Little Big Horn Bat Sample Essay

The US ground forces lost the Battle of the Little Big Horn because of the error made by General George Custer The conflict of small large horn took topographic point on 25th June 1876. All 210 soldiers in General Custer’s force were killed by Indians led by sitting bull. The Battle began because the white colonists and the Native American’s lived in peace but the American’s started to mistreat their trust with the Native American’s as they started to delve for gold. as the gold was discovered in the Rocky mountain and construct train lines to acquire to the mountain. The us authorities so started to construct more train lines and started to mark the American bison off. the Native American’s needed the American bison for nutrient and many other points. The Native American’s than had sufficiency of the White colonists destructing their land and traditional imposts. Red cloud addressed the US authorities representative and announced “the great Father ( US president ) sends us nowadayss and wants us to sell him the route. but the white head comes with soldiers to steal it before we say yes or no. I will speak to you no more. I will travel now and I will contend you” . In this essay I will seek to research the conflict and whether the US licking was because of General Custer.

Many historiographers think that Custer was to fault for the licking. When I looked at the grounds I saw that there were a figure of grounds that were mistakes. For illustration he made his work forces march 73 stat mis in 3 yearss. this made them tired and really hebdomad. He besides seldom listened to order’s which tells us that he thought he knew best. he besides enjoyed being in the public oculus a batch which tells us that he had a highly self-importance. He split his force which half the opportunities of winning the conflict. he underestimated the Native American’s. As they were going to happen the Native American’s he ignored Reno ( a chap General ) . when he asked for Custer and his troop’s to wait Custer take to transport on despite Reno’s order’s. this meant they would get at the conflict before the other’s.

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However. some grounds were nil to make with Custer. When I looked at the program of the conflict I saw that the ground forces were split into 3 garrisons and were placed in different subdivisions of the state. they so had to go were they assumed the Native American’s would be. there is 2 grounds why this portion of the program was a job 1 of these were. if 1 garrison got to the conflict before another garrison. they would hold to get down the conflict. if this did occur they would hold to get down the conflict outnumbered by the Indian’s. the 2nd job was they were non wholly certain were the Indian’s were located. Many of the US ground forces member’s were non trained. most of them were felons. they were given individual shooting ‘Springfield’ rifles. tonss of the Indian’s had Winchester repeater rifles. although the Indian’s did hold better guns they besides had much better purpose.

Another ground why the US ground forces doomed is because the Indians fought good. The grounds shows that the Indian’s trusted each other as they had to trust on each other a batch more. the US ground forces did non swear each other as most of them were aliens. Besides the US ground forces did non hold really good purpose and unluckily for them the Indian’s did. they besides had better communicating than the American’s. The Indian’s had a better attitude and they were contending for their households and land the American’s were merely contending for gold. money and self-importance. so the Indian’s had a batch more to contend for. A leader of the Indian’s. sitting bull. had really strong visions that inspired the Indian warriors. they besides performed dances to inquire the liquors to back up them and inquire them to assist them win the conflict. this helped them raise there sprits before the conflict. I think the Native Americans were really surprised when a batch of them got highly ill. many of these unwellnesss where brought but the Americans. the Indians did non understand how to handle these unwellnesss.

In decision I disagree with the thought that General Custer was the chief ground why the US ground forces lost in the conflict of small large horn. ni think this because the US army’s program was incorrect from the get downing although Custer did lend to the licking. besides the Native American’s were a strong opposition to crush.


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