Life Process

Term Definition
Nutrition All the activities by which an organism obtains materials from the environment & processes them for its own use
Ingestion Taking in food
Digestion Breakdown of large food molecules into smaller ones that can be absorbed and used by the organism
Egestion Elimination of undigested food material from the organism
Transport involves what Absorption & Circulation
Absorption End products of digestion and other dissolved substances are taken into cells and fluids of an organism
Circulation Distribution of materials within an organism
Respiration Enter your is obtained from the breakdown of food and stored in a form that can be used to carry on life activities
Excretion Removal of waste substances
Synthesis Chemical reactions by which large molecules are produced from smaller molecules
Regulation Control and coordination of all the various activities of an organism in order to maintain Homeostasis
Homeostasis A stable or balanced internal environment
Growth Increase in size/and or number of cells of an organism
Reproduction The production of new individuals

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