Life Cycle Management Analysis Essay

iPod MP3 Player The marketing objective for the iPod MP3 player is to be the leading supplier of MP3 players in all markets in which the company operates and to increase brand awareness to 60 percent of its customers. iPod’s marketing strategies is differentiated the market for their products are characterized in gender, age, and the desire for image. The Apple iPod is targeted at teenagers and young adults. Music is the essential part of everyone’s life and that is why Apple iPod came out with the MP3 player that is available in attractive colors and accessories.

With such a high demand for this product, Apple was able to produce the product as well as other products such as the memory sizes, iPod shuffle, and iPod mini. These iPod items were manufactured into the iPod family that in return Apples customers were able to purchase their needs. Needless to say, this products life cycle has not ended yet, but other companies have followed what has made this product successful for their own products. The Apple Inc. company has managed each stage of the life cycle for this product well, and will continue to do so.

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Life Cycle Management Analysis Essay
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The introduction phase of the Apple iPod was the iPod Classic. The iPod Classic was a hard drive based iPod that was first launched in October of 2001. This product was marketed towards the young adults and teenagers. Apple mainly focused on the interface and the ways to capture people’s attention. The iPod interface was sleek and customizable. The product is easy to use for example transferring media and music files through iTunes, which became very popular through Apple, and other media player software. The growth stage of Apple iPod is still in its early stages.

Where more and more people are aware and purchasing the product, increasing product demand. Sales are growing rapidly and profits are rising quickly, however competition is increasing, as competitors are more cognizant of the tactics of Apple Ipod i. e. using new features to market their product. During this stage, there are also opportunities for wider distribution, which will result in higher sales. According to Forbes, a report to investors paints a positive picture of iPod, noting that Apple may be able to maintain a substantial growth rate for some time.

That prediction is based on the 10 percent penetration into the market of PC users worldwide. (Gamet, Jeff) Analyst Robert Semple commented, “We believe Apple is still in the early stages of its product expansion and that the company can grow its iPod units at least 20% for the foreseeable future. ” (Gamet, Jeff) Consumers are still trading up their current iPods for the newer models as they are being manufactured out to retail stores. The company is still growing as consumers are in need for massive storage space and other accessories. In the maturity stage, there a many things that can be discussed about the iPod.

The success of the product and its sales, there has been different models that have been created from the classic iPod. Those items are the iPod Nano, iPod Photo, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, and iPhone. Apple Inc is doing very well with their “I-products”. One of the latest items that have taken off in sales is the iPhone. There are accessories that come with these newer products. One of the current commercials that they use to advertize the iPhone is one where they show how easy, and yet revolutionary, the iPhone is compared to other phones out there.

Right now, the iPhone is only on one network, but if they were available on other networks, the sales would be even better. The success of all of these products has made the last stage near nonexistent. My prediction of Apples decline in the marketplace is inevitable. The company is continually growing since 2001 and has been coming out with more and more products, accessories, and the consumer wants and needs. Apple is able to meet those needs, which are making it hard for other competitors to rise in the progress. They have already hit different levels of productions, which is apparently unbeatable.

The way that Apple has managed their production through growth and maturity, I would have to agree with how the company has put it all together. The approaches to the life cycle of iPod is appealing, I would only hope that with the booming business of the newer products Apple won’t come to a stump in the future of where to take the next level of production. Apple really moved quickly within the past year and a half of the new products out in retail stores, we only hope that continue to make items that are a hit and still catching the eye of their current customers and bringing in more.

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