Like Water for Chocolate Essay

“Like Water for Chocolate” The movie Like water for Chocolate is about a girl named Tita who is trying to rebel with all of the traditions that has been placed in front of her. She is in love with a guy named Pedro but her mother, Mama Elena realizes that they love each other and told tita that it is part of the tradition not to marry until and unless Mama Elena dies. So, Mama Elena may be seen as a heart-less mother who made Tita’s life a living hell and made Rosaura, Tita’s sister get married to Pedro and he agreed to this so that he could be closer to Tita.

Mama Elena realizes that if Tita shows her true feeling at the wedding, it could cause problems. Then, Mama Elena decided that she would make Nacha (yaya) and Tita would handle the Banquet Department, meaning they would have to cook, and do all the necessary arrangements for the wedding. While, Tita was making the batter, she started crying and accidentally dropped a tear into the batter which made everyone who attended Pedro and Rosaura’s wedding and ate the cake cry and even make Nacha die because she tasted the batter bare.

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Does this ever happen in real life? Whenever Tita wanted to communicate with anyone in the family, she would make something very delicious or even communicate thru food, just like she made a dish with fresh rose sauce and had it eaten by the family and with that, the middle sister left and ran away with a guy and made them sexually active, while with Tita she was able to share her feelings with Pedro and made everyone in the family fall in love.

Rosaura had two children with Pedro, one was named Roberto which was the son and died within a few years and next was the daughter named Esperanza, whose daughter was narrating the story. In the story, by the time Esperanza was eligible to get married Rosaura already died by then, and it was Tita who got her married and that was when Tita and Pedro finally fell in love and they both ended up dying together. Does it ever happen that people put half of the onions on their head and the other half they chop?

Well there is a different definition of this; it is that when u cut half of it that is because the core or where all the acid is that is on their head which wouldn’t make them cry while the ones that they are chopping is actually the piece of no acids. And has there ever been a time when you were able to breast feed a child despite not being pregnant? I am sure not, because you can only get milk when you get pregnant, how was Tita able to feed Esperanza. These are stories that we are pretty much clueless about. My thesis statement is the reason Laura Esquivel wrote this novel was it due to her family?

Her? Did it have any link with her personal life? Yes, it did have a link with her personal life, Esquivel believes that the kitchen is the most important part of the house, that is why she based a lot of the scenes on cooking, such as the scene were tita cries on the batter, she makes the rose sauce and makes everyone love. She made this novel/movie because it was linked with her life. She had an aunt named Tita just like in the novel, and she wanted to marry but Tita’s mother forbidded her and soon enough, Tita’s mom died and so did Tita without getting married. Wikipedia, nov ’08) She practically wrote this novel, because she realized that this cannot be going on, doesn’t mean that you are the youngest and must sacrifice you love because you need to care about your mother, cant you care for your mother despite being married? I don’t believe in such things, I am an Indian and being an Indian we have a lot of traditions as well. We believe in the olden days that you must choose your husband it is called arranged marriage, now a days people don’t listen to that because if you are attracted to someone thru love there is nothing you can do, love is blind.

Traditions doesn’t have to stay till the end, till how much you can follow you could follow but you need not to follow every single thing they did in the past. We have a lot of superstitious beliefs, traditions I believe in a couple that I think makes sense. Before they would say, if you husband dies, you must burn your body and die as well. Well, in my dictionary I would be like why should I ruin my life when I could do so many other things for my husband when he had to die or died cause of a reason.

And now a day, this isn’t happening anymore because there is no point of killing yourself and going thru all the pain just because your husband got into a bomb blast, or a car accident or many others. I am glad she wrote this novel/movie because she opened the eyes of a lot of people and made them realize that family is more important than traditions. Traditions could be broken but family once it is destroyed there is nothing you can do about it. I believe that sometimes some families go overboard with traditions. We are living in the 21st century, which for us is the entury where in we have freedom to speak, think, do what we like, and many others. We are in this case where in if we love someone, we could run away, even just marry and many other. If we love someone we would go thru any walk of life just to be with that one man. And so did Tita in that story, despite how much her mother said anything told her that what she did was wrong, she didn’t marry waited for Pedro because she loved him and they both were able to be together even if at the end Pedro died and so did Tita with him because she wanted to be with her soul mate that she finally found.


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