Life and Education: Akshay Ramanlal Desai Essay

Influences and Achievements A. R. Ideas was much influenced by his father in childhood. He also participated in the student movement in Abroad He got married with Near Ideas In 1947 He was become a member of Indian Socialist Party , but after the some disputes he leave the party In 1939 He Join the Department of Sociology at Bombay university In 1951 and became Head and Professor of this Department in 1967. In the 1953 he once again join another party as member named Trivialities revolutionary Party.

But after the 28 year he gave resignations of the membership of the party in 1981. He was influenced by the Marxian thought and Leon Trotsky. In 1964, he represented as a member of the country In First World Congress on Rural Sociology, which is organized by French. He was also appointed as a co director of a work plan on Group Tension in India in UNESCO. He is also invited for the guest lecture in Russia and other European countries. He was invited In Columbia University for guest lecture in 1976 and he also participated in seminars in America.

He was elected the chair person of the Indian Sociological Society for outwears 1978-80) He become the national fellow of Indian Social Council For Social Research for two years (1981-83) Methodology of Ideas He consistently advocated and applied dialectical-historical model In his sociological studies. He closely studied the works of Marx and Angels and the writings of Trotsky. He may be regarded as one of the pioneers In introducing the modern Marxist approach to empirical investigations involving bibliographical and field research.

He rejects any Interpretations of tradition with reference to religion, rituals and festivities. It is essentially a secular phenomenon. He finds it in family, village and other social institutions. He also does not find the origin of tradition in western culture. He considers that the emerging contradictions in the Indian process of social transformation arise mainly from the growing nexus among the capitalist bourgeoisie, the rural petty-bourgeoisie and a state apparatus all drawn from similar social roots. He uses European concept In tries to apply them in Indian context.

In ass-ass American structural-functionalism and British functionalism dominated social sciences In general and sociological researches In particular. However Desalt continued to write on Indian society and state from the Marxist perspective. He finds t Off Tanat ten implant sociological approaches In IANAL are Disloyally non-Marxist Ana t Marxist approach has been rejected on the pretext of its being dogmatic, value- loaded and deterministic in nature. The relevant approach according to him is the Marxist approach as it could help to study of gossips policies, the class entrenched into state apparatus and India’ s political economy.

The Marxist approach helps to understand the social reality through the means of production, the techno-economic division of labor involved in operating the instruments of production and social relations of production or what was more precisely characterized as property relations. Thus the Marxist approach focuses on understanding the type of property relations which existed on the eve of independence in India. The Marxist approach gives central importance to property structure in analyzing any society. It provides historical location or specification of all social phenomena.

It recognizes the dialectics f evolutionary as well as revolutionary changes of the breaks in historical continuity in the transition from one socio-economic formation to another. In this context A R Ideas tried to understand the Indian society which also reflects in his work. Writings of A . R. Ideas Slums and Arbitration (with S. Advise Pillar) (1970-1972) A Profile of an Indian Slum (with S. Advise Pillar) State and Society in India (1975) A Positive Programmer for Indian Revolution (De. ) Peasant Struggle in India (1979) Urban Family and Family Planning in India Indian’s Path of Development(1984) Violation of Democratic Right in India

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Life and Education: Akshay Ramanlal Desai Essay
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