LE Joints Ligaments

Fibrous Joints, Ex. Bone united by fibrous tissue,
Essentially no movement,
Cartilaginous Joints, Ex. Bone ends are connected by fibrocartilage, slightly movable, pubic symphysis,
Synovial Joints, Ex. Joints in which the articulating joints are separated by a joint cavity containing synovial fluid, Freely movable,
Non-axial Joint Axis No rotation around an axis
Uniaxial Joint Axis Allow movement around one axis only
Biaxial Joint Axis Movement around 2 axes
Multi-axial Joint Axis Movement in all axes
Plane Joint, Ex. Gliding movements that don't involve rotation around an axis, Intercarpal joints of wrists, nonaxial, Carpal bones and tarsals
Hinge Joint, Ex. Like a mechanical hinge, with cylindrical end fitting into a trough-shaped surface on another, unilaxial, elbow, fingers, knee
Pivot Joint, Ex. Rounded end of one bone fits into a sleeve or ring of bone. The rotating bone can only turn around its long axis, uniaxial, Radioulnar joint
Condylar Joint "Knuckle – like", Egg-shaped articular surface of one bone fits into an oval concavity in another and allows bone movement from side to side and back and forth but it cannot rotate along its long axis, Biaxial
Saddle Joint, Ex. Each articular surface has both convex nd concave areas, like a saddle, Carpometacarpal joint, biaxial,
Ball and Socket, Ex. Spherical head of one bone fits into a round socket in another, allow movement in all axes, and the most freely moving synovial joints, Multiaxial, Shoulder, Hip
Fibrous Ex. Suture,Syndesmosis, Gomphosis (teeth)
Cartilagenous Symphisis, Sunchondrosis

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