League of Nations Short Summary Sample Essay

League of States: The end was to make an administration that would forestall war and decide struggle by discoursing issues in a peaceable mode. Wilson’s thought. Based in Geneva because it was impersonal. Purposes

* Discourage aggression from any state
* Encourage states to collaborate. particularly in concern and trade
* Encourage states to demilitarize
* Improve the life and working conditions of people in all parts of the universe

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League of Nations Short Summary Sample Essay
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* Main strength: it was set up by Treaty of Versailles. which every state had signed and had 58 states as members by 1930 * Could offer arbitration

* Everyone state hated pact of Versailles
* Purposes were excessively ambitious
* Germany and Russia were non members until Germany ( 1926 ) . USSR ( 1934 )
* No ground forces
* Decisions had to be consentaneous
* USA refused to fall in. non good image

Problems of rank
* Important members: USSR. Germany. Japan. Britain and France * Germany and Russia were non allowed to fall in the League at foremost. which made it look like “Club for winners” under hated Versailles Treaty. This undermined the League’s credibleness. * Most powerful members. Britain and France. both had suffered financially and militarily during the war – and neither was enthusiastic to acquire involved in differences that did non impact Western Europe. * They felt America was the lone one able to do it work * France’s chief concern was Germany because it worried that without ground forces of its ain the conference was excessively weak to protect France from Germany. This made France prepared to short-circuit the League if necessary in order to be strong against Germany.

* Aaland Islands
* Sweden and Finland wanted control and endangering to contend for it. * The islands were between both states.
* League said the islands should travel to Finland. Sweden accepted and war avoided. * Upper Silesia
* Industrial part between Germany and Poland. Inhabited by German and Polish. * They both wanted control of it because of its rich Fe and steel industry. * Plebiscite was organised for Silesians to vote on which state they wished to fall in. ( 1920 ) * Gallic and British military personnels sent to maintain order at canvassing booths * Industrial countries voted chiefly for Germany

* Rural countries voted chiefly for Poland
* League divided part along these lines
* Built in many precautions to forestall future differences
* Safeguarded rail links between both states
* Made agreements for H2O and power supplies from one side to the other
* Border between Greece and Albania had to be sorted by Conference of Ambassadors
* Tellini. Italian general supervised it
* Tellini and his squad were killed on 27th August appraising the Grecian side of frontier
* Mussolini was ferocious and blamed Grecian authorities
* He demanded that it pay compensation and execute members * Greeks had no thought who liquidators were
* Mussolini bombarded killing 15 people and occupied the Greek island of Corfu * Greece asked for aid to League
* The League condemned Mussolini’s actions. Greece to pay compensation but that the money be held by League and paid to Italy when slayer found
* Bulgaria
* Two old ages after Corfu. League was tested
* Greek military personnels invaded Bulgaria after an accident were Grecian soldiers were killed * Bulgaria appealed for aid
* League ordered Greece to draw out and pay compensation to Bulgaria * Received disapproval of major powers in the conference
* Greeks obeyed although they did kick that at that place seemed to be one regulation for the big provinces and another for the little 1s

* Vilna
* Made capital of Lithuania
* Population mostly Polish
* 1920 private Polish ground forces took control of it
* Crucial first instance for the League as Lithuania appealed for aid
* Both states members of the League
* League protested to Poland but did non retreat
* League was stuck
* Harmonizing to covenant it could hold sent British and Gallic military personnels but France was non prepared to upset Poland because they saw it as possible ally against Germany in the hereafter * Britain non prepared to move entirely

* League did nil. Poles kept Vilna

Kind of civil service. Kept records of meetings and prepared studies for different bureaus. Had specialist subdivisions of covering countries: * ILO ( International Labour Organisation )
Brought together employers. authoritiess. and workers’ representatives one time a twelvemonth. Aims was to better conditions of working people throughout universe Collected statistics and info about working conditions and tried to carry member states to follow suggestions * Permanent tribunal of International Justice

Key portion of the League’s occupation of settling differences between states peacefully. Court based in Netherlands. Made up of Judgess from member states. If asked they gave a determination on boundary line difference between two states Besides gave legal advice Had no manner of doing certain states followed opinions. * Assembly

League’s parliament. Every state in the League sent a representative. Met one time a twelvemonth. Unanimous. Could urge action and could vote on: * Admiting new members to the League
* Appointing impermanent members of Council
* Budget of League
* Other thoughts

* Council
Smaller group which met more frequently. about five times a twelvemonth and in instance of exigency. It included: * Permanent Members
Britain. France. Italy ( 1920 )
* Temporary Members
Elected by Assembly for three twelvemonth period. Number of members between four and nine Each had a Veto. ( Permission to halt Council moving even if all members agreed. Main thought was to screen out jobs through treatment. If this didn’t work: * Moral Condemnation

* Economic and fiscal countenances
* Military force

League attempted to undertake major jobs through committees or commissions.

* Mandates Commission
Made certain that Britain or France acted in the involvements of the people on that district and non in it’s ain * Refugees Committee
This helped to return refugees to their original places after terminal of First World War one * Slavery Commission
Worked to get rid of bondage around universe
* Health Committee
Attempted to cover with the job of unsafe diseases and to educate
people about wellness and sanitation

League worked for a better universe

* Refugees
Enormous work in acquiring refugees and former captives of war back to their families.
* Working conditions

* Health
* Conveyance
* Social jobs


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