Lab Safety

Question Answer
What do you wear when you are working with chemicals, heat, or sediments in a lab? safety googles
Who do you ask if you need help with directions or lab procedures? teacher
Who gives you directions about how to dispose of waste materials? teacher
Who do you tell first when you get injured in a lab? teacher
Which lab equipment do you need to always check for chips and cracks? glassware
Which lab equipment do you need to check is clean? glassware
What tells you the equipment you need for a lab? directions
What type of shoes should you wear for labs? closed-toed
When can you play around in lab? never
If a piece of equipment is not working who should you tell? teacher
Spills on the floor can cause accidents so clean them up when? at once
How should you move around the science classroom? walk
Who is responsible for cleaning up the science classroom? everybody
What do you use to protect your clothes? apron
In science labs you smell things by fanning the odor towards you. What is this called? wafting
The most important thing during any lab is what? safety
What should you do with your hands after a lab? wash
Is eating, drinking, or chewing gum allowed during labs? no
If you get a substance on your hand during a lab you should wash your hands and then tell who about it? teacher
What should you wear to protect your eyes? safety googles
How should long hair be worn during labs? pulled back

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