Life Gone By Essay

Jaycee Dugard the child (born on May 3, 1980) who was kidnapped more than twenty years ago at the age of 11and her story shocked the whole society in the United States of America. Hence she was kidnapped right near her home, in particular in South Lake Tahoe nobody could reveal the place where she was hidden for several years. The only witness in this story was her step-father who even tried his best to bring her back through immediate actions taken but everything went in vain. All policemen were searching her for long time and no news were heard. Finally no one could find her. The years passed and nobody was thinking that it could be possible to disclose this investigation when one of the kidnappers Phillip Garrido was suspected while distributing the fliers regarding his new church near the campus in Berkeley. He was accompanied by his wife and two daughters. He was told to register his church by the campus security officers and this fact served as the point of departure in Dugards almost forgotten case. As it occurred this person had some criminal records and in addition to that his parole agent was asked to approach them. According to his statement there were no kids in Garridos family. This was suspicious which caused their arrest in 2009 and they were found guilty in committing the following crimes: rape and unlawful deprivation of liberty.

As it appeared Jaycee Dugard was detained for more than 18 years without any contact with the rest of the world. She gave birth to two kids (being 14 years old she gave birth to her first child while a year later to her other child), daughters from the kidnapper Phillip Garrido. After several years of illegal detention she returned back to her home. As a result the victim was in depression, scared and felt loneliness. From the very beginning of being kidnapped she was told a number of lies that her family did not love her and she was left alone. This all caused emotional difficulties and it took time for her to describe all the feelings in various media resources. She made decision to write about her life in detention. Accordingly she published a book called A Stolen Life which attracted lots of readers as it was based on a real story, the story told by the victim itself. It is worth to mention that Jaycee Dugard could manage to continue living without fear as an ordinary citizen and feel the happiness, reunite with her family and her daughters.

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Life Gone By Essay
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