Literature Review Of Studies On Balanced Scorecard Accounting Essay

A survey conducted by Kittiy Yongvanich and James Guthrie ( 2009 ) provides a descriptive analysis among Thai stock exchange companies in the utilizing of BSC and how BSC assess the public presentation consequence. In this survey, questionnaire had been given and the consequence will be used to happen out whether the proportion and the manner BSC being used are significantly correlated with fiscal public presentation. Completed questionnaires were returned from 123 companies, giving response rate of around 34 per centum. Of these companies, 15 and 34 companies severally had applied BSC in single concern units and extensively for full companies. The consequences of this survey showed that most of companies in Thailand had used the BSC to acquire the benefits of it and around 33 per centum of Thai stock exchange companies that had applied BSC did non use cause-and-effect relationships. It is found that there is no correlativity between types of BSC use and company size.

By utilizing several research inquiries, Dorothea Greiling ( 2010 ) had found that most of the non-profit organisations still necessitate more experience and clip if they wish to to the full utilize the benefit of the balanced scorecard. Most of the interviewees have merely a measuring system with an imbalanced distribution of fiscal and non-financial public presentation steps and miss cause-and-effect linkages every bit good as compensation links at all degree. In add-on, the interviewees found that by utilizing balanced scorecard, they could benefits in the country of scheme executions, construct up a public presentation measuring system and back uping organisational alteration procedures. However, restrictions to present pay-for public presentation systems, mensurating jobs and obstructions arising from challenges in the country of clear organisational success steps were seen as major obstructions of balanced scorecard execution. This survey had been taken based on a sample of 20 German non-profit organisations in the field of societal services and aimed to understand several issues in implementing balanced scorecard system in German non-profit organisations.

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Literature Review Of Studies On Balanced Scorecard Accounting Essay
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Wanncherng Wang ( 2005 ) conducted a survey to analyse the value relevancy of the BSC tools for equity rating. This survey was conducted based on empirical relationship between as set of Balanced Scorecard indexs and the exchange ratios for a sample of 32 amalgamations and acquisitions of 14 fiscal keeping companies. Datas were gathered from machine-readable database, one-year fiscal studies, industry studies and professional magazines ; and covered 2 old ages from twelvemonth 2000 to 2002. From this survey, Wang found that the Balanced Scorecard indexs explain every bit high as 90 per centum of the exchange ratios fluctuations. Consistent with the spirit of Balanced Scorecard, the measuring of non-financial public presentation play a critical function in the rating of fiscal establishments, incrementally increasing about 40 per centum of explanatory power.

A survey by Nigel Evans ( 2005 ) was carried to understand the balanced scorecard attack to scheme and its benefit for the international hotel industry. This survey was carried by undertakes wide-range literature reappraisal which concentrates on strategic execution and the balanced scorecard attack, which so will be compared and contrasted with grounds of pattern derived from a study of hotels in Northeast England. From the research that had been taken, it found that a broad assortment of steps were presently being used and that many hotelkeepers were utilizing steps from all four of the class groupings identified in the balanced scorecard model.

Rozhan Othman ( 2006 ) had taken a opportunity to carry on a research to demo an analysis of the influence of the development of the insouciant theoretical account of the scheme in the utilizing of the BSC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This survey besides aims to happen out the differences in Balanced Scorecard execution of users who developed a insouciant theoretical account in their scheme and those who did non. Data was collected by utilizing mailed study. From this survey, consequences found that those organisations that did non set up a insouciant theoretical account of balanced scorecard may confront specific jobs more than those who did.

Ali Assiri, Mohammed Zairi and Riyad Eid ( 2006 ) had an chance to transport out a survey to happen out a comprehensive set of possible factors that influence the successful execution of balanced scorecard. This survey is based on holistic position and includes a comprehensive analysis of the relevant literature and an analysis of instance surveies of balanced scorecard executions in organisations presented in the literature, and an explanatory planetary study of 103 organisations in 25 states that have already adopted or are in the procedure of following balanced scorecard. From this survey, the found 27 cardinal success factors which are expected to find the execution of balanced scorecard which so divided into three degrees: dominant, chief, and back uping factors.

Research had been taken by Adrien Chia, Mark Goh and Sin-Hoon Hum ( 2009 ) to analyze what senior supply concatenation executives step and how they perceive public presentation measuring from a balanced scorecard position. By utilizing a study designed from the four positions of the balanced scorecard model is conducted on senior executives involved in the supply concatenation maps of client houses, and those executives from the logistics service supplier industry. From this research, it is found that despite the demand to supply a balanced attack to public presentation measuring, houses remain focussed on traditional fiscal steps. In add-on, from a supply concatenation position, the non-tangible steps such as client satisfaction are most mensural. On-time bringing and client satisfaction are included inside cardinal logistics public presentation indexs. These findings are based on a sample size of 113.

From a diary that titled “ Balanced Scorecard: A Rising Tendency In Strategic Performance Measurement ” , Khim Ling Sim and Hian Chye Koh ( 2001 ) had conducted a research which based on information collected from 83 electronics companies in the USA. From the research, it is found that those companies that have linked their corporate ends to their public presentation measuring systems like balanced scorecard will execute better than those who are non.

