Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations Sample Essay

Outcome 1 – Understand anatomy and physiology in relation to traveling and positioning persons 1. 2. Describe the impact of specific conditions on the right motion and placement of an person When traveling an person you must take into history if they have any conditions that get particular traveling techniques. Here are a few illustrations ; Persons with Parkinson’s may hold limb rigidness which can impact their ability of motion and cause restrictions. When traveling the single into different places you must do certain to coerce the stiff limbs as this can do farther hurting and uncomfortableness. Persons that have had a shot frequently have long-run and lay waste toing failing down one side of their organic structure. When traveling that single you must be cognizant of the extent of the shot and on which side of the organic structure has been effected.

Outcome 2 – Understand statute law and agreed ways of working when traveling and positioning persons 2. 1. Describe how statute law and agreed ways of working affect working patterns related to traveling and positioning persons Every clip attention workers move or support an person they are executing manual handling on that person. Harmonizing to the Health and Safety Executive ( HSE ) 50 % of all reported accidents are from the Health and Social sector and in peculiar with traveling and managing. To cut down the sum of accidents and hurt. there is statute law in topographic point to protect everybody. Here are a few illustrations of statute laws ; L. O. L. E. R. Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992. Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. These statute laws are in topographic point to do certain it is a legal demand for employers to do certain the wellness. safety and public assistance of their employees is maintained and for employees to hold a responsibility of attention for themselves and others. 2. 2. Describe what wellness and safety factors need to be taken into history when traveling and positioning persons and any equipment used to make this There are factors that you need to see before you move or place an person. You besides need to be after what you are traveling to make. Here are a few illustrations of the factors you will necessitate to take ;

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* The Activity – You must cognize what activity you are helping the person with e. g. are you assisting them to stand. sit. axial rotation. walk or turn? If they need the bathroom. are they able to walk the distance unaided or with a frame and yourself for support? * The Environment – You must measure the environment around the person and place any possible jeopardies. For illustration. is at that place adequate infinite for you to help the person? * Moving and Positioning – What can the single do for themselves? Does the person have a catheter bag. endovenous trickle attached to them? If the person can make things for themselves so you must assist advance this by allowing them maintain as much independency as possible. * Equipment That May Be Used – Before helping the person you must do certain you know what equipment needs to be used for them such as walking frame. skiding sheet or a hoist. If they need a hoist for illustration so you must do certain that the hoist is to the full charged. it is non defected in anyhow and that you are utilizing the right sling for that person. Besides make certain that there is adequate infinite to maneuver the hoist and single safely and right. There must ever be at least two people to help with the hoist.

Outcome 3 – Be able to understate hazard before traveling and positioning single 3. 3. Identify any immediate hazards to the person

It is of import that you assess the environment for any immediate hazards and obstructions that may acquire in the manner of the activity. Here are a few illustrations of things to watch out for ; chairs. tabular arraies. beds. wet floors. wet floor marks. catheter bags. endovenous trickles. lesion drains. You must besides look into the person for any force per unit area sores and the chief force per unit area countries such as the cubituss. heel and sacrum. These demand to be treated with excess attention to avoid any farther sores. if any. 3. 4. Describe actions to take in relation to place hazards Once you have identified the hazards. you must so take the right safeguards the either clear the country or take excess attention to avoid. Here is an illustration of an identified hazard and how to cover with it ; I am traveling to lift an single onto a wheelchair from the bed. before I do this. I must do certain that the country is clear.

I have noticed that there is a chair that is traveling to acquire in the manner when I manoeuvre the hoist. I must therefore either travel the chair out of the manner into a safer topographic point or take the chair wholly. This manner I am guaranting that I have cleared the country for safe manual handling pattern. 3. 5. Describe what action should be taken if the individual’s wishes struggle with their program of attention If the person for illustration needed to be hoisted because they can non walk or travel without aid and they decide that they do non desire to be hoisted any longer. I would explicate to them why we are lifting them and inquire if there is any manner that we could do them experience safer or more comfy. If they still do non wish to be hoisted any longer so I would document it in there attention program and consult my senior carer or nurse on responsibility. You must ever take into consideration the persons rights and wants.

Outcome 5 – Be able to travel and place an person
5. 3. Describe the AIDSs and equipment that may be used for traveling and positioning There are many different scopes of hoists and AIDSs that can be used to help an person with traveling and positioning. These can be split into three classs ; 1. Hoists. slings and skiding sheets take the full weight of the person. These must be used with persons that need a batch of aid with traveling and positioning. 2. Skiding boards and skiding sheets take some of the individual’s weight. These can be used for when the person can make some things without aid. 3. Raising grips. grab grips and raised lavatory seats are designed to assist the single aid themselves with small to no aid from attention staff. Outcome 6 – Know when to seek advice from and/or involve others when traveling and positioning an single 6. 1. Describe when advice and/or aid should be sought to travel or manage an single safely You should ever seek advice and/or aid if ;

* The persons status has changed ; if you are helping an person who used to make most things for themselves but has since fallen over and has limited abilities. they may still experience that they can make most things but you need to inquire your senior carer or nurse and see what they say is safe for them to make with minimum aid. * There is an exigency ; if an person has fallen and can non acquire back up by themselves so you must sound the dismay and inquire your senior carer or nurse what is best to help that individual. if they need to be hoisted up so you must hold at least two care staff to travel and place them.

* The single garbages to collaborate ; you must remain professional at all times and explicate to them what you are making and why you are making it. If the person still does non desire to collaborate so you must inquire you senior carer or nurse to step in. You must ne’er execute a moving and managing undertaking without the individuals’ permission. 6. 2. Describe what beginnings of information are available about traveling and positioning persons There are many ways to seek advice and information when moving and placement persons. here are a few illustrations ; * Senior staff ( senior carer. nurse. director )

* Moving and managing developing officer
* Physiotherapist
* The persons attention program
* Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
* L. O. L. E. R ( Raising Operationss and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1992 )
* Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992
* Mental Capacity Act 2005
* HSE ( Health and Safety Executive


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