Literacy Narrative Essay

Reading and writing as the most important components of literacy

What does the current person mean by literacy? Can I be successful without reaching a certain level of education? Should I follow the rules of syntax and punctuation on the Internet? We tried to answer these and other questions in our article. Just read on!

Understanding the concept of literacy can be different – from the maximum simplified level (ability to read, write and count), to understanding the literacy of a human as a social being. In this second definition, we put the concept of education, the ability to analyze and compare facts, to understand the deep essence of processes, to have deep knowledge in all parts of speech and to use all the experience that a person received during his lifetime.

It is clear that a competent person takes a winning position in life; it is easier for her to communicate with other people, she is more successful in her career, she is more respected. It is more difficult to “influence” on the person like this, because, based on his own life experience, she adheres to a clear, well-balanced position. The third hypostasis of literacy is the literacy of a philologist, a person who will carry a certain set of rules, the culture of oral and written speech into the masses and will form a linguistic environment around him.


Literacy narrative sample

Literacy is the possession of the skills of oral and written speech in accordance with the literary language. We need to learn to speak and write all the time. Language is the most expressive skill that a person possesses. Literacy is very important for people.

Firstly, an illiterate person can’t accurately express his/her thoughts, either verbally or in writing, can’t properly draw up any valuable paper or document. For example, I know the person who made a mistake in the passport.

Secondly, an illiterate person has a weak command of his native language. One famous person wrote: “Language is an instrument, it is necessary to know it, to know it well.” Literacy is like a faulty tool that you can use.

Thirdly, such people can’t be useful to society: it is impossible to develop contemporary culture and art, to clearly defend interests at various diplomatic negotiations, international conferences.

Fourthly, literacy is the availability of knowledge in a particular field; it contributes to the development of science and technology. In our time, people need to own an electronic computer to keep up with the requirements of the present. If you have trouble staying focused, then you need to improve your literacy skills.

Love for the native language begins with love for yourself, your high school. Gradually expanding, these feelings turn into love to your country, to its history, its past and modern, and then to all humanity and human linguistic culture. With the high level of literacy, you’ll be able to make a diagnostic of any paper you want, support my interest in reading.


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