Life in a Metro Essay

LIFE IN A METRO Life in a metro is a term used for life of people in a metropolitan city. Metropolitan cities are those big cities which have all the modern amenities, good infrastructure and a modern outlook. They are the cities which don’t portray any specific religion or caste; people from all parts of country come to these cities to have a nice rich life-style. Metropolitan cities are the cities which help the country with lot of financial economy. These cities portray the spirit of young, educated and rich country.

They have a lot of companies and software parks which earns a lot of money for the country and generate lots and lots of job opportunities for people. Talent is cherished in right spirit in these cities. Metropolitan cities give the country an urban look. The facilities and amenities provided here attract people from all over the country in here. This results in increase in population of these cities. If there is a sudden increase in population of a certain city it does not get time to accept that change and the planning of city becomes inadequate for the sudden change.

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The pollution of the city increases due increase in use of vehicles and the atmosphere is ruined. This concern should be taken into consideration when a particular city is growing. The growth of city also hampers its cultural life in some way. This should not happen. The sanity of culture of the city should be maintained so that we remain grounded with our roots when we progress. Life in a metro city looks a bed of roses from outside but in reality people here suffer from lot of stress and tensions. We can control this situation by helping each other and by taking into consideration problems of each person.

We should not be aloof from anything, being a part of society it’s our duty to stand strong and be together. Only then can a city progress in real sense . Life in the suburbs VS Life in the inner cityChoosing where to live when you are ready to have a family and build your life can be quit difficult. Usually such a decision is made upon certain situations like the place where you work and your choice of life style. Other secondary factors play a role in decision making such as financial situation, interests and transportation.

There are two different places to live the suburbs and the inner city; each one having its unique life style. Both life styles are different in many ways; the suburb is mostly suited for families while the inner city is mostly suited for single working men or women, or students. Life both in the suburbs or the inner city has its own distinguished taste. A private environment reflects the life style of the suburb. Life in the inner city differs as it is not private at all, people live right next to each other, due to lack of place.

Sometimes living away from downtown in a quite neighborhood, being away from the noise and traffic is all you need. In the inner city you will be living close to downtown but in Your children will attend schools nearby in the suburb, either walking distance from your home or the school bus will come and pick them up from the house. Trains are often the most popular way of transportation to downtown; it usually takes thirty to forty five minutes to get downtown sometimes less depending on the area you live in. From the inner city it will take you maybe five to ten minutes by the most using a metro.

Living in the inner city you are most of the time renting an apartment or condo, because buying them is quite expensive in those areas. Concluding, I would choose the suburb as a place to live in, because it is a great place to build a life and family. Your kids can go biking to a close park, where they can practice all sorts of sports like tennis, volleyball, basketball, football, and soccer. In suburbs you do not have to worry about parking in front of your house, a store, or shopping mall which is important, while in the inner city you have to worry about the parking every minute.

Your children will not be free to go wherever they want; as you will fear something will happen to them. Your children will attend schools in downtown and will have to use public transportation. In the suburbs there are certain transportation methods available like buses and trains, while in the inner city you have one extra which is the metro. At the privacy of your own apartment in the inner city you can stay home on the computer or watch movies in your living room. In the inner city you will also not feel safe, as it will be full of different problems downtown every day.

At the privacy of your house in the suburb you can enjoy washing your car in your drive way, you can spend the afternoon planting in your front and backyard, you can enjoy a sunny day swimming in your pool and tanning, you can enjoy an afternoon outside doing your barbecue, or doing certain activities like walking your dog, or going biking to one of the parks near you. Most people in the inner city use public transportation, as it is faster then driving a car. Karachi is the biggest city in Pakistan and also one of the most thickly populated cities in the world.

Its population has increased rapidly and accordingly has given rise to many social problems. People of this metropolis are becoming more and more concerned about solving these serious problems, some of which are discussed below. The ever-increasing rush of heavy traffic on the roads is resulting in heavy loss of human life. One day or the other, people suffer form accidents due to reckless driving. Some lose their vehicles and some go to the police. This is due to lack of civic sense in the citizens and violation of traffic rules.

Traffic jams, road quarrels, untidiness and damage of public property is also a result of this problem. The government has not done any planning to control this situation in the past two decades. In the same manner, the government has never emphasized upon population distribution. As a result, slum areas are rapidly being built, where poor labour lives. The disordered development of small houses is spoiling the outlook of the city, as well as creating problems of illegal electric connections, water supply and pollution. The authorities have failed to reclaim the locations from these people.

