Leading Telecommunication Services Provider In Pakistan Commerce Essay

Customers are at the psyche of our success. They have placed their trust and assurance in us. In return, we strive to carry through their demands and deliver service, with first-class quality and value beyond their outlooks.

Business Excellence

We strive for excellence in all that we do. We aspire to the highest criterions and raise the saloon for ourselves everyday. This committedness to presenting first quality translates into odd service and value for our clients and all stakeholders.

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Leading Telecommunication Services Provider In Pakistan Commerce Essay
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Trust & A ; Integrity:

At Mobilink, we take pride in practising the highest ethical criterions in an unfastened and honest environment, and by honouring our committednesss. We take personal duty for our actions, and handle everyone reasonably, and with trust and regard.

Respect for Peoples:

Our relationships drive our concern. We respect and esteem our employees and all stakeholders. We believe in teamwork, authorization and award.

Corporate Social Duty:

As the market leader, we recognize and carry through our duty towards our state and the environment we operate in. We contribute to worthy causes and are dedicated to the development and advancement of the society.

Entire Strength of Employees:

Over all:

( Entire 4500 )

Top Directors 75

Middle Directors 750

Line Directors 3675

Human Resource Department:

( Entire 47 )

Director 01

Vise President 04

Middle Directors 16

Line Directors 26

Head Office Location:

The caput office of Mobilink is located at KULSUM Plaza, bluish country, Islamabad.

Branch Offices:

Its subdivision offices are located in Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Rahim Yar Khan, Sukkur, Peshwar, Quetta, Swat, and Kohat. Moblink has three chief contact centres in three parts of Pakistan. As for the clients centres there are about 2000-2500 clients service centres all over Pakistan.

Major Departments

Finance Department

Recognition and aggregation

Procurement imports

Gross confidence

2. Customer Services Department

Customer services operations

Customer services system

3. Commercial Department


Direct gross revenues

Indirect gross revenues

4. Technical Department

Switch overing

Operationss / operation support



Systems be aftering

5. Information Technology Department


Information technology

6. Human resources

7. Administration and legal personal businesss & A ; authorities relation section

8. Internal audit section

9. Customer services


HR Mission Statement

“ To take the organisation in heightening its human capital and making a winning environment where everyone enjoys lending to the best of one ‘s ability. ”

Mobilink will accomplish this by:

Inspiring and actuating its people.

Developing its people to endeavor for higher criterions.

Driving an unfastened minded and enterprising corporate civilization where people through leading at all degrees dare to woolgather, daring to seek, make bold to neglect and make bold to win.

Attracting and enrolling the best endowment

Mobilink has a really effectual and good structured section and its assorted policies of maintaining each employee productive portion of the organisation are intoned with the corporate universe ‘s demand.

Employees in the company are extremely committed to their organisation, and have shown advancement in the company. Employees are satisfied with the HR section of Mobilink Company.

Worlds are the most of import tool for holding a competitory border in the market Mobilink recruits such employees. Mobilink has one of the best HR systems in Pakistan that gives it an border over its rivals.

HR Schemes:

Human resource section is seting its attempts towards fostering a winning corporate civilization and edifice organisational capablenesss by guaranting that its people at all degrees are both able and willing to execute at the needed work degree. At MOBILINK the people have been empowered to a big grade by minimising out dated regulations /regulations and programs, farther extinguishing such patterns which be act as a barrier and create struggle among the employee and direction.

HR scheme refers to the specific human resource direction class of actions that a company pursues to accomplish its aims.

But how these strategies/policies/practices are formulated and implemented at Mobilink. There is a whole procedure behind this.

The top squad continues to play its function in supplying the counsel and support to people at all degrees. The HR ( people ‘s ) map ensures that it leads the transformational alteration by making a clime, which would assist in change overing the immense potency for the company into first public presentation.

The active and effectual function played by HR in people development at different degrees organisational, departmental and single accomplishments are considered as one of the most of import factor in the Mobilink GSM. The attempt are made for the development of the accomplishments of the store floor employees, bettering competences of Business Support Officers ( BSOs ) , and heightening the leading qualities of directors.

