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Need to develop a tool for cane management system on JAVA/J2EE Technology so that it can be interfaced with SAP system on Net weaver platform or otherwise it will work as a standalone system on separate server according to various user process requirements. The modules are integrated into one another by way of data integration capabilities and a few modules to the extent of process integration.

RYOT registration, Plot registration, Cutting permits, Cane weighment – interface with weigh bridge, Automatic cane account payable, Statutory reports, Recovery analysis etc. Interfaces to other Tools & Utilities such as Smart Card SMS MIS Dashboard Sugar industry is unique in its working process. Sugar industry’s production activity is seasonal in nature and a Sugar manufacturing company employs a large number of temporary work forces to participate in the production process.

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This has got a bearing on the inventory holding and accounting practices. The sugar industry has always needed critical real-time information, especially in the cane department. This is because sugarcane has to be crushed soon after it has been harvested. The time delay between harvest and inventory in the yard (for sugarcane to be crushed) cannot be more than 6-8 hours. Anything beyond that can lead to a stock-out, and will lead to spoilage of sugar content and the subsequent reduction in the yield from the cane.

Further, the complexity increases since cane is harvested continuously from a few hundred centers across various remote locations. Unique requirements of Sugar Industry: 1) Cane Management system 2) Plantation Details 3) Fertilizer subsidy details 4) Crop loans 5) Cutting order details 6) Cane Pricing management system 7) Cane weighing and crushing management system 8) Cane calendaring systems 9) Cane accounting system tightly integrated with Cane management system 10) Chemical laboratory reporting


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