Literature Review of Mediation and Advocacy Essay

BSHS 441 November 26, 2013 The human service field is a combination of counseling and social work and this is how a mediator and an advocate are linked together to help individuals in a conflict. Mediators and advocates use their skills to bring individuals to solutions that arise from disagreements. Mediation Mediation is defined as an informal, non-binding process where a neutral party helps two other parties’ cone to a mutual resolution where sometimes these conflicts seem mpossible to reach when it is left to only both parties (Masucci, 2003).

Mediator Training Mediators are trained in facilitation and negotiation techniques by working with two parties to come up with a possible solutions. One thing the mediator does not do is impose a solution for both parties, but helps them create their own solution. Advocacy Advocacy is defines as providing conflict resolution where only one cause or party is supported (Masucci, 2003). An advocate works with a client in helping them negotiate n an effective manner on their own behalf (Barsky, 2007).

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Literature Review of Mediation and Advocacy Essay
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Advocates conduct themselves in a way in which they view their own personal values by helping the needs of disadvantaged groups in society, such as children, elderly, mental illnesses, minority groups who are discriminated against, and many more. Advocate Training Advocates are trained in preparation including skills of assessing the conflict, the social systems affected, and planning of an agenda and structure.

Oral advocacy is nother skill where advocates identify the purpose of the meeting, isolating key issues, providing relevant and persuasive information, uses active listening to understand, and building trust. The last skill advocates use is written advocacy by presenting arguments in a logical manner, clarifying the issues or problems, states goals, and providing balance evaluation of many options for solution.

Conclusion In conclusion, mediators and advocate share many skills within the purpose, goals, nd relationships for their client’s best interest while protecting their security and integrity by staying professional to both sides. References Barsky, A. E. (2007). Conflict resolution for helping professions. (2nd ed. ). Belmont, CA: Thomson/Brooks/Cole. Masucci, D. (2003). The keys to effective mediation advocacy. Journal of Investment Compliance, Vol. 3 Issu: 4, pp. 36-39 Literature Review of Mediation and Advocacy By melendrezangie80


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