Life Span Human Development Paper Essay

2% match (Internet from 6/27/10) http://www. antiessays. com 2% match (Internet from 2/12/10) http://www. slideshare. net 1% match (Internet from 3/31/10) http://answers. google. com Life Span Perspective Paper : To understand change in life is probably one of the most important aspects of human development. Our perspective on life and understanding the changes that occur during the different stages of the human life is the key to understanding why we tick and operate the way we do. Lifespan perspective is a key to understanding this and is something a person must do basically “lifelong”.

Life development is basically ones understanding of the physical, mental, and social changes a person undergoes during the period of their life. The lifespan perspective is also studied in many regions of science including psychology and anthropology. There are three domains of the human development which are the ontogenesis or physical domain, cognitive domain which relates to the mind, and the social domain. The physical domain relates mainly to life changes that are physically related to the body. Things such as growth spurts, the change from a child to an adult or puberty, and the mid life crisis or menopause.

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Life Span Human Development Paper Essay
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Think of the different feelings you had from the last years of grade school to high school. Your mind went through a complete overhaul and you felt feelings and emotions that were new to you for males your voice may have gotten deeper and the development of facial hair. These are key points that happen during the physical domain of an adolescent. The social domain relates to things such as lifestyle which involves culture the environment in which a child is brought up and the cognitive relates to thinking and a person’s ability to solve problems and remember things.

Sometimes things are overlapped between the three domains such as human progression which affects the body as we age, the way we think at different stages, and our ability to react and solve problems. To better explain this one think of a midlife crisis a person probably has developed some gray hair, spent more time soul searching to see deeper into their own mind, of maybe has suffered loss of memory, and decided to join a gym in order to regain some social status. There are many theories related to child development most believe there are any periods that are crucial to human progression. Certain years of adolescents make children more inclined to learn and take in more knowledge. It is important to understand these periods and their relation to a specific learning so that we can utilize this in a more factious manner. This does not in turn mean that a child is incapable of learning other things during this period or even later in life it just decreases the chance of a more successful learning experience.

Certain periods of life in a human’s life span can lead to future behaviors and characteristics such as aggression or dependency and drug use. For example a child who is repressed and lonely due to environmental factors is more likely to use drugs as a young adult and on into adulthood. The main idea of lifespan research is to obtain knowledge about the three components of individual development. These are inter-individual commonalities which can be called regularities in development, inter-individual differences in development and inter-individual plasticity in development.

By understanding these concepts and the age that is associated with particular components help paint a more clear yet complex view of lifespan development. The idea of life span development has evolved making it a lifelong process. Lifespan have been increased based on the study of each age range and the certain period of life. As life passes people are drawn toward certain milestones which are brought about by life and life experience. This is the basis in which the idea of lifespan development theories were drawn upon from to better understands the stages of a human’s life.

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