Launching mango frooti in united arab emirates Essay


Mango Frooti is the taking and largest selling Mangifera indica drink in India. It is manufactured by Parle Agro Pvt. Ltd. Although Frooti came into the Indian market long after other mango drinks, it rapidly grabbed a immense market portion due to its attractive packaging and aggressive trade name selling. The tagline “ Mango Frooti, fresh and juicy ” created an advertisement euphory and Frooti rapidly became the preferable drink of its mark market – the young person of India.

The biggest rival for Frooti in India is Maaza. Maaza was launched in 1976 in India. The Union Beverages Factory, based in the United Arab Emirates, began selling Maaza as a franchisee in the Middle East and Africa in 1976. By 1995, it had acquired rights to the Maaza trade name in these states through Maaza International Co LLC Dubai. ( official web site: )

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Launching mango frooti in united arab emirates Essay
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Despite the economic nonacceptance, UAE has retained its position as an attractive market for nutrient and drink investors in footings of near-term returns with high potency. ( )

The intent of this study is to analyze the assorted facets, factors and issues that have to be examined and taken in consideration in order to establish the merchandise ( Frooti ) from a underdeveloped state ( India ) into a developed state ( United Arab Emirates ) .

The factors that will be explored in this study will be the difference in the national concern systems of the two states, their cultural differences, the trade forms between the two states, exchange rate hazards, investing system deployed and the political hazards in establishing this full concern apparatus.

National Business System of United Arab Emirates

The UAE economic system is fuelled about wholly by the production and distribution of crude oil and its derivative merchandises. The demand to get down bring forthing an alternate beginning of income was recognized every bit early as 1985. ( ) .

Juice merchandises are the 5th most popular drink in the GCC ( Gulf Countries Council ) being twice every bit popular as imbibing H2O. UAE leads the per capita ingestion of bottled juices. The UAE presently represents 18 % of the 7.2 bn-litre sum GCC juice markets ( ) . The growing rate for juices to increase in the UAE is estimated to be about 10 % in the following 5 old ages. Hence there is a immense range of merchandise enlargement and greater gaining control of market portion.

Attraction of the market

The UAE industry for retail is a really fast changing and dynamic one. Current gross revenues continued to lift during the economic downswing. The rise in retail monetary values was chiefly because of the planetary rise in cost of natural stuffs and non-food points. The UAE Dirham is pegged to the US Dollar. Due to failing of the Dollar, imported goods saw an addition in monetary value and were more expensive in the UAE.


UAE has 4 different franchises working in the bottled juice sector. Maaza is the taking rival.


Due to the handiness of inexpensive labor, manual work of jack of all trades and other unskilled labour is carried out about wholly by immigrants. Private sector employees and mid-level direction is besides carried out by guest workers. Emirati citizens occupy all the authorities employment, ownership and high-ranking direction places. Besides, due to the immense gender segregation, no female is employees in high degree direction.

Procedure to put up a company

To put up a works for juice production in UAE a batch of legal processs and regulations have to be followed. The National concern system of UAE can be classified as a Dormant developmental province ( Whitley,2007 ) . The authorities encourages the forming of Industry associations or groupings merely to function as their agents and act as a nexus between the authorities and single houses. The authorities does non promote the individualism of a company. The grade of competition is wholly controlled by the authorities and the govermnet does non digest the formation of independent associations that can dispute its determinations.

As outlined by the UAE Chamber of Commerce ( ) every new constitution requires peculiar licensing to carry on their concern in the state. The licence can be one of the three types of licensing available: Commercial licence ( all sorts of trading ) , Industrial licence ( fabrication or industrial ) , Professional licence. Hence Frooti has to use for an Industrial icense.

Ownership of the concern

The UAE authorities permits two types of ownership.

Partner Ownership: This format allows 51 % of the company to be owned by a UAE national and 49 % by the company. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

“ In this child of partnership, the concern can be situated anyplace in the UAE. Within partnership ownership there are another seven types of companies that can be formed: general partnership, partnership en-commendam, joint-venture, public shareholding, private portion keeping and limited liability. ”

Public and Private Shareholding: foreign companies can open a subdivision office merely. Large offices can be setup as shareholding companies. Sole ownership for a works can be opened in the free zones throughout UAE.

Handiness of resources

The chief ingredients of fruit juices ( H2O, sweetners, acids, spirits, fruitjuices, preservatives and coloring material ) are readily available in UAE at really fringy costs. Besides, the natural stuff for packaging ( glass bottles, plastics, PET, PVC, pouches, straws, etc ) are readily available. In add-on to resources, the conveyance web of UAE is besides extremely developed which is a great demand for the distribution of the fixed distribution.

