life (203 words) Essay

Catch-22 was definitely a catch! This ?law? was the main metaphor of how crazy war really was and of the military authority. Joseph Heller used this catch in a humorous way, basically making it a loophole preventing any soldier from leaving the war. ?Insane or not, the young men are indirectly forced to engage in combat and fight for a war they do not know about? ( He uses much black humor throughout the book, to relieve the horrors of war, death, and so on. He also uses so many unique techniques which can get so confusing, that the reader is distracted from the true terror and agony that people face in war. There are 3 specific examples of black humor in the book. For example, Heller makes the army unable to comprehend death and life. Secondly, he satirizes death and rape and last but not least miscommunication, which is key to everything. It is quite ironic how a dead man is said to be living and how an obviously living man is claimed to be dead. This is how Heller uses black humor in this particular scenario. It?s amazing the power of written word. Most peo…

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life (203 words) Essay
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