Lean Manufacturing: Origin, Definition, Development Essay

These rules were foremost coined by John Krafcik in 1988 ; these rules were invented in his maestro thesis. John Krafcik was a quality applied scientist in Toyota-GM NUMMI joint venture before he started his maestro in Sloan School of Management ( MIT ) . So, it can be said that thin rules came from the Nipponese fabrication industry. Thin rules were tested on the IMVP ( the International Motor Vehicle Program ) in the Toyota Company by John Krafcik. ( Holweg, Matthias,2007 )

1.2 Definition

Thin fabrication is defined as a generic fabrication procedure direction doctrine that was derived from Toyota Production system ( TPS ) , so after that in the 1990s it became known as “ Thin ” . It is besides defined as an operational scheme that aims to accomplishing the possible shortest rhythm clip by extinguishing waste. Its manner to the value adding procedure is done in two ways ( extinguishing waste, cut downing incidental work ) . Thin fabrication is coined to stand for:

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Lean Manufacturing: Origin, Definition, Development Essay
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One-half of the human attempts.

Half the investings in tools.

One-half of hours that use to develop a new merchandise.

One-half of the fabrication infinite.

1.3 Development

As any rule in the universe when it become celebrated and utile for people and for the companies utilizing it, it should be developed and improved to run into any new demands in its field to maintain it efficient and to maintain its topographic point between another rule. Now the demand on goods are increasing in comparing with the figure of goods that is produced from mills and companies, so Thin fabrication procedure should be deployed to run into these demands and this addition in the figure of goods. As explained before in subdivision 1.2, Lean fabrication rule aims to extinguish the waste to acquire the shortest rhythm clip. The development of the Lean fabrication rule should be done by doing new trials and new surveies on some companies to see what are the new demands for the companies, these surveies and trials aims to maintain the companies work in the same degree or to better it to new degree. ( Daniel T. Jones,2003 ) .

1.4 Future of the Lean Philosophy

Thin doctrine was introduced and developed by one of the biggest companies in the universe and besides in the large market in the universe till these yearss. This doctrine should be improved and distribute widely more in the universe to maintain it in the top of investings doctrines. Many companies around the universe in many markets wants to develop and present new doctrine depending on their companies and on there substructure. So to maintaining this doctrine in the top of doctrines around the universe some betterments and surveies should be done on this doctrine to do it traveling with any new demands for the companies all around the universe.

The hereafter of Lean doctrine depend of its capableness to run into the demand of the markets, since maintaining its success depends on carry throughing any demands in the market and besides should work out any jobs face it. This doctrine hereafter can maintain it success if it ‘s deploying with the deployments of the markets and when new doctrine introduce by some company. Thin hereafter will do companies future growing and traveling to the top between the other companies.

1.5 Comparison

Thin fabrication rules are presented to take the mass production rule and give new things to the companies all around the universe. The chief differences between Lean fabricating rule and mass production rule are:

Hazard: the hazard in using Thin rule it less than the hazard in using mass production rule since the wastes in the mass rule are more than that in the Thin rule.

Size of production: Thin rule can set the production measures depend on the market demand but in the mass production it is so difficult to set the measures depending on the market demand.

Managing alterations: Thin rule offers a good response with alteration in anything in the company, since there is a direct nexus between the employees and the higher direction.

Labor accomplishment: employees in the Thin rule have high accomplishments in work and they can work multiple occupations non like the company in the mass production where every employee should work in certain occupation merely.

2. Obstacles confronting Thin

Thin rule may confront some jobs, but any successful rule should work out any jobs confronting it to turn out that it is capable to work out any thing face it. One of the chief obstructions that faces Thin rule the cultural value of the states that ‘s Lean is distributing and is being applied to it, because some states want there rules to be applied in all companies to turn out there rules are the best and there market are the top among other markets, in other words, the available regulations fight for its being in a manner or another.

To use this rule a new design should use in the companies want to utilize it inside its environment, this is one of the obstructions that may confront Lean rule in the companies and besides some times the old heads in the companies who they think in really old manner.

Redesigning the companies to by compatible with Thin direction, it is besides sing as one the job that faces Thin rule in the companies. The higher direction thoughts that will alter with clip altering besides one of the jobs that will consequence on the success of the Lean rule. ( Adsit, Dennis,2008 ) .

Employees job consider as one of the chief jobs that faces Lean since employees will hold direct nexus with the higher direction which could do some struggles with the upper degree employees which may impact their place in the company, besides some struggles can happen between thin organisation employees with other non-lean organisations due to the different apprehension of constructs.

3. Actual Case Study

To understand all old subdivisions and to do the thought clear for all an existent survey should be consider here. Orange the trade grade of the France telecom company will be the instance survey which will be analyze here.

3.1 Key Problems

Since Orange spread all over the universe so it will confront a batch of jobs, the chief two jobs are high competence with other rivals and the figure of states that Orange service.

The first job makes orange want to make new method and schemes to confront this job signifier all sides, since orange wants to be the first operator in the states that serve them but in the other side the rival besides want to be the first operator in that states. Orange serve in many Fieldss like ( nomadic, fixed, informations ) Fieldss so every one of the old Fieldss want particular head and particular rules to be used in it. The reader will state where is the merchandises that orange present to peoples there are some mills that Orange set up to bring forth some merchandises that serve the communicating field like ( Live box, orange 3G+ dongle ) . So these mills should work in some rules help it to be between the best mills in their Fieldss.

