Linkage Between Business Opportunity Innovation And Entrepreneurship Commerce Essay

In concern, there lies a seamless linkage between concern chance, entrepreneurship and invention. Each of them leads to the other regardless of how one chooses to trade them around. In other words, a concern chance will ever be spotted by an entrepreneurial head. And by definition, every concern chance is, to some extent, an invention ( Lindmark, 2006 ) . To understand this place clearer, the linkage of the three, is to look at the unequivocal elements in these three constructs.

Business chance

To get down with, a concern chance is the state of affairs where there be a ‘window ‘ to carry through a demand at a net income. This includes the designation of a demand and the agencies through which the demand is satisfied. Having the expertness to carry through this procedure places an enterpriser to work the ‘window ‘ profitably. Hence, the linkage between entrepreneurship and concern chance.

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Linkage Between Business Opportunity Innovation And Entrepreneurship Commerce Essay
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Harmonizing to Lisa Gundry and Jill Kickul ( 2008 ) , concern chances are either created, where they do non be, or sometimes identified as they may already be. Either of these two requires an entrepreneurial lens to ship on a good step of geographic expedition, through inquiries and observations, in order to unearth the concern chance. Gundry and Kickul asserts that ‘to more efficaciously place new concern chances, you have to delve deep and ask tonss of questionsaˆ¦as a usher to assist you make or accommodate concern schemes to run into the altering demands of your market. ‘ Some of these inquiries, Gundry and Kickul observes, are as follows:

aˆ? What frustrates clients or users of this industry? Some of the best thoughts come from looking at things that bug you, including non holding adequate options or choice, non acquiring the merchandise or service rapidly plenty, and hapless quality.

aˆ? What should concerns be doing, supplying, selling in this industry that many are non yet making? What do you believe clients will desire three to six months from now, one twelvemonth from now, that they ca n’t happen today?

aˆ? What have you experienced as a consumer of this industry? How would you make concern otherwise? What would you alter based on what you experienced?

aˆ? What does everybody believe “ wo n’t work ” in this industry? Asking inquiries about what others have thought impossible is a great manner to acquire new thoughts.


These kinds of market related inquiries, such as the above, define entrepreneurship, harmonizing to Leif Lindmark ( 2006 ) , a professor in economic sciences at the Stockholm School of Economics. Lindmark observes that the ‘market is defined by supply and demandaˆ¦and entrepreneurship is focused on both sides, ‘ admiting that ‘entrepreneurs develop new goods and services, mobilize resources, enter new markets and in other ways, drive the market procedure ‘ ( Lindmark, 2006 P 3 ) . On the demand side, enterprisers are progressively ‘inciting ‘ consumers ‘ pursuits for demands that they may otherwise non hunger for.


In relation to invention, the linkage with entrepreneurship could besides be understood from Lindmark ‘s observation that ‘entrepreneurship requires, by definition, some signifier of newness, ‘ reasoning that ‘some entrepreneurial activities are more extremist, others less advanced ‘ with the former being attributed to Schumpeter ( 1934 ) and the latter, to Kirzner ( 1973 ) .

Lindmark notes that Schumpeterian chances are ‘innovative and disequilibrating, ‘ bespeaking that such concern chances normally break evidences, are game-changers and requires an industry – broad alterations where rivals are forced to accommodate or put on the line traveling out of concern finally. In recent times, new concern theoretical account instance surveies such as that of the Amazon, is an illustration of a Schumpeterian chance. The Amazon scenario kicked started a whole new ways of selling books, records and all sorts of literature and media stuffs impacting the concern schemes and operations of long established participants like WH Smith, Waterstones, etc in the book publication and retailing industry. Another illustration of Schumpeterian chance is the entry of Easy jet and Ryanair and the construct of no frills in the air hose industry.

For Kirzner the point of going is alternatively a procedure towards equilibrium. He defines entrepreneurship as “ the competitory behavior that drive the market procedure ” ( Kirzner, 1973, p 19-20 ) . It is a procedure where qui vive entrepreneurs exploit market chances through the reallocation of productive resources ( Koppl and Minneti, 2003 ) . This sort of concern chance is non so drastic as the Schumpeterian theoretical account, nevertheless it is besides advanced in the sense that it departs from the position quo however.

An illustration of Kirzner ‘s theoretical account of entrepreneurship and concern chance is that of John Ardent, a immature enterpriser who is the laminitis and CEO of Ardent Financial Group ( AFG ) . Interviewed for this study, John helps draw a bead oning enterprisers to put their retirement financess into a concern or franchise without taking a nonexempt distribution or incurring punishments. In 2007, the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( LCCI ) named John Ardent the national Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. He was besides named one of the top 40 enterprisers under 40 old ages of age. In 2008, Ernst and Young named him a finalist for their desired Entrepreneur of the Year award.

An devouring investor himself, John Ardent has purchased 1000000s of dollars in existent estate and helped to originate many concerns within the service industry, including a existent estate agency/property direction house and existent estate development company. John and his company have been highlighted in media beginnings such as The Financial Times.


