lesson 6

Term Definition
What is the moon like ? dry, airless, has an irregular surface, small compared to earth, has large variations in its surface temperature
Maria dark, flat areas that are hardened rock formed from huge lava flows that occurred 3-4 billion yrs ago
Craters large pits that can be hundreds of kilometers across, caused by meteoroids
Highlands mountians that are light-colored on the moon's surface, cover most of the moon's surface
Moons Diameter 3,476 kilometers across, 1/4 of Earth's diameter
Moons Mass 1/8 of Earth's mass
Moons Gravity 1/6 of Earth's gravity
Moons Temperature ranges from 130c to -170c , they very because the moon has no atmosphere
Collision-ring Theory the theory of how the noon was formed
Average Density the moon and earth are very similar

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