Lady of Shalott verses Essay

20.Full cargo ships flowed down the river21.Slow walking horses that went by unnoticed
22.A sail boat sailing on the river
23.Floating down the river
24.Who sees her waving her hand in the tower
25.Who has seen her at all in the window
26.Does anyone even know she exists
27.Lady of Shalott
28.Farmers harvesting early in the morning among the dark colored barley
30.a song that is sung in a happy tone and can be heard from outside the tower
31.a windy river near the tower
32.down to Camelot which has a lot of towers
33.the moon has risen and the farmers are tired from harvesting
34.the farmer is piling his harvest in a stack
35.the reaper is wondering if the Lady of Shalott is real or not
36.Lady of Shalott
37.She is weaving all day and night
38.Her weavings have bright and vibrant colors
39.She doesnt know where she heard the voice but she heard it
40.If she were to look out the window the curse will be upon her
41.Looking at Camelot
42.She doesnt know what the curse is
43.She just keeps on weaving
44.She doesnt care that she weaves all day, she likes it
45.Lady of Shalott
46.Moving reflections in the mirror
47.Its the same things over and over all year
48.Its the reflection of the outside in the mirror
49.She sees the trail by the tower that leads to Camelot
50.the path leads to Camelot
51.The river that is near flows by her tower
52.The villagers are in the town near Camelot
53.There are some girls in the market wearing red cloaks
54.The market girls are leavening Camelot

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