Harmonizing to Miller and Crabtree ( 1999, p 89 ) ‘interview is a research-gathering attack that seeks to make a listening infinite where significance is constructed through an interexchange/co-creation of verbal point of views in the involvement of scientific knowing. ‘ A figure of methods exist in carry oning interviews. They could be structured, semi structured, in-depth, face to face and telephone based ( Bryman, 1993 ; Patton, 1990 ) . Interview may be carried out on a one-to-one footing or on a group footing ( Saunders et al. , 2000 ) . Each of these methods have their advantages and disadvantages and are decided upon by the interviewer ‘s and the interviewee ‘s preexistent conditions.

A structured interview, normally used in studies, has its inquiries designed in a closed – ended manner. An interviewer in a structured interview merely moves to the following inquiry right after a respondent finishes replying one without the interviewer responding to any prompts as it were in semi-structured or unstructured interviews.

Unstructured interview on the other manus is a slackly designed procedure chiefly aimed at look intoing a respondent ‘s ways of believing about an issue ( Bryman, 1989, p 147 ) . It is used where restraints should be at the barest lower limit ; normally conducted without any preexistent agenda. In an unstructured interview, respondents are allowed to float off from the issue to speak about what they think is of import, the interviewer nevertheless is expected to float along without break.

Semi-structured interview nevertheless, is a combined method of both structured and unstructured interview techniques. It permits flexibleness in, for illustration, altering the ordination of inquiries, modifying bing 1s, and turn toing new inquiries that were hitherto non portion of the research inquiries. Semi-structured interview besides permits the usage of “ investigations and invitations ” ( May, 1997, p 109 ; Patton, 1990, p 324 ) in order to take on an interviewee to spread out more on issues raised. By design, semi-structured interview allows respondents to show more on issues in their ain footings ( Bryman, 1989, p 149 ) than would be in the instance of structured interview. However, unlike unstructured interview, a respondent in a semi-structured interview is promoted to remain on class in instance of a impetus from the issues.

In this study, an in-depth interview method is conducted over the telephone. This method was chosen because, harmonizing to Miller and Crabtree, it allows unfastened, direct and verbal inquiries that elicit narratives and instance oriented narrations which is suited for the subject of involvement. It besides affords item, confidant and graphic disclosures of the subject in inquiry.

In this research, 8 open-ended inquiries were used in a semi-structured interview that lasted for 30 proceedingss. Although the research worker had a list of specified inquiries and subjects as a usher, some were modified during the interview as and when it was necessary. Extra examining inquiries were sometimes asked when they were relevant to the line of replies.

Data assemblage processs

The respondent, John Ardent, was pre-contacted three months to the committee of the research undertaking. The respondent was informally contacted and informed through an electronic mail about the research subject but non the elaborate inquiries since that was still in the formation phase.

A formal petition for engagement was so sent out. The petition missive included a brief background to the research country – concern chances, invention and entrepreneurship, the inquiries and what it sets out to accomplish. A confidentiality statement, foregrounding issues of informations protection was besides included. A proposed agenda of day of the month and clip for the interview was left to respondent to order, nevertheless a deadline for verification of engagement was highlighted. This was to guarantee that the exercising was carried out in the respondent ‘s ain convenience but on clip to run into the undertaking deadline.

Harmonizing to Miles and Huberman ( 1984 ) , three keys to see when carry oning interviews: the scene, histrions and the event. With the scenes, the interview was conducted at the respondent ‘s ain convenience. Date, clip and topographic point, for illustration were determined by the respondent. The interview session took topographic point over the telephone, with the respondent in his office and the research worker naming from his abode. This scene ensured a relaxed ambiance and allowed contributing, convenient and dependable procedure for both the interviewer and the interviewee.

Because the telephone was being used as the channel, possible proficient troubles associated with telephone interviews such as crepitating noise have been considered. The telephone French telephone and the telephone conversation recording equipment were hence tested to guarantee that failures in the public presentation of the installations are prevented.

Facilities used in the interview were: a telephone French telephone, a retell telephone conversation recording equipment to enable research worker efficaciously gaining control and transcribe the interview informations ; a guided inquiries to guarantee that relevant inquiries are captured with pen and paper to do any accommodation during the procedure. The interview lasted for 30 proceedingss.


In decision, it must be stated that carry oning an in-depth interview had ensured that elaborate information is gathered on how the enterpriser John Ardent ended up prehending a concern chance to make an advanced concern theoretical account different from the bing 1s in the market. As observed in research methodological analysis literature, being a primary beginning of informations, interviews when administered good ensures that the informations being collected are current ; are specific to the issues being investigated and are relevant to the demands of the research worker. However, it has its ain restrictions as the sum of informations generated through interviews could be burdensome to analyze. In appendix A is a elaborate transcript of the interview informations and the inquiry usher for farther information.


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