Lady of shalott (156 words) Essay

1.She weaves a magic web with colors gay.

2.The weather changes when she looks out of the window directly. Yes, it dose because it signifies that the curse is upon her.

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Lady of shalott (156 words) Essay
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3.The weather changing was a symbol.

4.Yes, she is. No, she is not fully developed because she has no background to her.

5.No, it didnt end the way I thought it did she just randomly died while floating on a boat.

6.Im not too sure what the central idea of the poem is. Maybe its dont go against curses.

7.The setting is very essential to the poem because she floated down the river by Camelot. I dont think it could have taken place anywhere else.

8.She plays the role of a damsel in distress.

9.No, because it would be useless none of my friends will read a poem if they have a say in it.


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