Levels of Prevention Essay

Checkpoint: Determining Levels of Prevention Heather Merz HSM/210 4/14/2010 Angela Hall Scenario 1: The level of prevention Tertiary prevention. I feel this way because you cannot prevent what has already happened you just have to rehabilitate this person. And hope they learn to not deal with the abuse the lady used the panic which prevented the man from hurting the lady and he went to jail. I would have done things A little differently I would have told her that she needs to stand up to him and I would be there when she did. Because she has low self esteem I would put her in a program that helps her to gain confidence about herself.

I do think they did a good job by calling the police because he needs to know he can’t just get away with it. Scenario 2: I think the level of prevention is primary prevention. Because the people have stopped the clinic from closing there was no major problems. Which would prevent the growing poverty rate from rising? They have limited funding so I can see how it can be hard to have a program. I would start off with a small little clinic like they are and tried to get funding somehow so we can eventually expand. In order for these children to not have to live in poverty.

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Levels of Prevention Essay
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There needs to be some prevention. Scenario 3: The prevention is secondary prevention. Because they have dealt with it early on they have saved a lot of lives. Because homeless people don’t have insurance it is hard for them to get the treatment and care they so badly need. But because they have made a big decision to provide care and shelter they have saved lives. Everyone is working together to make sure we get the homeless off the street and all kinds of help with food, clothes, and medicines. I wouldn’t change anything in this scenario.


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