Language and culture

The aim of my research

My research is based on understanding about how civilization is linked to linguistic communication and verse-visa. This subject wonders me sometimes ; I was unable to acquire a better apprehension. I know it is really confusing, difficult to understand as people ever argue about it and limited of resources to really happen out about the truth. There are excessively many research workers giving different reading and perceptual experiences about linguistic communication and civilization. I am really funny and interested in giving my ain sentiment and make some research of what has been described liked before. I hope that my reader will hold bigger image.

The context of my article is as follows:

  • The differences between linguistic communication and civilization
  • How linguistic communication and civilization connects with each other?
  • How linguistic communication interacts with civilization? How linguistic communication interacts with context?
  • How words are extracted from civilization? And how phrases are extracted from civilization? ( illustration of the Mayas ) ( Chinese words or characters )
  • Why civilization and linguistic communication is of import?
  • Biography

The difference between linguistic communication and civilization

Language is a signifier of communicating that is used by human existences and animate beings. Through this communicating, is used through either none and verbal communicating. Analyzing merely linguistic communication can be classify as phonemics and grammar where phonemics represents sounds which has different sets of phonemes that makes understand and larn the proper pronunciation. Grammar can farther be categorized as morphology which combing sounds and morphemes are sounds combined in larger units used in doing a normal address. Non communicating is another type of communicating that includes facial looks, tone of voice, sense of odor, sense of touch, and organic structure gestures.

Language is ever argued but it is said that linguistic communication is a constituent of civilization because much of the remainder of it usually transmitted orally. It ‘s impossible to understand the elusive niceties and deep significance of another civilization without cognizing its linguistic communication good. Culture gives the perceptual experiences of designation within a society, where we are placing separately or group.

Language influences our civilization and the manner how we think as most people say that linguistic communication is portion of our civilization because it ‘s the manner how we used and see it within our environment, therefore it ‘s the manner how we interpret it because anthropologies found out that it depends how people identify or categorize things in the environment and that provides of import penetrations into the involvements, concerns, and values of their civilization. It act upon our linguistic communication because from since we were born, we have our first linguistic communication, the linguistic communication we are the linguistic communication we were thought this comes from our parents coevals, hence our native linguistic communication is portion of our individuality and which tells us more about our civilization. Like for illustration, in Belize, there are three sorts of Mayas bing, viz. Mopan, Ke’kchi, and the Yucate, but the large inquiry ever rose as to how we differentiate ourselves. We identify ourselves by the linguistic communication we speak, the civilization we are populating, our beliefs, although some things are similar but we have different attacks of making things.

Language is all about civilization and civilization is all about linguistic communication, because this is chief basic merchandise of human, so human uses linguistic communication to pass on with this so commuting brings the civilization to the society. For illustration as mentioned civilization is a merchandise of linguistic communication and linguistic communication is a merchandise of civilization therefore these reading how the universe see linguistic communication and civilization and to presume civilization is to cognize a civilization is cognizing a linguistic communication. It ‘s non needfully that one should cognize a civilization or must cognize the civilization, in my personal sentiment it there must be something that should be known, because this relates each other. For illustration, I am in Taiwan perusal, I do cognize little about their linguistic communication, and small about their civilization which fits to cognize the world about the people and the environment. While others do cognize about the civilization but know a small or none about the linguistic communication.

However with farther research I found out about an article published in 1990 by the universe declaration on instruction for all ( WDEFA ) adverting “ literacy in the female parent lingua strengthens cultural individuality and heritage. Based on my apprehension, since linguistic communication relates to each other, any female parent lingua linguistic communication spoken should be maintained so maintain up the civilization significance that that linguistic communication should be clear and writable.

Comparing and looking at the history of the Mayas, the most interesting portion of Maya is at that place composing systems, like their pictograph the image images with cosmopolitan significance, ideographic-picture image with arbitrary significances, logogram which is the units in composing stand foring whole words, syllable units represent syllables and alphabet units stand foring sounds that are

How linguistic communication and civilization connects with each other?

Language and civilization are connected in several other intricate and dynamic ways. The linguistic communication is a merchandise of civilization and at the same time the civilization is shaped by how the linguistic communication allows us to see it. In any sort of linguistic communication things are view otherwise but it must point in a friendly mode.

The background of most dwellers of a civilization are similar because we centuries ago we tend to hear the same narratives that were said.

Language connects civilization in many ways, through altering the demands and tendencies in civilization, For illustration words and looks possibly needed to show construct that are been discovered or even been invented. These find or innovations are used in mundane life. Since civilization describes the manner unrecorded and think while linguistic communication shows the manner we speak and express ourselves becomes mutable from clip to clip and topographic points, for illustration, there are some words that described or distinguish people populating in rural or urban countries. On the other manus some words used mean the antonym in different topographic points ; both can hold a positive or negative point of position so at that place peculiarly these go on due to alterations in civilization.

