Learning experience Essay

When I think about “Learning Experiences. ” I think of every state of affairs person finds themselves in as a learning experience. Peoples have non traditionally used that phrase in associating to more formal acquisition intercessions – i. e. schoolroom. but from a learner’s position. both officially and informally. that’s precisely what is go oning: scholars are sing something that. hopefully. consequences in a alteration in thought. apprehension. or behavior afterwards. Learning experiences are a manner to believe about what a larning intercession might be ( i. e. – its design ) in the context of coveted terminal ends and results.

This can so inform our picks about how communicating channels and manners. larning activities. and resources come together to outdo support the terminal ends and results. and besides how these channels and activities may germinate over clip. Surely in this context. a learning intercession is something that is much more than what has traditionally been thought of as “content. ” In believing about what is presently thought of as acquisition content. I think of something kindred to a page from.

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Learning experience Essay
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a text edition ( that has its doppelganger in web-based preparation ) with which one “reads” and so “interacts” with in some manner. That definition of larning content and scholar interaction represents a really narrow and limited position of what a learning experience can be and normally limits the type of larning to that of acknowledging or memorising specific facts. processs. and constructs exemplified in the deployment of web- based. autonomous single acquisition experiences normally called e-learning. Learning content can be thought of much more loosely and inclusively.

This could intend that larning content could really include non merely the “whats” but the “hows” of acquisition. For illustration. larning content in the context of larning experiences could incorporate a aggregation of specific content resources. content arrows. functional tools or tool arrows. activity descriptions. and appraisals that. when brought together. embody a peculiar pedagogical theoretical account. In fact. the contrary could besides be larning content – a pedagogical theoretical account depicting the types of learning resources. tools. and activities needed to accomplish larning results.

So you could believe of larning content as aggregations of pedagogical theoretical accounts and aggregations of resources that participate in determining an individual’s acquisition experience that are aligned with larning results and positive actions that stem from the experience. Another aspect of larning content is the artefacts produced during the learning experience. Besides the description above. larning content theoretical accounts should besides be collaborative or concerted with resources and activities back uping the scholars working together to bring forth a learning artefact. A learning artefact could be anything based on an reliable acquisition activity or experience such as a theoretical account. computing machine codification. diagram or even the omnipresent PowerPoint presentation.

As these artefacts are created and evaluated during the learning procedure. they so become learning resources that can be used iteratively for others in similar or more advanced experiences. These thoughts allow us to unify knowledge direction and single/double loop organisational acquisition into our construct of larning content. Conceptually. this represents a displacement from the typical position of content managed by a typical content direction system. with the premise that when content is merely presented to a scholar that he or she will merely “learn” from it – that somehow acquisition ( and particularly larning to make or understand ) is transmitted from the content to the scholar.

With that position of content and of the learner’s experience. so it’s no surprise that critics of the pedagogical virtues of SCORM position it as being “limited. ” When I think about larning experiences in the context of this attempt by ADL. I define them as a theoretical account that will let higher order larning results to be realized. This can happen by spread outing on our apprehension of larning content to include specific aggregations of learning resources. tools. and activities guided by pedagogical theoretical accounts.

This is sometimes conceived as a problem-based. collaborative-based attack shaped and tailored to run into specific larning ends but I believe it is even much more than that. Learning experiences every bit presently being thought of by ADL will be able to supply an interoperable and reclaimable agencies for design and/or self organisation of larning activities that are didactically sound. leting the attainment. appraisal. and tracking of higher order larning results.


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