The academic career of children in Karachi is unpredictable due to lack of good schools and institutions. The need of recreational institutions, parks and play grounds is also felt at times and most of all joblessness creates problems for poor people. Another problem faced by the citizens of the city is the frequent power breakdowns. Every other day, K. E. S. C cuts down the electric supply without notice. This becomes a great hurdle for industries and professional that use electric machinery for their work. Disturbance and shortage of water supply is also a cause of discomfort among the citizens.

Sometimes, the dirty and unfiltered water becomes a major factor in food poisoning, which usually takes place on festive occasions, when demand of… ‘Man is the architect of his fortune’ But I excuse myself here! I never architected anything related to my fortune or my life. For me, it’s so far so good and no look back though I hold back in my heart fonder than the fondest memories of old good days and tramp ahead. Putting myself in the shoes of a timeless traveler, it has been sheer fun for me to explore the good and bad times of this mortal odyssey.

Let me begin my essay writing now. The question is’ Compare and Contrast Life in Delhi and Life in Imphal Sehar in not more than unlimited words. ‘ Alright! Here I Go! The look-out for better career opportunities landed me up in this city of endless dreams. They call it Delhi, but in most parts of the city it is all about Gullies (streets). So, for me when anyone asks about the environs of Delhi I can smartly reply this way’ Oh Delhi is but a city of Gullies and in each and every gullie there is a different tale to tell’ (with a 1000 watt smile).

My confinement in this metropolitan city is now more than 5 years and I still wonder why I came here. It is not that hard to start a life in this city. In terms of job opportunities, Delhi is one of the bestest cities in India which provides employment facility to every Ramlal, Goswami, Murthy, Deshmukh, and even for an exported Tomba/Tombi from our dear home state Manipur. There wasn’t any striking reason for me to land up in this city but YES I had a dream (ever one has a dream I know it’s just that I am telling about mine). My dream was to attain an ordinary platform where I could explore my mundane traits.

I am half-way through my dream but the remaining halfway seems like a SUDOKO to me (PS- I never play Sudoko in fact I don’t know how to play this game. It sounds such a boring game to me). Let this ongoing journey continue while I move on to the main theme of the essay- differentiating life in Delhi from life in Imphal. From my random point of view, life in Delhi and life in Imphal have the same difference- (misleading I know). Well, It is upto oneself how he suits and moulds with the changing trends and scenarios of time. For me, I am second to none to adhere to the same funda.

However, (twist of the tale) I adore life in Imphal much more than anywhere else under the sun (forget just India or Delhi). There is something about Imphal and its essence. If I put it in black and white, life is easier in Imphal despite the load sheddings, bandhs, strikes, etc etc etc problems in the city. Jokes apart, I would happily take up a job in Imphal which offers only 25% of my present salary. Money matters in our lives but then ‘there are some things money cannot buy’ (Maestro card’s ad concept copy-pasted here sorry).

There is a mouth-watering impact in my mind simply imagining about enjoying my maiden days in our tiny city. The refreshing mornings during which I can indulge in lai-dhoop thaaba at our tiny sumaang macha… the flamboyant fanek mapaan naibi and wangkhei-fee matek sari.. which I will wear once in a blue moon while going to office… .. the visits to nearby keithels with my Mumma or echema during those much awaited Numidangwairams… and the best of all… koiba chatpa at my frens’ places. How I miss strolling out in the lamjao sorok with a leikai eeta wearing an Ureng machugi fanek during thesandhyawairam time…

And then, come Inga month, refreshing showers sprinkling every leirak khulak of my hometown and plants going green and muddy. Those leikhom leinaangs and the mud-laden feet I would splash in our tiny ‘Totikomgi Pukhri macha’. The thud thud sound of my tin-roofed home is still music for my ears… how I wish I hear them back sooner than later. A whispering melody at present echoes in my mind visualising all these things and I find myself cocooned in a carefree world where happy birds chirp and flutter their tiny wings in the nearby mango groove… oh! It is a great feeling to imagine about that life… nd I wish I could pack my luggage and head back home instantly! Time tick tocks away further driving me back to present. The realization is but sour than sweet, the alarmed anticipation further salts the pain kind of feeling in my heart to miss and to keep missing all those things in my life at present. .the hustle-bustles of the maddening crowd in this city, my to and fro trip via auto and CNG buses, two mundane meals a day, weekday television watching sessions, weekend freak out, shopping or eating out with friends or boyfriend (no S here).. duh! And they call it ‘Life in a metro’!


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