Kroger's Part-Time Pharmacy Jobs Cut Essay

Travonna Smith 3-13-2010 Econ 200 Current article Kroger’s part-time pharmacy jobs cut By Tracy Turner This article is about how Kroger laid off 93 percent part-time pharmacists at stores in central Ohio market. With the economy, being so bad them already had enough full time employees. That then leaves three hundred and forty full time pharmacists, more than enough to continue to serve customers in the Columbus market’s one hundred and six stores. They also lay off workers because of the growth of the other pharmacies they compete against.

For example, like CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and additional pharmacies many supermarket and discount chains in central Ohio. In class, we talked about the acquisition of market power. The product differentiation like what makes your product differ from others and the ability to control a significant fraction of the market. Like the location or customer, service that might either made you go back or not. Kroger’s employees said this is the first time they laid off pharmacist.

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Kroger's Part-Time Pharmacy Jobs Cut Essay
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However, with the growth of the pharmacies they did not have a choice. Not everyone go to Kroger pharmacy. It seems like there is a pharmacy on every corner and now few an offering coupons where you can get a gift card if you get you prescription filled there. Since the drugstores are growing, they figure that they will end up getting their job back even if it is not with them. Since the layoff, many employees fill that the demand for pharmacists is not that great no more as it was a couple years back.


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