Like most large organisations, the development of HR Strategies is besides done in conformity with company ‘s mission. First, Strategic planners analyze what really is the prevailing civilization of the organisation, what are the strengths, failings, chances, menaces ( SWOT analysis ) of concern and its market, and on the footing of all the above analysis, company ‘s strategic program is made. In the terminal HR schemes are formulated in conformity with this overall business’/companies ‘ strategic programs.

Based on these HR schemes, HR policies and patterns are besides formed and implemented. Any critical alteration in the market requires the organisation to follow this analysis in order to be successful. That why organisations continuously keeps on updating their schemes and policies.

HR Practices at Mobilink:

These are few of the HR patterns that I have learned from my resource individual.




Training & A ; Development


Performance Appraisal System

Occupational Health and Safety steps

Career Planning and Development

Research and Development

Reward Management

Employee Relationss

Literature Review

Performance Appraisal:

Reviewing public presentation and taking positive stairss to develop employees farther is a cardinal map of direction and is a major constituent in guaranting the success of the company through effectual and effectual employee public presentation.

A reappraisal is about estimating the public presentation degree of the employee ‘s and stating them how much capable are they in accomplishing their required ends and besides steering them where needed.

Aims of Performance Appraisals

To mensurate the work public presentation

To actuate and help employees in bettering their public presentation

And accomplishing there professional ends

To place employees with high potencies for promotions

To place employees developing and development demands

To supply a solid way for calling planning for each person

Appraisal Policy:

The purpose of these assessments is to reexamine current occupation public presentation and duties, set ends and discourse farther chances with mention to past public presentation at Mobilink.

Performance Review:

At MOBILINK a reappraisal is intended to be an unfastened and blunt treatment between an employee and their Team Leader/Manager. By and large there are two elements: First is the component in which treatment takes topographic point over the countries which are developed and working expeditiously and besides on those which are developing in the clip of 12 months. The public presentation is of class judged comparing the public presentation against the nucleus indexs of Job. The 2nd component is concerned with discoursing the preparation needs/inputs activities that are needed for the employee to execute their undertakings better and maintain themselves equal to the degree of other successful employees, get the better ofing their defeats and accomplishing their ends.

Appraisal classs

Appraisal class

Definition of class

% Of entire Numberss of employees which can be rated in this class


Indicates exceeding public presentation

15 %

2.very Good

Indicate public presentation that systematically meets the demands of the place, ” really good ” indicates the person is on path for promotions

10 %

3. Good

Indicated public presentation that requires betterment ( i.e. meet demands without inaugural or promotion )

8 %

4. Basic

Performance to be improved ( barely meets demands )

5 %

Beginnings of Performance Appraisal:

At MOBILINK the primary beginnings of public presentation assessment are the directors and secondary beginnings are employees themselves. Though the equals besides give their sentiment but it normally does non hold any weightage unless a struggle arises between the director and the employee.


Workers at MOBILINK are informed of their public presentation and given the chance to show their sentiment over their ain degree of public presentation against each competency. This serves the undermentioned two chief intents:

It enables the referee to redefine whether the initial appraisal was right, as fortunes may be that the referee is incognizant of.

By inquiring the worker what he sees to be his ain strengths and development countries frequently help to cut down negative responses and makes be aftering developing needs/inputs activities easier if the individual is able to show for himself the countries in which he feels he can better.


Mobilink faces much competition in the telecom industry so now they are concentrating on calling Management of their employees in which they enable the employees to better understand and develop their calling accomplishments and involvements and to utilize these accomplishments and involvements most efficaciously both within the company and after they leave the house. Career planning is the deliberate procedure through which person becomes cognizant of personal accomplishments, involvements knowledge, motive, and other features ; acquires information about other chances and picks ; identifies career related ends and establishes action programs to achieve specific ends. Career development is the womb-to-tomb series of activities ( such as workshops ) that contributes to a individual calling geographic expedition, constitution, and success ad fulfilment.

