Library Management and Information System Essay

Chapter I Company Profile 1. 1 History of the Company Brief History of Aldersgate College Aldersgate started as a Junior College offering Secretarial, Liberal Arts and Education courses, along with two laboratory schools offering elementary and secondary courses. While Aldersgate began in 1965 as a church school under the jurisdiction of the Northern Philippines Annual Conference of the united Methodist Church, it was incorporated in 1970 while starting to send out its first batch of graduates. In its early and most critical years, the faith and dedication of the following administrators merit special mention: Dana K.

Tyson, the first Executive Dean (1965-1970); Rev. Benjamin A. Justo, the first Director (1978-1980); and Rev. Thelma L. Case, Office-in Charge and Trustee. Today, Aldersgate College prides itself with seven growing colleges: the Graduate School (GS), College of Business and Information Technology (CBIT), College of Arts, Sciences and Education (CASE), the College of Engineering and Technology (CET), the School of Medical Sciences (SMS), the School of Criminology (SOC), and the School of Divinity (SOD).

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The academic programs of the CASE, CBIT, the Secondary and Elementary Schools, and the Pre-School are now Level II Accredited under the Association of Christian College Accrediting Agency, Inc. (ACSC-AAI) and the Federation of Accrediting Agencies in the Philippines (FAAP). 1. 2 Nature of the Business VISION Aldersgate College, Inc, a non-stock, non-profit, non-sectarian educational corporation related to the United Methodist Church was organized to evolve a university of high academic standing, which will be devoted to the molding of Christian character, the training of leaders, scientific research, and the strengthening of democratic institutions. ” MISSION “Aldersgate College was founded in 1965 by pioneering Methodist lay leaders led by Mrs. Pilar D. Galima and Mr. Froilan B. Calata.

The school was named ALDERSGATE, after the street in London where John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, felt his heart strangely warmed, and realized that salvation can be attained only by the grace of God through faith in Christ The experience at Aldersgate Street was the inspiration of this College, that whoever passes through its portals comes out transformed: morally upright and spiritually awakened, brave and sagacious leader, with an enlightened mind, a compassionated heart, and able and ready hands. ” 1. 4 Organization Chart Aldersgate Library CHAPTER II. PLANNING PHASE 2. 1 General Problem

Aldersgate High School Library is using a manual method of library transactions, such as Book Circulations, which include the Borrowing and Returning of books, Book Inventory, book searching by the use of card Catalog. Having this kind of method will consume longer time and much effort before having the desired output. 2. 2 Specific Problem Since the said Library is using a manual method and transactions, some problem might persist: – Clerical errors in encoding/typing/writing thousands of different book information. – Unintentional switching of Books cards in and Library ID in the Accession tray.

Also the following phrases may also consider as a quite serious problem: – Creation of Book Inventory Report – Identifying how many books have been borrowed in a Day, a Month, or a Year – Creation of catalog card of each different books – Creating Borrower Information Report 2. 3 Set Systems Objectives – To meet all the specific goals of the company – To provide reliable output. – To provide and enhance the simplicity of work in the Library. – To provide the students a fast and quality service in the Library. – To improve the Computerization of the school in Information Technology Aspect 2. Identify Systems Constraints Since the main system have been developed by the use of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition (specifically the Visual Basic . NET 2005), the program can only be run under Windows Operating System which can handle and support the power of . Net Framework version 1. 1 and 2. 0. Most probably, those are Windows XP Professional Edition with service pack 1 or 2, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Media Center edition, or any later versions of Microsoft Windows© Operating Systems such as Windows© Vista, Windows© Longhorn and Windows© Black Comb. 2. Conduct of Feasibility Study -Benefits of the Company A. Tangible -Printed Outputs of Reports -Physical Backups in any form of Recordable Media B. Intangible -Security Access -Fast processing, data saving and retrieval 2. 6 System Proposal “Convenient, fast and more accurate outputs” This is what every one of us wishes to our beloved work. The proposed system will handle almost everything in our field work. This system will simplify the work from “Paper-pen Transaction” into a “mouse clicking” method. This proposed is a user-friendly system. Using proposed system will save time, and efforts.

