Kudler Strategic Plan Update Essay

Running head: STRATEGIC PLAN UPDATE Strategic Plan Update STR/581 Implementation Plan Kudler Fine Foods implementation plan gives an outline of the major phases of the strategies that have been discussed. In Figure 1, the Gantt chart gives the objectives of the strategies to be implemented followed by the functional tactics, actions, and the deadlines that must be met. Figure 2 contains the Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS) of the new product development strategy of the company.

It gives the details of the responsibility of each department and the dependency of these departments to complete the milestone (Australian Government, 2009). Figure 1: Gantt Chart of the new strategies of Kudler Fine Foods Figure 2: Work Breakdown Schedule of the new product development of Kudler Fine Foods. Risk management Plan Risk management plan is a useful tool that prepares organizations for major changes. Most businesses have fallen short because the lack of preparation. Kudler Fine Foods must always be aware of any problems or changes that may occur and have a contingency plan on hand.

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Those changes can create other alternatives. Kathy must be able to identify and understand any changes or risks. Lack of changes can keep all tasks and other projects on time and within its budget. Most risk management plans fall short because of the lack of time for research and other problem-solving tools. To stay with its time frame, Kathy Kudler must keep all research within her budget. This means making sure that all materials are ordered at a certain time, keeping the salaries within the approved budget, and staying within the budget on the opening stages of the business.

According to surrey. ac. uk, good risk management provides upward assurance from business activities and administrative functions, from department to faculties, to the senior management team and ultimately to the governing body. Potential benefits from risk management are that the company is promoting improvement, the company can quick grasp of new opportunities, and reassuring stakeholders is a plus as well. Toolbox. com has a list of critical success factors to make a project or plan successful: ) Focus on business processes and requirements first 2) Focus on achieving a healthy ROI (Return on Investment) 3) Strong project management and resource commitment. 4) Commitment from company executives 5) Take time to plan up front 6) Ensure adequate training and change management 7) Make sure to understand the reason for implementing Conclusion References Australian Government. (2009). Prime Minister & Government. Retrieved from http://www. dpmc. gov. au/implementation/implementation_guide. cfm


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