Legalizing Marijuana (1413 words) Essay

Legalizing MarijuanaCannabis sativa or marijuana has been cultivated for over 5,000 years. The plant spreads like milkweed and will eventually run out any other plants nearby. In the wild, or grown with care marijuana can grow to be 3 – 20 feet high. The plant itself can be used for rope, material, medicine or for smoking. But, whatever way you choose to use this plant, it is illegal.

It was made a law in the early 1900’s that it was illegal to smoke, eat, or get high from this plant. The plant’s only legal use was for rope and materials. Even this was controlled by the government though. In the 1960’s and 1970’s a group of youth stereotyped as Hippies were using marijuana on a regular basis to get high. This is the term for the effects of the drug when smoked. The effects are that of ataxia, increased appetite, and a sensation of dryness in the throat. (A.P.E. L to M 193). These hippies fought to legalize it. Groups such as the major one, N.O.R.M.A.L. formed to fight for the right to smoke marijuana. Protests were formed and marches and festivals were held.

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Legalizing Marijuana (1413 words) Essay
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On the other side of this was the government cracking down and forming new laws to keep it illegal. In the 1980’s the fight to legalize marijuana was decreased, but the groups like N.O.R.M.A.L. were still around. Although the people weren’t so strong-willed to legalize it they still fought. New and harder drugs were now popular and marijuana wasn’t as popular. In the early 1990’s the drug was once again popular after the side effects of the new drugs were seen. The drug’s popularity still increases today. Only there is more violence surrounding it in drug deals and gang wars. Although there would need to be regulations on it and new laws made. The legalization of marijuana would not only benefit the government but also the people.

Although the government and people would benefit, it would have a bad side. After many years of fighting to keep it illegal, the government would have to spend millions on new laws, regulations, and plans. Also the government has made treaties with other countries on keeping the world drug-free. America being the largest supporter of a drug-free society would be absolutely hypocritical to go and legalize. Other countries would become angry and think of us as money greedy, drug smoking fools. This would also hurt other countries because America would be a large drug trafficking area where people would come and buy a large amount and export to the still drug-free countries. America’s reputation could go down the drain. Not only would America’s reputation go down but also the fears of American citizens conducting every day life stoned from marijuana is a scary thought.

The effects of marijuana are not alcohol’s but would impair a person’s driving ability. Accidents would increase. People who would abuse the drug would not only jeopardize themselves but also others. It would have to be treated as driving while drinking and stiff laws and enforcement would have to be inflicted. These are the downsides to the drug, but with proper laws and methods the drug turn into money for the government.

If the government played it right, they could make billions of dollars from this one plant. In the early 1990’s the number one legal cash crop, corn, brought 16 billion dollars to the U.S. Marijuana blew this away with an estimated 24 billion dollars. If the government grew and kept track of marijuana, and sold licenses to farmers to grow it, the government would be able to pay off debts, help the economy and reduce violence-related to the drug all at the same time. They would also be able to sell the stocks of the plant as rope or material. Currently, many farmers are secretly growing marijuana to pay off their own debts. This is an inexpensive way to earn more cash from one plant than they could from a field of corn. The majority of these farmers were growing marijuana in the Midwest, but it’s really growing strong in the Appalachians to the Great Plains. They look like they were torn from a page from the Saturday Evening Post (SIRS under marijuana). In the hard!
economic times and in a business which depends on mother nature farmers have no back-up. If they were the proprietors of growing the marijuana they would benefit greatly.

Another way the government would benefit is if they put a steep tax on it. There would be an additional money maker and if the price went with the supply and demand theory it would stay a #1 cash crop. But as long as the government keeps the plant illegal it won’t benefit anyone other than a non-educated drug pusher who will sell to anyone no matter what age.

I say let it benefit us all. Why make a drug which shouldn’t be compared with crack or heroin, illegal? It would be an overall economy-booster and provider. It would not only benefit us with money but there are medicinal uses for this plant also.

Lester Grinspoon, who graduated through Harvard Medical School performed studies, and found that marijuana had helped in healing or preventing pain. He says that it relieves nausea, it can prevent blindness produced by glaucoma, it is an appetite stimulant for AIDS patients, and it can ward off migraines, and asthma. I imagine that some of these may be false, but if a few of these work marijuana could be classified as a medicine.

If marijuana was prescribed to patients dealing with a severe pain or problem that could be helped with the side effects of smoking marijuana. If a sick person is suffering or they need time to relax and to live without pain for a little while. The drug’s main affecting chemical, tetrahydrocannibinol, or THC, acts as a nerve releaser and creates a sort of relaxed state. You get the sensation that you are floating or in a dream-like state. The ill people would feel these effects instead of the ongoing illness. Compared to modern medicine, marijuana would be relatively cheap. No other illegal drugs are found to have nay medicinal use, including the legal drugs, alcohol and nicotine.

The other drugs that circle the market today, such as crack, cocaine, heroin, LSD, and PCP all have very bad and/or fatal effects. No one has ever died from smoking or ingesting marijuana. In fact, it’s estimated that to receive a fatal dose, you would have to smoke one hundred pounds per minute for fifteen minutes. With crack or the other bad drugs you can overdose or die from them on your first try.

Also, the other drugs are habit-forming. The effects of marijuana last about an hour depending on the person’s ability to sober up. Other drugs such as LSD take about 11 hours, alcohol takes an hour for every drink you have, and heroin and cocaine last hours. So you could smoke marijuana and in about an hour or two be capable of driving. Marijuana can act as an upper and a downer. As an upper, it makes you social and talkative; as a downer it relaxes you.

I am not saying that doing any drugs is good at all. In fact, I don’t think that they are right. Marijuana has more uses than just to get high. I think that with all of the more potent drugs out there, marijuana is like the baby. It would reduce drug-related violence severely and it could be put to great use. Granted, there would have to be strict laws and regulations to keep the people who abuse this under control.

The legalization of marijuana would not only benefit the government but also the people. With the economy, violence, and sick people, we need an answer. First off, let the government sell it. Secondly, take away the dealers’ main source of income. Thirdly, give terminally ill people a chance without pain. Marijuana should be legal, it is so beneficial and has gotten a bad name from the people who don’t know practical uses for the plant. We need to legalize marijuana.

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