Land Animals test chapters 5 & 6

Question Answer
a large mass of land that was broken apart (possibly) by the flood Pangaea
The Tasmanian devil acts like a hyena
Name 2 characteristics of an opossum that's "playing dead" 1.Lips draw back
2. teeth are bared
3. smells dead
4. is stiff
kangaroos are the size of _________ when born a grain of rice
most primates are social
an example of a New World monkey is marmoset or tamarin
an example of an old world monkey is baboon , proboscis
a male kangaroo is called a buck
kangaroos live in large groups called mob
kangaroos can go 40 mph
a mole digs its entire life
when a Tasmanian devil smells bad its scared
ther refers to wild animals
The single factor that is used to classify primates if the nose
which animal is considered a lesser ape gibbons
the new world continents are North and South America, and Australia
the largest a silver back gorilla can weigh Is more than 400 lbs.
eucalyptus leaves are poisonous
a Virginia opossum can be found all over the US and Canada (and Mexico)
a kangaroos ligaments act like springs
most marsupials live in Americas or Australia
A joey needs to nurse even after it leaves the pouch
a gorilla is an example of an great ape
orangutans are loners
Bonobos look very much like chimps but are slightly smaller
some examples on why primates are similar to other wild animals 1. They have teeth like a lion
2. They can sit and stand like a bear
3. Their hands are similar to raccoons hands
differences between monkeys and apes 1. monkeys have tails – apes do not
2. apes arms are designed for swinging – an monkeys is not
3. apes brains are larger than monkey's brains
What is the big difference between a kangaroo and a wallaby it's size – a wallaby is smaller than a kangaroo

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