Mobilink gives publicity to their employees on the public presentation footing. The Mobilink HR section develops the employee ‘s calling development programs in which the HR section predicts the following logical measure for their employees within five old ages.

Importance of Career planning in today ‘s competitory universe is every bit of import as any other HR map. Retaining your valuable Human resource today is one of the biggest challenges that organisations are confronting. So, HR needs to come up with new schemes. Career planning and development is one of the basic tool and scheme organisations are utilizing for retaining their employees. This map really makes employees experience that they are of import to the organisation and Mobilink wants them to be at the top in their callings.

However, at Mobilink this map is non to the full performed or we should state this map is non performed satisfactorily. There are some policies on these but those are non recognized that good. One point of policy is found along with the compensation other with the enlisting. There should hold been separate caput for these policies.

Equally far as the patterns are concerned, all the employees were loath to speak about this during our interview. However, what we analyzed is that calling development is practiced but non that openly. Specially, in instance if some employee is sing of fall ining the rival ‘s house. If such is a instance so organisation has subject policies for that even.

Promotion Policies

The new company construction is in five beds, consisting associates, specializers, directors, managers and main officers — — — in that order get downing from the underside and working towards the top round of the ladder.

Until approved otherwise, it would be compulsory for the employees to pass the undermentioned maximal period at each degree before a publicity to the following degree depending upon handiness of a slot:

Associate 3-4 old ages

Specialist 3-4 old ages

Manager 2-3 old ages

Director Harmonizing to the president determination

Chiefs Harmonizing to the president determination

However, employees who may non acquire a opportunity of publicity due to the non handiness of an bing slot, will be compensated by being “ moved over ” with in the new salary scope specified by the company

Reward System:

MOBILINK considers its employees non merely as a cost but besides as a resource in which the company has invested from which it expects valuable returns. Pay policies and plans are one of the most of import human resource tools for promoting desired employee behaviours. The advantage of paying above the market norm is the ability to pull and retain the top endowment available, which can interpret into extremely effectual and productive work force.

The inducement strategies and incentive aim have been clearly communicated to all persons and hebdomadal advancement study is besides communicated to all concerned.

Compensation and benefit programs:

Mobilink has a separate section for compensation. That section trades in staffing and compensation planning. First of all this section has all the information sing who is being employed and how it is executing. What so of all time promises are made to the employees, they know that. So it ‘s easy for them to plan compensation programs because they know every employee which is being hired.

Compensation and benefit programs are peculiarly based on public presentation. If public presentation is up to the criterions of Mobilink and the employee has good behaviors he is rewarded. After public presentation rating, consequences are rechecked and matched with the criterions. Based on that, proper compensation programs are designed.

Salary policy

The company will pay wages of the employees as fallows

All new employees have to open bank histories in specified Bankss prescribed by the company so that their wage will be credited at the terminal of each month.

After opening history with the bank employees should send on his history figure to HR.

Upon expiration of services the employee will have his wage within 15 yearss up to the clip of day of the month of his last on the job twenty-four hours.

Upon surrender the employee will be paid his dues during a maximal period of 15 yearss from the day of the month he left the occupation.


Promotions are besides reward direction technique to actuate employees. In MOBILINK publicities are based on the virtue and senior status ( experience ) footing. The 1 who performs good systematically over clip gets reward in the signifier of publicity.


The employee may have 1 to 3 month fillip topic to rating of complete aims.

In Mobilink the wages system is based on the single public presentation and single employee public presentation is judged for the wages. The director of several sections recommends a campaigner from his subdivision for the wages intent to HR.

Reward Categories at Mobilink

Intrinsic and Extrinsic wagess include:

Smart/Quality work

Exceeding public presentation in a undertaking

Targets accomplishments

Particular assignments

Medical attention

Life insurance



Baseball club Policy Travel

Education aid policy

Mobile phone

Business nomadic phone policy

Official Blackberry Policy

Life insurance

Medical entitlement


As we know MOBILINK is extremely cognizant of how to actuate its employees in the best manner. This can be judged by the enthusiasm and good spirit that people show in executing their occupations. There is a well-devised system that MOBILINK follows for the intent of motive. It includes both fiscal and non-financial wagess along with the major Incentives and Dissatisfies.