Implementing a computerized from of record keeping, for a easy monitoring and processing on book circulations, and generates a reliable output of data in fastest and accurate ways. Errors of a data will be minimize and you can assure a reliable in form thus using proposed system will be great help to process of Library Management and Information transactions. 2. 7 Establish a Control mechanism |PLANNING |  |  |  |  |  |  | Chapter III ANALYSYS PHASE 3. 1 Organize the Project team

SYSTEMS ANALYST/DESIGNER- a person who works in developing and improving the system as well as to describe the system which will then be written the codes that implements what the requirements by a programmer. PROGRAMMER- A person who writes, debugs, edits and tests the system. ENCODER- a person who encodes all the necessary documents needed for the system. GROUP ORGANIZATIONAL CHART 3. 2 PROJECT DICTIONARY School Library Library Card Accession Number Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) Call Number Book Cards Catalog Cards Accession tray Librarian Borrowing Transaction Returning Transactions Overdue Programming

Visual Basic .NET Framework Reports 3. 3 Define System Performance Criteria Scope The proposed management system will handle almost all the book circulations and inventories inside the library, this includes the borrowing transactions, returning transactions, book inventories and circulation monitoring. Limitations Since the said Library only focus on the book circulations, the program will also take a look, as of now, at this transactions only. Circulations of different classroom materials such as Globes, Maps, Posters, Multimedia Media Equipment are not yet included in this program. 3. 4 Prepare the Design Proposal

The company needs an easily access and user friendly system aside for its fast processing for their inventory and transactional records, a system that can be applied for a company that can gain satisfaction for its reliable output of data. The proposed system can help a company for their recordkeeping and being automated transactions. This will totally change their way of generating and keeping records, because this will assure of fast transaction and have a reliable outputs in an accurate way, If before, the company uses the long method of record keeping, computerized recording maybe more advantageous than in manual form.

The objective of the proposed system is to make every process and inventory as well as the record keeping of the entire company and be able to access it in accurate way and have a reliable output Chapter IV Design Phase Name: Members Name Description: Name of Members Type: Character Length: 20 Name: Member ID Description: ID # of members Type: Number Length: 10 Name: Address Description: Address of member Type: Character Length: 20 Name: Age Description: Age of member Type: Number Length: 5 Name: Sex Description: Gender of member Type: Character Length: 5 Name: Birth Date

Description: Birth Date of member Type: Number Length: 10 Name: Birth Place Description: Birth place of a member Type: character Length: 20 Name: Branch Description: Branch where a member registered Type: character Length: 15 Name: Loaning Code Description: Kind of Loan Type: Character Length: 30 Name: Regular Loan Description: Interest of Loan Type: Number Length: 10 Name: Salary Loan Description: Interest of Loan Type: Number Length: 10 Name: Commercial Loan Description: Interest Loan Type: Number Length: 10 Name: MVAP Governing Policy Description: Interest of Loan

Type: Number Length: 10 Name: Providential Loan Description: Interest of Loan Type: Number Length: 10 Name: Market Vendors Assistance Program (MVAP) Description: Interest of Loan Type: Number Length: 10 Name: Poverty Eradication Program (PEP) Description: Interest of Loan Type: Number Length: 10 SUBSYSTEM OF THE PROGRAM Chapter V Implementation Phase 5. 1 Context Diagram of the Existing System [pic] 5. 2 Flowchart Of Existing System (REPORT/ SAVINGS) [pic] 5. 2 Flowchart of Existing System (Membership) [pic] 5. 3 Dataflow of Existing In Membership 5. Dataflow Diagram of Existing System (Loaning) 5. 3 Data flow Diagram of the Existing System (Savings) 5. 4 Flowchart of the Proposed System 5. 5 Data Flow Diagram of the Proposed System 5. 6 Flowchart of the Program 6. 1 User’s Manual 6. 2 Maintenance of the System Using the system need a person that is literate and used the users manual to follow the steps on using the system. By checking the records that are already printed & deleting some records so that it wouldn’t be full & will run faster. ———————– START Rule & Regulations Company’s Confidential Report