A research conducted by Xiao-Yun Chen ; Kazunobu Yamauchi and Ken Kato ; Akio Nishimura and Katuski Ito ( 2006 ) to look into the utility of utilizing the balanced scorecard to mensurate public presentation in two infirmaries that located in two different states which are in China and Japan. By utilizing the balanced scorecard model, a comparative infirmary public presentation measuring theoretical account was set up to compare those two infirmaries. As the consequence, it is found that balanced scorecard was effectual to observe bing jobs and happen out some chances for betterments. In add-on, the infirmaries ‘ part to public presentation betterment of Japan and China total wellness system had been revealed by balanced scorecard.

Ignacio Urrutia and Scott D. Eriksen ( 2005 ) had conducted a survey to reply the inquiry of whether the balanced scorecard can be used in infirmary, one of several sectors of non-profit organisations. This survey was conducted by utilizing a survey instance of a private Spanish infirmary, concentrating in psychiatric patients, which is owned by a spiritual fold and utilizes a really crude and informal information system. From this survey, it concluded that balanced scorecard is applicable to any type of organisation and it must be modified to include a mission position, therefore back uping balanced scorecard system for non-profit organisations.

A research had been conducted by G. Manville ( 2006 ) in a non for net income little and average sized endeavor ( SME ) to look into the execution of a public presentation direction system utilizing balanced scorecard. This was a instance based research to research the thoughts of two direction stakeholder groups. From this research, it was found that balanced scorecards can be used within a Small and Medium Enterprise context. However, due to the to a great extent regulated nature of the organisation, the motives for the acceptance of the balanced scorecard tool were both internal and external.

Laurie L. Burney and Nancy J. Swanson ( 2010 ) had conducted a survey based on study informations gathered from accounting directors in balanced scorecard houses, focal points on the consequence of the balanced scorecard on an single director ‘s occupation satisfaction and to understand the balanced scorecard ‘s effectivity within houses. As a consequence, it is found that there is a good relation between satisfaction of occupation and directors ‘ perceptual experiences of the strength of the connexion between organisation scheme and public presentation steps. It is assumed that directors are going better informed about the actions wanted by the house when they use a balanced scorecard that establishes a strong connexion with house ‘s scheme ; hence, they will happen that they would see higher degrees of occupation satisfaction. Furthermore, this survey had found that the benefit of non-financial steps in balanced scorecard tool is related to director ‘s occupation satisfaction positively and may back up them in doing a determination in future times.

Hsin Hsin Chang ( 2008 ) had an chance to transport out a survey to measure supply concatenation direction ( SCM ) public presentation utilizing the balanced scorecard to thereby measure the concern public presentation of many Taiwan ‘s industries that have implemented SCM. This survey was conducted by utilizing instance survey ; research theoretical account and hypotheses are modified harmonizing to the instance survey findings. In add-on, questionnaire is besides made in the study forms to roll up and analysis informations. From this survey, it is found that companies use changing grades of SCM integrating. Data analysis supports a positive correlativity between SCM integrating and balanced scorecard and a direct correlativity between SCM integrating and each balanced scorecard dimension.

A research had been taken by Manoj Aanand, B S Sahay, and Subhashish Saha ( 2005 ) to place the extent of balanced scorecard used by corporate in India and look into whether Indian houses use all the four position of balanced scorecard which are client, fiscal, internal concern, and larning and growing. This research had been conducted based on study utilizing questionnaires to 500 private sector companies and 75 most valuable public sector units ( PSUs ) . From this survey, they had found that fiscal position was the most of import position followed by clients ‘ position, stockholders ‘ position, internal concern position, and larning and growing position. Furthermore it is found that balanced scorecard use rate is 45.28 per cent in corporate India compared to 43.90 per cent in the US. The most critical issue in the execution of the balanced scorecard in India was in seting ‘weightage ‘ to different position and in set uping cause and consequence relationship among these positions. Last, most companies claimed that the usage of the balanced scorecard in the organisation has led to the designation of cost decrease chances which has resulted in better public presentation in the bottom line.

James Norrie and Derek H. T. Walker ( 2004 ) had conducted a survey to discourse ways that project directors can utilize public presentation measuring tools to better the operational public presentation of their undertaking squads like balanced scorecard. This survey had been conducted by undertaking squads at a big North American planetary telecommunications organisation by making comparing and study of two undertakings. This survey found that balanced scorecard is a utile tool to be used as a tool to better the undertaking direction effectivity. It is besides found that balanced scorecard is a powerful tool to set up on-strategy undertaking bringing.

Pang-Lo Liu and Chih-Hung Tsi ( 2007 ) did a research which utilized the balanced scorecard execution to happen out the effects of the debut of a cognition direction system on operating public presentation. This research had been conducted by planing a questionnaire which so given to 560 major Chinese high-tech companies ‘ directors and utilizing four positions of the balanced scorecard to mensurate runing public presentation among these hi-tech companies. From the research, it showed that after cognition direction being introduced and implemented to the organisation there was an addition in runing public presentation. Furthermore, it was found that there was a 5.1 to 10 % public presentation addition when public presentation was examined from the fiscal, client, and internal concern procedure positions ; and a 10.1 to 15 % addition when it was examined by larning and growing position.


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