The company recognizes the importance of doing people drive towards their ends and the basic measure towards this is made through acknowledging the value of importance that the company gives to its employees. MOBILINK has a set of fiscal wagess, medical, dental, vision and life insurance, retirement program, educational refund aid, paid holiday yearss, household and work life balance benefits and net income sharing program, Annual fillip chances, company autos etc. other ways in which employees are motivated are:

Employees are safe in cognizing that they will be rewarded for any exceeding work. This wages is non merely pecuniary. It is accompanied by the employee being given acknowledgment and greater authorization.

Employees are given a really beautiful and healthy work environment. Particular attending is given to do the physical environment most productive. This is why MOBILINK offices are considered to be the most good decorated and organized.

As we know MOBILINK has a desire to advance the high winners from with in the company. Positions are given on virtue and are crystalline and just in nature. There is no particular intervention. Therefore each employee knows that he can take for the top and really acquire at that place. This has proved to be a great beginning of motive for the employees of MOBILINK.

Motivational factors:

Mobilink is a taking telecom company and all the employees working at that place experience pride in consorting them with the organisation. It ‘s the biggest intangible motivational factor. Consorting with organisation, employees are self motivated to work and loyalty comes from within. However they have other factors excessively. They believe in praising the good work done by employees and honor them on that. Reward may be touchable or intangible. They besides arrange parties in which star performing artists are highlighted. Besides they have informal meetings after public presentation rating and supervisors, subsidiaries, co-workers talk about at that place success and are motivated through intrinsic factors. Delegation of authorization and authorization re the tools which they use to actuate employees and that is how they keep up the good work.

SWOT Analysis:


MOBILINK has been runing for a long period of clip and has been able to set with the altering environment because of its effectual Human Resource Management. The HR patterns of MOBILINK have the undermentioned strengths:

MOBILINK has the latest employee preparation and development attacks. Therefore it can accommodate to all kinds of alteration and convey immediate betterment in work patterns whenever the demand arises.

MOBILINK hires merely the most extremely qualified and exceptionally intelligent and energetic people. This consequence in lesser HR jobs as people are willing to alter, take constructive unfavorable judgment and focal point on personal and professional development by concentrating entirely on accomplishing their work.

MOBILINK believes in doing people recognize their full potency and capablenesss which is why occupations are designed to be disputing and ends are made to be accomplishable yet competitory. This consequences in a high degree of motive and occupation satisfaction for the employees and automatically promotes a healthy work environment.

The company has a really good balanced and realistic inducement plan. It besides focuses on giving extra benefits to its employees apart from the basic wage. This consequences in employees giving their “ Heart and Soul ” in working for their employer.

The HR patterns of MOBILINK greatly heighten its image as a company that wants to lend towards the society in every possible manner. As the chief focal point is on developing better people non merely better employees.

There may be assorted other strengths of the HR patterns and direction system of MOBILINK, merely the most of import have been discussed above.


It is really hard to happen any failings in the HR direction of a company that has developed and created its HR scheme with close flawlessness. However some failings can be pointed out.

MOBILINK has a tendency of keeping long on the job dealingss with employees and lodging with the same people every bit long as it is productive. Most of these people are promoted from with in the company to organize the center and upper direction. This consequences in loss of creativeness that can be recognized by external enlisting for these nucleus managerial places.

The employees are supposed to work at late dark without being paid to boot. This creates mental tenseness.

CV ‘s are non decently entertained

Certain non fiscal wagess such as “ employee of the twelvemonth ” which is used as motive tool are non decently communicated to the employees sing their importance.

The most common ailment that is heard by the employees is the biasness of immediate foremans. That creates a sense of concern with in the employees.


There are a figure of chances that are available in countries of HR for MOBILINK during the class of its hereafter activities. These are:

The company can detect great possible through the hereafter graduates as every coevals is being taught in more effectual mode that leads to break growing. Bing a taking company in the employment rankings of Pakistan MOBILINK can enroll the “ pick of alumnuss ” every twelvemonth and use their improved cognition and abilities.

