on various tasks assigned by our guide, for example, preparing simple quotes on a certain topic, writing stories or children, preparing short skits from popular TV programs, etc Next one hour (1 1. 00 am to 12. 00 pm) we used to prepare for the lessons to be covered in the class. Wednesday, we used to take only reading sessions but Thursday used to be ‘Role plays’ day so we used to prepare on skits to be done from children on Thursdays. Next half an hour used to be Lunch break where we all used to sit together and have lunch.

We had four classes each of one hour which used to start from 12. 45 pm and end at 4. 45 pm. 3-4 students from each class were assigned to us and Marmot Madam was our guide over there at Room no. 9. Last hour (5. 00 pm to 6. 00 pm) we used to have feedback session with our guides. Preparing teaching aids: Since the students were Kinesthesia learners we used to prepare various teaching aids like question & answer charts, flash cards, drawings, AD Who’ type question charts by using newspapers to form a letter so that the students can actually feel how the alphabet is written.

Preparing Del and Log report: We used to fill Del and log reports after teaching the students on daily basis to write what we have done whole day in KEF. These reports are attached at the end of the report. Profiling of students: We noted down the student’s performance in terms of spoken English while taking reading sessions with them. Studied their progress/ improvements as per the sessions and prepared the profile of each student on the same. We used to evaluate them through DIPPY form. This form was profiling of each student to whom we taught.

We were supposed to rate them on the given parameters like Interpersonal Skills, Team Work, Behavioral Skills, Grooming, Timing, punctuality and Attendance. Conducting test: On one of the working days, we conducted the tests of 7th & 8th SST students of Ideal Girls School located at Amaranth. Home Visits: As a part of our project we had been given a task of visiting our student’s homes. The purpose of the visit was to enquire about the awareness about Stoat’s spoken English program and to understand & analyses the student’s family background and also his/ her behavior and performance. We visited students’ homes in pairs.

Here, we interacted with our student’s parents and found out the information on following points and prepared report on the same ; Family background ; Financial condition ; Annual expenditure ; Environment at home ; Neighborhood ; Child’s attitude towards studies Child’s behavior at home ; Relationship with parents ; Career plans Also we visited Keeps scholarship student homes as a part of Kodak In Search of Excellence. These students had received a scholarship from KEF for scoring excellent marks in SC. We got to know the story of such students who scored excellent marks even after facing adverse situation at home.

The format of home visit report is attached at the end of the report. The purpose of these visits was to visit underprivileged students who are not supported by Kodak Education Foundation and to understand and analyses how they re managing their studies on their own effectively even in adverse situations. We prepared a report for the same on following parameters – ; Parents’ / Guardians’ support in terms of studies ; Freedom to choose field of study ; Managing finance ; Difficulties which they are facing currently ; Current status and future plans The experience of Home Visits was really an eye opener for me.

KEF gave me an opportunity to understand the other facet of life which I had only heard or read about. But from home visits, I actually witnessed it and it changed my outlook towards life. It helped me to develop a sense of social responsibility. All ten none vials reports were mace as per ten Toweling report Home Visit Report ; Name of the student : Ms Sandy Raja Karat. ; Standard ; Address No. 7th Mahatma Jocosity pull magna, IT Market Poppa 78. 9594658254 ; Contact ; Date & Time of Visit 31st October, 2012 at 9. 0 am ; Name of the teachers Ms Sheehan Hydra & Mr. Harsh Lad Purpose: The purpose of the visit was to enquire about the awareness about Stoat’s spoken Family Details: Sandy lives with her parents, grandfather and two elder siblings. Sandy’s native place is Bullhead, Chili Talk but they hardly visit the place. Her family is living in Iambi from past 25 years. Her mother, Mrs.. Laxly is a housewife. Her father, Mr.. Raja is a daily wage earner and is the sole bread earner of the family. Her elder sister, Maya studies in 9th SST at Mar Koru Vitally and Her brother, Standards is a 20 year old college dropout.

Our Observations: When we entered the house, we observed it was a very small house having only a small TV, a bed and a sitting arrangement but it was very clean. Her mother greeted us with a smile; in fact she came half way to pick us up to her house so that we won’t be lost. We could see that Sandy’s parents were very happy to have us at their souse when we introduced ourselves as Kodak Teachers, especially her mother who gave all the details about their background. The moment we told them about our purpose of visit, she really appreciated the work Kodak Education Foundation is doing.

She also expressed the sense of gratefulness towards Stoat’s Spoken English Classes and said, “Kodak is doing a really great work without charging anything for these classes which otherwise we couldn’t afford outside. ” Story behind Support and awareness: The environment for education at home was really favorable considering the locality over there. Surprisingly, her mother who is hardly educated, knew the value of education as well as English speaking as she showed a book named ‘Fast Amaranth- English Speaking Course” which she brought for Sandy and her siblings. E treble to Tuttle out ten reason Deanna Santayana mothers awareness tout spoken English. It was her elder brother – Standards who is now 20 years old. Standards left school at 6th SST because teachers used to beat him but he did not tell this at home. He worked on daily wage for next two years but later showed interest in rejoining school. Sandy’s mother quotes this as total waste of 2 years’. He completed his 10th but failed in 1 lath SST as he was weak in English. Still he hasn’t completed his 12th. He tried to get a Job but failed.

We learnt he has started working from last 2-3 days in Visitor which involves bringing tea for people at offices so that at least he can listen to them as they speak in English. Sandy’s Mother is concerned about him and wants to know whether Kodak can do anything about him in terms of spoken English classes. We assured her that we will talk to Kodak officials and let her know. All About Sandy: As we enquired further we came to know about Sandy’s routine. Her day starts from attending school, then in the afternoon after school she watches TV for some time and then in the evening she gives almost 1 and half hour to the studies.

Her mother said she is not so good in studies but still likes to study. She usually studies with her elder sister who is in 9th SST and has undergone SEEP and can speak very well English. It is a good thing that Sandy has a sister to study with who can help her as her parents do not know English. On Sunday, Sandy usually goes to a place called ‘Deanship’ at cutthroat. Besides this, she also likes to dance like her sister. While we were talking to her mother, her sister – Maya came home from school. We had a talk with her also and learnt she wants to be an engineer.

We told Maya to continue to help her baby sister in English and other studies. Sandy has good relation with all her family members. She tells everything to her parents. Being the youngest in the family she is everyone’s favorite, especially father and brother. Neighborhood: Talking about neighborhood, Sandy’s mother confessed there are some minor problems but she always keeps her children out of those problems. Happy & Touching Moments: The happiest moments are when there is paranoia and 14th April as all the family members come together.

This moment was very emotional for everyone in the room as her grandpa talked to us. He said there is no happiest moment in his life as he has gone through lot of hardships. He also said today’s kids do not give importance to his values and therefore he doesn’t share a good bond with his grandchildren. While slaying tans, ten tears came clown Trot Nils eyes. He also supported ten Stake cause of spoken English. Conclusion: Overall, the environment was good where everyone valued the education. Sandy ill definitely have a very good scope to study further considering her parents’ value system.

I sincerely thank KEF for giving such an opportunity to understand the other facet of life which I have only heard or read about in my life. But today I actually witnessed it and it changed my outlook towards life. RAZZ – Annual event of KEF RAZZ is Keeps annual event held as a competition between 13 of Keeps partner schools in the month of February. This program primarily aims for the holistic development of the students. It is performed in English which creates a confidence in them to perform on the stage ND in front of large audience.

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