Linear architecture Essay

Michael Cintron

The first construction explained in our text is Linear. A additive architecture displays a storyboard-type layout that links to a web page earlier and a web page after the current page. This type of layout is fundamentally similar reading a book where you can merely turn one page before or one page after the current page you are reading. The benefit to this type of layout is that it is good for reading consecutive. A drawback is that it is impossible to leap in front or leap back multiple pages.

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Linear architecture Essay
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The 2nd construction is known as the Hierarchal construction. This type of construction varies from linear in that alternatively of leaping forward or backwards, you are traveling to subpages or higher pages in the construction. This type of construction is good for generic web pages that do non necessitate to be read consecutive. A company web page with services they offer is a good illustration of when hierarchical construction should be used.

The concluding construction is the Mixed, or Hybrid, construction. The assorted construction is a combination of both additive and hierarchical constructions. Sometimes a web page does non suit into either construction above and could profit from both so they are combined into one and it fits the demands absolutely.

My preferable construction is the assorted construction because it has so many utilizations. On my personal web page, I use the Hierarchal construction because I do non hold a demand for anything additive, but I still prefer the assorted construction. My first illustration is iFixit. iFixit has a hierarchy, as seen across the top, and each article has a additive construction where each merchandise they tear down has multiple pages. ( http: // ) Another illustration of a web site that uses the assorted construction is How Stuff Works. They besides have a general dislocation pilotage saloon across the top, so you can bore down to the subject you are interested in. Once you find the article, the article itself is a additive construction that links to the following and old pages. This page besides lists all pages near the top of the article, doing it simple to leap to a different portion of the article. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Cascading Style Sheets are a great tool when making and keeping web pages. CSS uses a cardinal file that contains the instructions for exposing a web site and all of its pages. When a web page references the CSS file, it looks at its category and catch the instructions for exposing the information. For illustration, if a hyperlink on a page references the category “ nexus, ” so the page looks for the category “ nexus ” in the CSS file and displays it as directed. Equally long as all hyperlinks use the category “ nexus, ” it is possible to alter the colour, size, or fount of all hyperlinks on a web site merely by altering the CSS file.


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