How linguistic communication interacts with context?

Context is a impression used in the linguistic communication scientific discipline ( linguistics, sociolinguistics, discourse analaysisi, pragmatics, semiologies ) in two different ways viz. as verbal and societal context

Verbal context referes to environing text or talk of an look ( word sentence colloquial bend, address act ext ) influences the manner we understand the look

Social context were defined in footings of nonsubjective societal variables such as those of category gebder or race more rescently, be given to be defined interms of societal indentity being construed and displayes in text and talk by linguistic communications utilizations

Language interacting with context signifier are highly hard to define because sometimes things are difficult to distinguish particularly when make up one’s minding whether certain things belongs to a civilization and besides when doing determination

The context of civilization is linguistic communication socialisation, ths merges ti the communicating patterns with the context of civilization. Analyzing the linguistic communication position is the chase of cultural underpinning Theas give significance to the communicating interaction between expert and novice member within and traverse contexts of state of affairs.

Research workers theorize about civilization within different theoretical models, looking civilization to which includes “ organic structures of cognition, constructions and of apprehension, constructs of the universe, and corporate representation which are extrinsic to any single and incorporate more information that any person could cognize or larn.

How words are extracted from civilization?

Extracting words from civilization are the most hard to depict because civilization dressed ores from assorted facets of human life and history.

An illustration of words extracted from civilization is ‘tequila ‘ as that is kernel of Mexico which symbolizes its civilization.

The other article that I had read is about the Chinese common people theoretical account of facial looks which was analyzed at lingual position position. This research was provides how facial look are perceived and interpreted by people in the Chinese linguistic communication. Besides the findings are about how facial is encoded from civilization position of perceptual experiences and constructs of a face which are non normally reflects in the English linguistic communication

Let me go on about how the Mayas got their words. The Mayas spoke many linguistic communications every bit good and the linguistic communications are canned via hieroglyphs and other written on substances. They painted their words on bark paper that has disintegrated, while merely two were presumed to be esteemed signifiers of the Maya linguistic communication which were said to be from southern country and one from the Yucatan peninsula,

Epigraphy, which means composing on something, refers to composing on an digesting substance like rock. As such, it was impressed, inscribed, or chiseled instead than written with the stylus or reed pen applied to normally disintegrating media like paper and papyrus. Common subjects of epigraphy include epitaphs, dedications, awards, Torahs, and magisterial registries

The Rosetta Stone, which is housed in the British Museum, is a black, perchance basalt slab with three linguistic communications on it ( Grecian, Demotic and hieroglyphs ) each stating the same thing. Because the words are translated into the other linguistic communications, the Rosetta Stone provided a cardinal to understanding Egyptian hieroglyphs

As the beginnings of the Maya linguistic communications are rose in the western hemisphere from three major households, so splitted into idioms, as the clip alterations, the linguistic communications were altering excessively and became distinguishable. There were words, vocabulary that reflects importance things in every civilization, most of the clip one word can holding different significances in different civilizations.

The linguistic communication construction of the Mayas sounds similar, while the characteristics difference in significances based on sounds viz. pitch of vowels, glottalization of consonants, glottal halt. The history studied reference that when the Spanish developed the Roman alphabet for the Mayan linguistic communication they ignored glottal and tone differentiations. The maya linguistic communication is considered to be agglutinative mentioning to one composite word expressed many thoughts and the word order are structured as verb-object-subject or verb topic. There is no femine and masculine pronouns but prefixes signal the genders for illustration “ na ” ” nine ” ” Illinois ”

Few research workers like Woodbury view the intent of linguistic communications that “ its linked to indispensable cultural content ” . He foremost described what can be transmitted and interpreted by the native talker is more complete than if another linguistic communication is used to convey the same message. For illustration the usage of directional in Man and other Mayan linguistic communications is a lingual trait which conveys and decisive significances besides the thought of way. These talkers can pass on and grok the metaphorical thoughts that are added to messages. Second he describe that if a group of people loses their native linguistic communication, their cultural heritage is besides lost.

Another illustration will be some of the Chinese words associating to Chinese civilization and beliefs. Like for illustration a nuptials cards that are designed, it is design in a traditional that refers to good approval, a drawing or a word written or a Chinese character “ ? “ on the card signifies blessing, limitless luck and felicity.

Chinese characters normally have one or more significances and some of them are peculiarly loved by Chinese people. Here is the top 10 list of the lucky 1s.

