Life Without Music Essay

Austin Noble English 100 – Summer 2010 Essay 2 Presented to: Michael Torrence, Ph. D 6/24/10 Life Without Music Trying to imagine life without music is unbearable. When I think back on my life I realize that music is a soundtrack to my personal story. Music has played an intricate part of all my social experiences. Every party I’ve ever been to has had music. Playing music has brought me extreme joy and has centered my soul. Most importantly though, music has helped me to find love and start a family. One of my earliest memories as a child was being at a party my parents were having.

They were playing The Beatles and Elvis Presley along with other oldies tunes. I felt the music grab me and pill me in. After hearing this glorious music I had to experience more. So I started going through my sister’s record collection, then my parents. I found all different styles and genres of music. The more I listened to the more I wanted. It wasn’t long until I had my own record player, and my own records. Soon I was standing in front of a mirror with a baseball for a guitar singing along to all this great music.

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Life Without Music Essay
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Music became a focal point in my life. I can honestly say that the worst party I’ve ever been is one where there is no music. What else can get people moving like a good tune? Music is also a great conversation piece. People hang out and talk about their favorite artists or songs. Debates rage about who’s the best or what genre is better. My favorite is to listen to a group do music trivia. There are all sorts of games that can be played that involve music as well. Let’s not forget the great invention of karaoke.

This gives people the chance to get up and sing your favorite songs either by yourself or with your friends. It never seems how bad you are, just as long as you have a good time doing it. The have been numerous times in my life when I’ve been down and out. Music has always been there to help me find my way back through the darkness. A good song can do things to a person emotionally. Music can make people laugh or cry. Certain songs will make us laugh or get angry. Music can bring out the best and also the worst in people.

Is it any wonder why music plays such an important role in advertising on TV and the radio? Songs make people feel. Music is such a huge part of social good song is all that’s needed sometimes to get us through the day. Without a certain band my wife and I most likely would not be together. This can be hard to imagine for some people but the music one loves is the music ones shares. Who better to share a favorite band or song with than a loved one? Being in a relationship with a person you can go to concerts with or sit on at home and listen is the best part of music.

Music brings people together and can keep them together. Most couples have that “Our Song” tune that reminds them of a special place and time. The other great thing about music is sharing it with your kids. I used to hate my dad for making me listen to Bluegrass music, but now I’m a total fan. I’m thankful for the music my father shred with. More importantly I’m gracious for times me and my dad have spent listening to music we now both love. Music is a family thing, and there are families that play music together.

I hope that one day my children will have the same passion for playing music as I do. Hey maybe we’ll start a family band. Living in a world without music is inconceivable to me. I would be bewildered without my favorite songs or bands. Music is the soundtrack to life. If the music stopped that would be it for me. I’ve loved music since I was a kid. I’ve had so many experiences and feeling that music has been a part of. I have so many friends that share in the love for music. Without the songs in my heart I would have not found love. Music is essential to my life and my soul.


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