Difference between concern system of UAE and India

The concern system of UAE is really different fro the one followed in India. While the UAE follows a Dominant developmental province system, India on the other manus has a concern system based on the Regulatory province ( Whitley,2007 ) . Harmonizing to Whitley, “ In regulative system, authorities sets clear regulations and guidelines within which houses are free to prosecute their aims. The authoritiess maintain path that this freedom is non obstructed by houses by puting up trusts, etc.. There are standardised legal norms. “

The ownership of the company is 100 % of the investors with no ordinances required to hold an Indian spouse. Merely regular revenue enhancements have to be paid to the authorities which includes VAT. This system is non prevailing in UAE. The handiness of resources in India is besides abundant although at a higher rate due to assorted labor and trade brotherhoods formed within a peculiar industry.

Cultural conditions and their consequence on concern

“ Islam lays all foundations for people in the UAE. For the Muslim, God entirely controls the hereafter and hence to put down what shall go on in the hereafter, such as holding a day of the month or clip, is assumptive and for the really spiritual such an act would be a blasphemy. There is no demand for or disposition towards more precise clip planning. This is a immense difference from the attitude of work in India where people set a fixed clip and auspicious day of the month for every trade.

New thoughts have trouble happening their manner in the conservative environment of UAE, with its manifested incredulity in a consecutive order of events. However, people are rather matter-of-fact and they will hold on the chance offered by a discovery thought, provided lobbying has been done discreetly good in progress on its behalf. Peoples are non comfy with alteration, peculiarly with alteration that might be perceived as extremist going from the state ‘s traditions which is a spot annoying to concern developers from India. ” ( ) .

“ Emirati functionaries are prohibited by tradition from working more than six hours per twenty-four hours. Mornings are normally best for assignments. Some Emirati people work after dark in an attempt to avoid the summer heat. Friday is the Muslim holy twenty-four hours, no concern is conducted. Most people do non work on Thursdays either. In India people do non work on Saturday and Sunday. This leaves a window of merely 3 yearss to carry on concern in a hebdomad. The gait of concern is much slower in UAE.

Once a foreign concern enters the state, it is beyond the protection of its authorities and becomes a topic to Emirates Islamic jurisprudence.

Muslim jurisprudence are the regulations to be followed and these are applied universally if they are cosmopolitan, and capable to reading and uneven application if non-universal. This leads to a high dependance on power, authorization, and subjective decision- devising based on the state of affairs and relationships between the persons involved. Ultimately, face-to-face cognition of the persons involved in any interaction is the footing upon which concluding determinations are made.

Writing a check against which there are no financess is considered to be a condemnable offense, non merely a commercial affair.

Most affairs are everlastingly negotiable in Emirati eyes. Nothing is truly concluded, non even if set out in legal contract, freely negotiated beforehand for a Emirati, friendly relationship and personal trust are more of import than legal documents and adult male made Torahs ( but ne’er God ‘s jurisprudence ) .

The concern individual is hence good advised non to do insouciant comments or do unwritten confidences which he /she is non prepared to conform to in the hereafter. Most Saudis, when it is in their involvement, would be merely excessively happy to remember what you said, where and when. They tend to hold selective memories and could pick and take from their first-class memories whatever suits better their intents. ” ( UAE ) .

Trade Pattern between UAE and India

“ Bipartisan trade between India and the United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) is expected to transcend $ 25 billion from the current degree of $ 19 billion. In 2006-07, India ‘s exports to the UAE stood at over $ 10 billion as against its imports of $ 7.5 billion.

The countries in which India ‘s exports to the UAE are good diversified include treasures and jewelry, veggies, fruit, spices, technology goods, tea, meat and its readyings, rice, fabrics and dress and chemicals, besides RMG cotton including accoutrements, semisynthetic narration, industry of metals, cloths and made-ups, Marine merchandises, machinery and instrument and plastic merchandises, harmonizing to the statement.

India has immense export potency in the GCC. This is chiefly due to the fact that both Saudi Arabia and the UAE are India ‘s largest trading spouses in the GCC.

Importantly, there are structural barriers that continue to halter seamless economic exchange between these two parts. GCC states face formidable barriers, in footings of higher responsibilities on their exports to India in peculiar whereas, exports from India face a nominal responsibility of 1-2 % per centum.

In add-on, India ‘s unequal trade substructure shackles GCC exports with cost escalation and longer administrative processs for trade facilitation. Transitory policies, such as export limitations, besides act as a moistener in GCC-India trade.

For illustration, as of 2010-01-25 ( ) , India is reported to hold undertaken 12 trade distortionary steps, impacting GCC member provinces. Although it is premature to estimate the exact impact on the GCC, it is certain that protectionist province steps could move as a major hinderance to augment economic dealingss between the two parts.

Of late, GCC states are come ining into discriminatory trading agreements with major Asiatic states. One of the major landmarks is the GCC-Singapore Free Trade Agreement, which was concluded on January 31, 2008. This milepost could function as a accelerator for other FTAs under treatment with South Asiatic states such as India and Pakistan.

Even though bilateral dialogues for an FTA with India started in 2004, the advancement is slow due to miss of policy consensus on both sides. Therefore, in the current planetary trade environment, huming with protectionist inclinations, GCC and South Asia need to re-energize policy schemes in order to enable a flat playing field for prolonging their burgeoning trade dealingss. ” ( Samir Pradhan, independent Researcher, 2009 )


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