  1. Fu – Blessing, Good Fortune, Good Luck
  2. Fu is one of the most popular Chinese characters used in Chinese New Year. It is frequently posted upside down on the front door of a house or an flat. The upside down fu agencies good fortune came since the character for upsite down in Chinese sounds the same as the character for came.

  3. Lu – Prosperity
  4. It used to intend functionary ‘s salary in feudal China. Fengshui is believed to be the Chinese manner to wellness, wealth and felicity. If you are interested in Fengshui, you may look into out the book ‘The Feng Shui Kit. ‘

  5. Shou – Longevity
  6. Shou besides means life, age or birthday.

  7. Xi – Happiness
  8. Double felicity is normally posted everyplace on Chinese nuptialss.

  9. Cai – wealth, money
  10. Chinese frequently say money can do a shade bend a albatross. It is to state money truly can make a batch of things.

  11. He – harmonious
  12. ‘People harmoniousness ‘ is an of import portion of Chinese civilization. When you have harmonious dealingss with others, things will be a batch easier for you.

  13. Ai – love, fondness
  14. Do n’t necessitate to state any more about this 1. Just want to indicate out Army Intelligence is frequently used with ‘mianzi ‘ together. Aimianzi means ‘be concerned about one ‘s face-saving. ‘

  15. Mei – beautiful, reasonably
  16. The United States of American is called Mei Guo in the short signifier. Guo means state so Meiguo is a good name.

  17. Ji – lucky, auspicious, propitious
  18. Hope all is good.

  19. De – virtuousness, moral

De means virtuousness, moral, bosom, head, and kindness, etc. It is besides used in the name for Germany, i.e. , De Guo.

How phrases are extracted from civilization?

Phrases are extracted from civilization that express or spread out imaginativeness of a reader and a hearer

Why civilization and linguistic communication is of import?

Culture is so of import because these patterns can go on to be go throughing on to coevalss to coevals and younger coevals will be able to see and read about what had existed long ago. This refers to patterns of beliefs, faith, life style, or traditions and festivals and this is what makes a community stand foring civilization. Any civilization represents the rule of an person ‘s life because it is so alone for this counts the attitudes, personality, and other behaviour features.

While linguistic communication is chief tool used every twenty-four hours, be it different idiom, it still makes us survive. This is the lone we can pass on or distribute thoughts from one to another.

Therefore linguistic communication make us place ourselves of ‘who we are and ‘ while civilization describe ‘what we do ‘ .

Language and civilization is so of import when making concern, soon in most parts of the universe things are rather good because they interact with each other and by being successful each state needs to understand the different linguistic communications and most of all demands to cognize the general background of a state ‘s civilization. The chief advantage of being able to talk another linguistic communication is that it allows easy communicating among each other.

Therefore larning another linguistic communication gives us deeper understand of the civilization, gives sensitiveness to hold us keep strong relationships.


I am the 2nd kid of Mr. and Mrs. Cresencio Cho Sr. born on September 11 in a lovely small town named San Antonio Village, Toledo District, Belize. My primary school yearss were great ; I enjoyed it a batch and earned few awards. My secondary instruction was rather ambitious but I still made it through with the aid of my parents. After finishing my high school, I began working as receptionist at a resort, teller at the one of the high school ‘s cafeteria in southern Belize, so became interested in learning, did three old ages of simple learning under the Catholic mission, so make up one’s mind to alter my calling. I apply for a scholarship with the international cooperation development fund of Taiwan and I was fortunate to have it, and that ‘s how I came to Taiwan,

Soon, I am a senior pupil, majoring in concern disposal. My avocations are cooking, chew the fating, singing, listening to music, and run uping, run intoing new friends. I love going, since 3 old ages populating in Taiwan, I love the state, environment, the convenience it has and of class the people who are ever welcoming.

I became interested in taking this category with professor Blundell, linguistic communication and civilization, I truly enjoyed the content of the category, particularly in sharing his experience, this motivate me that I want to see the same if I get the chance although my major is concern. I largely enjoyed the excursion agreement, sing the museum, this make the category more interesting acquiring to cognize more about Taiwan ‘s civilization particularly to larn about the autochthonal people.

Learning about the autochthonal people of Taiwan makes me compare my cultural background, I belong to the autochthonal group of my state Belize known as the Mayas, peculiarly I belong to the Mopan Maya group, Belize has three types of Mayas, the Mopan, the Ketchi, the Yucate.

From what I observe and learn, we do hold some similarities in our life styles. The lone difference is the manner how unrecorded, because like for illustration, hereditary objects can still be seen, the offerings, the beliefs,

This category is really good, if there ‘s another similar class as this one, I will be more than interested to larn more.

I am willing to portion my cognition based on what I have seen, I have heard what I have learned, what I personally see being here for four old ages.


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