Life Before the Internet vs After the Internet Essay

Life before the internet VS after the internet We have all been without the Internet and we have all worked with it. I’m going to show how one is better than the other. Why and how it has helped and hurt our kids. So by the end of this you can decide what you think about it. When I was in school we didn’t have the internet so we had to do our letter writing by hand, mail it and wait to receive on back, which took three to four days. We would take the chance that it would get lost or torn up on its way.

Or maybe the person moved and you had the wrong address. We went to the library to do research and to work on papers. We used a dictionary or an encyclopedia to look up things. The kids had to really work to get their homework done and it would take them awhile. They learned how to use a dictionary and learned how to spell correctly, and how to use good grammar and punctuation Kids would love to go outside and play with their friends, they played ball and rode their bikes.

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Life Before the Internet vs After the Internet Essay
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They got their exercise and would be out enjoying the weather and getting that fresh air. They would also read books and expand there learning. When planning a trip or vacation you would call a travel agency, go down to the office and they would call the airlines, hotels and car rental places for you and get you all booked. Then a couple of days later you would go back down and pick up your tickets and all the conformation numbers. You would then have to get your show tickets when you got to your destination.

Now with the Internet we can send e-mails and get one back in just a couple of minutes. If your have Instant Massager it is like you are talking on the phone with someone. You can also send pictures and videos to people and they get them right away so grandma and grandpa can watch as their grandchild grows. Kids now can look things up on the internet for their papers and get all the information that is in a book plus some, because there are so many web sites they can go to and get real live stories, pictures, and facts about their subject.

Also the paper they are doing will look better because of a little button called “spell check”, When they are typing a paper they don’t have to worry about spelling, grammar or punctuation because that one little button does it for them. Kids also are not going out to play like they use to. No they can download a game and sit at the computer and play for hours without getting up. So now they are not getting their exercise they once did and they are not getting out there in that fresh air and enjoying the sun.

Sitting here on the internet doesn’t do a body good. Planning a vacation has been made easier too. Now you can do it all yourself, no need to go to the travel agency. You can buy your plane tickets, show tickets, and get your rental car and your hotel, sometimes all on the same website. Then just print out your tickets and conformation number, all in just the matter of minutes. You can also look at different shows or attractions that are where you are going and find other things to do while you are there.

So all in all I think that life after the internet is a lot easier but I also think that the kids before internet learned better writing skills. There are things we love about the internet but we still need to go back to the basics. Life was a little slower back then, but it was what we knew and it was the only way we knew it. So it wasn’t that hard. Getting use to doing things on the internet takes time and for some people some lessons but everyone can enjoy it at one time or another.


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