Letter Of Counsling Essay

1. Probe has disclosed that you have failed to pay several measures within the last 3 months. This has become such a job that your cell phone service was threatened to be shut off. insurance revoked. and auto repossessed.

2. You are herewith counseled. By neglecting to pay your merely debts. you have failed to run into the criterions found in the Air Force Instruction 36-2906. As an Air Force member. you are expected and required to pull off your fiscal personal businesss in a proper mode. Your behavior has shown a deficiency of fiscal duty that is expected of Air Force military mans and adult females. Further penalty will be applied if you continue to neglect to run into this criterion.

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Letter Of Counsling Essay
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3. The undermentioned information required by the Privacy Act is provided for your information. Authority: 10 U. S. C. 8013. Purpose: To obtain any remarks you desire to subject ( on a voluntary footing ) for consideration refering this action. Everyday Use: Provides you an chance to subject remarks or paperss for consideration. If provided. the remarks and paperss you submit go a portion of the action. Disclosure: Your written recognition of reception and signature are compulsory. Any other remark or papers you provide is voluntary.

4. You will admit reception of this missive instantly by subscribing the recognition below. Within three ( 3 ) responsibility yearss from the twenty-four hours you received this missive. you will subscribe the 1st IND below. Any remarks or paperss you wish to be considered refering this missive must be submitted at that clip.


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