Life Science= Biology

Question Answer
Types of Science include: Physics, Chemistry, Earth space, Biology
What makes up carbohydrates? Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen
Fats are made of …. carbon hydrogen and oxygen.
Another name for fats is _______. lipids
What do proteins consists of? Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen
What does N. A. stand for? Nucleic Acids
unicellular see with microscope
multicellular see with naked eye
organelles little organs inside cells
How do unicellular organisms reproduce? Asexually
How do multi-cellular organisms reproduce? Sexually
Unicellular organisms go through ….. meiosis
Multi- cellular organisms go through ….. meiosis and fertilization
little organs inside of cells organelles
Bacteria doesn't have a _______. nucleus
________ – has a nucleus Protists
species a group of organisms that can reproduce and produce fertile offspring
the ______ must be the same…. the same ______ of chromosomes DNA, number
Fungus, plants, and animals are all _________. multi-cellular
Parasite 1 benefit and 1 is harmed
After fertilization – form _______ tissues
mutualistic both benefit
commensalistic one benefits and the other is not harmed
Ecosystem build based on the climate
food ______ – predator/ prey chain

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