Learning from my mistakes Sample Essay

As a immature miss. I grew up in a loving household ; a Christian household and my parents ensured that we all grew up in a God fearing manner. doing certain that we learned how to pray and read the bible every twenty-four hours. They ensured that we had good instruction and that we grew up in a stable and happy place where we lacked nil basic…but my spirit of escapade and freedom wanted more. I felt like a captive remaining at place with all the regulations and curfews ; I wanted to be like a bird. to be left to wing entirely. Immediately when I completed high school. I left place to travel to college in the metropolis and merely after my college I made up my head ne’er to travel back place but to remain in the metropolis and do my ain life. I felt like traveling place was a complete no for me. I was a large miss now I thought. So at a immature age of 21 I settled on my ain at a little house in Ngara Estate in Nairobi. I secured a occupation at The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation and it was while working there that I met this immature adult male ; Kelly. Kelly was handsome. immature and with a good occupation. I fell in love with him and felt like I was in Eden. Everything was perfect. he treated me like a lady and after five months of dating. I thought it was clip to travel in together. Not stating a word about it to my parents. I started populating with Kelly at his house in Langata. Everything went good and after a twosome of months I found out that I was anticipating his kid.

The intelligence came to us both as a surprise but we decided to do a hereafter together and take attention of the babe that was turning inside me. Small did I know that these were merely my programs. Kelly had other programs. and a hereafter with me is what he did non expect for. All this piece. Kelly was rip offing on me and I found this out when one twenty-four hours I came place from work earlier than usual after a show I was supposed to hit was canceled and when I knocked on the door. I was met by a unusual adult female who by the expression of things. she was ready to pass the dark in my house. Merely as she opened the door. Kelly appeared from behind her half appareled and inquiring “honey who is at the door? ”

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Learning from my mistakes Sample Essay
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At seeing me. he got a panicky expression but I didn’t delay to see more. I dashed down the stepss with him following me and inquiring me non to go forth and that we needed to speak. I was huffy ; cryings were dribbling down my face and couldn’t see clearly. All I remember is that I slipped and rolled down the step instance. I remember the crisp hurting and saw darkness. The following clip I woke up I was in infirmary and merely as I had suspected I had lost my babe. I felt hurting. and betrayal and sadness which I can non explicate to day of the month. I felt choler and hatred and loathe and I resorted to discontinue the relationship. After I recovered. I packed my things and moved to a little house in Umoja but the choler of being betrayed and the hurting of losing my kid was excessively much. I slipped in to terrible depression. I didn’t experience like traveling to work. eating or even taking a bath. I stayed locked up in my house all twenty-four hours and the one twenty-four hours that I decided to travel to work I found out that I had been fired. I went back to my house. bought a bottle of spirits and Saturday on the floor shouting bitterly. I took one sip of the vile brew and it felt atrocious but it made me experience better. Just as I was taking another sip. I looked up on my bed and I saw a bible…with trembling custodies I reached for the bible and opened it up and amidst my cryings I turned to the book of Job and read the narrative.

I read the bible boulder clay I fell asleep and something about it gave me peace. I felt relieved like a load had been lifted off my shoulders. In the forenoon when I woke up. I felt stronger and more positive and I knew that merely I had the ability to alter my life. I had renewed hope. I knew that all was non lost and so I called my Dendranthema grandifloruom and told her that I was losing place and that I had lost my occupation. And merely like any female parent would make. she told me to come back place and when I arrived she received me with unfastened weaponries. She embraced me and assured me that I ever had a place where people loved me and that I could ever number of my household. From there I told my parents that I wanted to travel back to school and they honored my wants and that’s when I enrolled to Moi University to prosecute my grade. I look back now and I see how much clip I wasted with Kelly. but I was set on doing it anew. And now. I’m blessed with a good occupation and I am still prosecuting my instruction. I have learned that it is non excessively late for me to trail my dreams and I do non see my yesteryear as my failure. I see it as a lesson and a stepping rock to acquiring me to who I am right now.

My experience has put me in a better place to speak to other people in hurt or in a state of affairs similar to mine and has made me a stronger and powerful miss. I now speak to girls my age. younger and even older and I have made it my mission to authorise adult females all over. to learn them non to allow a adult male trampling over their self-respect and to assist them trail their dreams. I love my life now and I know I have a great hereafter. I have learned to swear in God more and to put all my attentions to him because merely he holds my hereafter. I am stronger and better and more confident and I see a bright
future in front of me and in my bosom I ever recite the poetry from the bible ; “for I know the programs I have for you” says the Godhead “plans for good and non for immorality. to give you a hope and a hereafter. ” and this has been the steering rule in all I do.


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