last minute change Essay

Case 3: Last Minute Change at Old Delhi Finance Trust “It was a quarter to four on Friday afternoon,” said Robin Lall. “l was Just closing out my accounts and trying to clear up a few more issues before the end of the business day. Then along came my division vice president. Since my desk is in the centre of the mortgage banking division, I could tell long before he got to me that I was the one he was looking for. And, frankly, the folder he dropped at my desk was the last thing in the world I expected to see. Robin Lall is a 26 year old assistant broker in the ortgage banking division of Old Delhi Finance Trust, a relatively small interstate bank located in Northern India. Robin’s branch has regional responsibility for home mortgages in Northern Virginia and the Washington DC, area. Although he had joined Old Delhi Finance Trust following graduation four years earlier, he was still among the more Junior people in his branch. “The boss came directly to my desk and asked if I had a minute.

Of course I have a minute,” said Lall, “Who hasn’t got a minute for the Branch V. P.? ” Mr. Bilwa Singh was senior Vice President, Mortgage Banking for Old Delhi Finance Trust and executive Vice President for the New Delhi branch office. He was not only Lall’s supervisor but his mentor and partner in several important projects. “Mr. Singh and I had been working on a new, Government funded mortgage program that would permit low-to-middle income, first-time home buyers to obtain financing at very low rates.

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It was an important project that would require both thorough explanation to the community and careful screening of each of the applicants. ” Lall went on to explain that the program has been more than six months n development and would require the cooperation of state and local officials if it were to work. It was an impressive attempt, Lall thought, on the banks part to provide mortgage financing to people who would otherwise never qualify for a home loan. l thought he would want to review the screening procedures we’d been working on, or perhaps talk about the software I planned to use to help set up the program,” said Lall. “What he had in mind frightened me a lot more. He said that Ram Grewal, his principal assistant, had been scheduled to speak to a neighborhood roup about the Government-sponsored home loan program. ” Unfortunately, Ram was away attending to an emergency. “Mr. Singh asked if I would fill in for Ram at the neighborhood group meeting this evening and speak about the new loan program. The details are all in this package,” he said. I got a phone number, a set of street directions to a renovated fire station on Mahatma Gandhi Road, and the name of the lady who would introduce me. The rest of the information would have to come from documents I had prepared for the bank and for the select committee that had prepared the legislation. Lall was philosophical about the request. “It wasn’t that I minded cancelling dinner plans I had for the evening.

It was Just that I wasn’t sure I was ready to stand up in public and explain a bank loan program that I wasn’t in charge of. After Mr. Singh shook my hand and said thanks, I looked at my watch. It was five minutes to four, and this meeting was scheduled for seven o’ clock. ” Questions: planning process? presentation. 2. Suggest a suitable introduction for your 3. Develop the body and conclusion for the presentation. 4. What would you bring for this event? Justify.


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