The large figure of states that Orange serves is one of the jobs that should be taken into consideration to maintain this company between the top in the universe. So some quality and control system should be usage in the Orange subdivisions all over the universe to do everything traveling easy and to maintain the name of this company in the top of hierarchy. It can reason that any jobs face Orange should be analyze and studied carefully to do it compatible to solved by Thin rule.

3.2 Suggested Quality System

Orange should encompass the Six-Sigma attack because it aims to minimise the fluctuation in the services methods applied presented to the client and increase the dependability of these services by cut downing the mistakes made. It besides will increase client satisfaction because it requires feedback from the client to make up one’s mind if there is any job in the production procedure.

Orange company use higher quality system in its subdivisions all over the universe and this quality system done and applied by a full professional squad in the quality system section where this section work to guarantee that higher degree of quality applied in the company. Besides scrutinizing section helps quality section helps in using the quality system in the company. It can reason that the best method that can assist Orange to use its ain quality system is set uping new section that contains both quality and scrutinizing sections together.

3.3 How this quality system is traveling to assist it in the hereafter?

Using this quality system in Orange and set uping the new section which contains quality and scrutinizing sections will assist Orange to maintain its success and besides better its topographic point between other companies. Besides the quality system will assist Orange to command the behaviours and accomplishments of the employees all over the universe.

Increasing the trueness of the clients will come if the company represents the high quality of services to the clients that will come from using the best quality system which will do employees to give the best services to the clients. The net incomes of the company besides will increase if the clients become more loyal to it.

4. Managerial Approachs

4.1 Kaizen

Kaizen it is a Nipponese construct that means “ betterment ” or “ the alteration for the better ” which referees to the patterns or doctrine that focuses on uninterrupted betterment of the fabrication procedure and besides in the concern procedure back uping. It besides referees to these activates that improve all maps and besides doing a new line between the employees and the higher director of the company. This construct aims to extinguish waste like the Lean fabrication procedure. Kaizen, like Lean fabrication rules, was foremost implemented in the Nipponese concern after the universe 2nd war. ( Liker, J. 2006 ) .

The rhythm of the Kaizen ( Shewart rhythm ) defined as:

First standardise an operation.

Measuring the standardised operation which besides means happening rhythm clip and the sum of the in-process stock list.

After that the gage measurings against the demands take its topographic point.

To run into the demands and to increase the productiveness done by employees innovate.

Finally improved the operations by the new standardize.

Cycle continue.

The chief five elements of Kaizen are:

Improved morale.

Improvement suggestions.


The quality circles.

Personal subject.

4.2 Just-In-Time ( JIT )

It is an stock list scheme used to better the concern ‘s that return on the investing by two ways ( cut downing the in procedure stock list and besides associated the carrying costs ) . Just -In-Time is besides used to better a fabrication organisation and its investing returns, efficiency and quality.

Just- In-Time has many benefits the chief befits of it are:

Better the flow of the goods from the warehouse to shelves.

Reduce the apparatus clip.

Emphasis increased on the provider dealingss.

The employees with high accomplishments are used more expeditiously.

Work hours and work agenda synchronized with demand.

4.3 Entire Quality Management ( TQM )

It is defined as a direction construct defined and coined by W. Edwards Deming. It is footing on the reduction of the mistakes which produced during the fabrication and service procedure. This construct aims to increase client satisfaction and doing a new modernisation of the equipments and to guarantee that all workers have the highest degree of preparation. Business procedure required development, care of organisational and deployment all of that associated with Total Quality Management. ( Thareja P,2008 ) .

4.4 Six Sigma

Six sigma, defined as a scheme that used in the concern direction. It was developed by Motorola Company in the United States of America ( USA ) in 1981. it seeks to better the procedure quality by taking the defects causes and besides minimising the variableness in fabrication and in the concern procedure. Six Sigma use a set of methods in quality direction which including the statistical methods and besides creates an substructure for peoples within the organisation.

There is a chief difference between Entire Quality Management and Six Sigma where Total Quality Management tries to better the quality by guaranting the conformity to the internal demands, in the other side Six Sigma besides tries to better the quality but with cut downing the figure of defects.

4.5 Discussion

If any company wants to maintain its topographic point between other companies and wants to be the leader in its markets, it should utilize some attacks like ( kaizen, Just-In-Time, Total Quality Management, and Six Sigma ) where these attacks can assist it in maintaining its name and to better it ‘s ego for the better. Sometime the solutions of the jobs which attacks ca n’t repair should be done by some high professional squad cognize companies state of affairs in the market and cognize what the market needs in the present and in the hereafter. All old attacks developed and presented by a taking companies in their field which make there in the top of the attacks in the universe.

5. Decisions

( 1 ) Thin fabricating techniques represent by Toyota to diminish the clip between the clients order all around the universe and the shipment clip.

( 2 ) Lean direction is designed to better employee moral and through put clip.

( 3 ) Mass production rule started to melt off because Thin rule takes its topographic point in the companies.

( 4 ) Managerial attacks like ( kaizen, Just-In-Time, Total Quality Management, and Six Sigma ) should be usage in the companies which wants to be the leader in its work.

( 5 ) The obstructions which face Thin rules should be surveies and work outing by a high professional squad to assist Lean rule as one of the best rule all over the universe.


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