Law and Biddy’s Tea House Sample Essay

In May 2009 Natalie Attired started working at Biddy’s Tea House. Miss Attired had been evaluated four different times about her public presentation on the occupation. Each rating Miss. Attired had improved.

In June 2010 Miss. Attired had gotten a full arm tattoo. Miss. Baker the proprietor of Biddy’s Tea House had informed Miss Attired if she did non take the tattoo she would be fired. Miss Attired did non acquire her tattoo removed and she was terminated.

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Law and Biddy’s Tea House Sample Essay
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In July 2010 Miss. Attired filed and was denied unemployment compensation because she was terminated due to “misconduct” . Issue:
The issue is that Miss Attired’s refusal to take her tattoo does this constitute as “misconduct” under the New Mexico Statute § 51-1-7. Rule of Law:

N. M. Stat. Ann. § 51-1-7 does non hold a definition for misconduct so they adopted the definition for misconduct under Mitchell v. Lovington Good Samaritan Center. INC. . 89 N. M. 575. 577. 555 P. 2d 696. 698 ( 1976 ) “Misconduct is limited to carry on expressing such wilful or motiveless neglect of an employer’s involvement as is found in calculated misdemeanors or neglect of criterions of behaviour which the employer has the right to anticipate of his employee. or in sloppiness or carelessness of such grade or return as to attest equal blameworthiness. unlawful purpose or evil design or to demo an knowing and significant neglect of the employer’s involvement or of the employees’ responsibilities and duties to his employer. On the other manus mere inefficiency. unsatisfactory behavior failure in good public presentation as the consequence of inability or incapacity. unmindfulnesss or ordinary carelessness in stray case. or good religion mistakes in judgement or discretion are non to be deemed ‘misconduct’ within the significance of the legislative act. Analysis:

Harmonizing to the definition Miss Attired’s actions did non represent as misconduct. She did non ignore her employer in anyhow It’s really expensive to acquire a tattoo removed. Decision: Miss. Attired did no in anyhow commit misconduct. and she should be able to have her benefits.


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