There is an chance to make the best image of the company in the head of clients by adding the value added services.

With the enlargement in the company concern in Pakistan, the HR section can be expended in order to pull off diverseness of work force.


Due to come ining of new companies in cellular industry the competition has been enhanced. Like other countries HR sections is confronting the menace of employees exchanging from Mobilink to other companies.

The skilled and qualified workers are being attracted by the other cellular phone & A ; transnational companies.


To reason Mobilink has a strong HR system. That is the ground we did n’t found much disagreements in what direction says, what policies province and what employees say. 90 % of the times they were same. There are some minor disagreements but they are adjustable with small attempt.

Mobilink presently is now following the attack of assessment of MBO, in which directors sit together and happen out the that how much of the aims have been met by the subsidiaries.

Mobilink now a yearss is stressing upon the employee keeping by counterbalancing them along with market tendency, Mobilink offers a mix attack in counterbalancing its employees, on the other manus it deals with a really effectual assessment policy of holding a secondary attack in supervisor inquire their employees to judge their ain public presentation.

It gives two advantages It enables the referee to redefine whether the initial appraisal was right, as fortunes may be that the referee is incognizant of.

By inquiring the worker what he sees to be his ain strengths and development countries frequently help to cut down negative responses and makes be aftering developing needs/inputs activities easier if the individual is able to show for himself the countries in which he feels he can better.

Mobilink has a evaluation system of measuring which includes variables such as


To set up nucleus competency and to convey fight,

Mobilink should implement legion effectual programs to better the public presentation of its assorted sections. Supervisors must pull off employee public presentation good in order for Mobilink to carry through its mission and accomplish its ends.

Following are some recommendations for Mobilink, which we

Personally experience can be utile for the organisation, its employees and the clients.

Effective Performance Management

Performance direction is one of the most of import parts of a Supervisor ‘s or team leader ‘s occupation. Developing accomplishments in public presentation Management is wise investings that will assist Mobilink accomplish its Goals.

Pull offing employee public presentation includes:

Planing work and puting outlooks

Monitoring and measurement public presentation

Developing the capacity to execute

Sporadically evaluation public presentation in a drumhead manner

Acknowledging and honoring good public presentation

Practicing good public presentation direction requires proficiency in certain competences. Competences are discernible, mensurable Patterns of accomplishments, cognition, abilities, behaviours and other Features that an single demands to execute work functions or Occupational maps successfully. Performance direction Competences that all supervisors ( and squad leaders ) at Mobilink Should develop and show include:


Establishing and keeping effectual communications with each Employee non merely requires good unwritten and written communications Skills, but it besides includes the ability to set up good working Relationships. To pass on efficaciously with employees, Supervisors must set up an environment that promotes an unfastened Door atmosphere, the sharing of thoughts, and employee engagement in determination devising procedures.

Puting Goals

Puting long and short-run ends with employees gives focal point to Employee attempts. When end scene is done right, employees strive to carry through those ends and experience confident in accomplishing them. When end scene is done ill,

work does non come on as coveted. Knowing how to put ends efficaciously is an of import portion of Performance direction. To make this well, supervisors need to be able to clear up outlooks and to put realistic criterions and marks.

Measuring Employee Performance

Credible steps of public presentation that employees understand and accept are critical for accomplishing high degree public presentation. Measuring employee achievements, utilizing both qualitative and quantitative steps, provides the information that supervisors and employees need in order to supervise public presentation.

Giving Feed Back

Feedback should inform, edify, and suggest betterments to employees sing their public presentation. Supervisors should depict specific work related behaviour or consequences they observe as near to the event as possible.

Coaching & A ; Developing

Using their coaching accomplishments, supervisors evaluate and address the developmental demands of their employees and assist them choose diverse experiences to derive necessary accomplishments. Supervisors and employees create development programs that might include preparation, new assignment, occupation enrichment, self study or work inside informations.


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