Members & Personal Information Shared/Owned By Company Organizational Chart/Core Value & Objectives Member joined to TMPC & Required Loaning & Service Password Is Password Correct? TMPC Main Menu Membership Savings Loaning Y N STOP Compute Interest Employees Employees 1. 7 Shall be paid upon submission of the application for membership 1. 6 Shall subscribed for at least no shares with a total value of P2000. 00 of which at least Five Hundred Pesos P500. 00 corresponding to Five (5) Shares. 1. 5 Shall be returned to the applicant in case of rejection on disapproval of application . 3 Submit a 2 copy 2X2 ID pictured is required for Authenticity 1. 2 Shall be Presented in to Branch the for action 1. 1 Shall be in writing on a form 1. 4 Shall be accompanied by a membership fee at P100. 00 by a mortuary Aid Assistance fund of another P100. 00 Enter Membership for P100. 00 & MAAF fund of another cash/amount Add/New Employees End of Membership Enter Account No. Enter Name Membership X X Y N N End Savings Report Loaning End Compute Total Interest Select Kind of Loan & Mode of Payment Check Cash on Account Loaning Application Form Report Print Report

End of Report TMPC TMPC 1. 0 Check Account Name 1. 1 Verify Account No. 1. 2 Compute Total Savings on Account 1. 3 Fill-Up Loaning Form according. To the mode of Loan TMPC 1. 4 Pass the result to higher office 1. 5 Pass Documents to Branch Manager 1. 6 Process Documents (If any depending the mode of loan START Read Rules and Regulations REGISTER TMPC N Y Y N Other Options Savings Depositor Fill up Reg. Form Issue O. R to new member Accept/Received the Receipt STOP Share Capital Fill-Up Reg. Form Pay P100. 00 for Reg. Form GROUP ENCODER PROGRAMMER SYSTEMS ANALYST/DESIGNER

Share Capital Investors MEMBERSHIP SYSTEM TMPC (Bills/Deficit) Members Information Savings Depositor TMPC Members Census Monthly/Yearly TMPC Interest and Savings START TMPC Check Account Name / Registered Verify Acct. # Check Savings Y N Y Have Savings/Share Pay Reg. & Savings Deposit Savings on Account Issue O. R Check Cash Account Have a Loan? Compute/Enter Cash on Account N Y Compute Interest Compute Cash on Account Process Report Give Report to Mem. If needed End TMPC Verify Account No. Check Account Name Accept Payment for Savings Issue O. R TMPC RECORD SAVINGS . 7 Compute Total Interest TMPC N DECIDE KIND OF OFFER High school College – Proff Library References Reserved Circulation Periodicals Student Assistants Owners Capital of Banaue Report Members Personal Info. & Account Treasurer Yearly Report Company Rules & Regulations A report for members personal info. When applying for a loan Report of Interest to all who applied loans Loaning System Exclusively for Staff A member Deposit & Share Saving Provided by a member who applied for a loan Yearly/Daily Report (Investors) Collaterals Membership TMPC Bills/Deficits

A form to be filled up for all who want to be a member A Report that shows who registered/Pay for the day Company’s expenses exclusively for managers report N X N Y Y Y Stop Issue Money Approved ? Read Rules & Regulations /Fill-up Loaning form Have Savings? Verify Account No. Register ? Registered? Enter Member’s Name Start Elementary Pre-School Basic Education READERS SERVICES TECHNICAL SERVICES Library Committee MRS. VICTORIANA BILWAG Chief Librarian Dr. JUNIFEN F. GAUUAN President Dr. MYRNA VIERNES VP for Academic Affairs Cataloging Acquisitions Clerk Assistant Librarian


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