Living the American Dream Essay

The American Dream is a popular thought that mearns different things to different people. Some people believe the American Dream is the best life that you could picture for yourself that is achieved through hard work and patience. From becoming Billionaires, to owning a home and having a family to take care of, everyone’s American Dream is different in some way. Immigrants from all around the world venture to America because of this “Dream” that promises better life for all people who work hard and strive to be the best person that they can be.

There are many people tthroughout history who seem to have achieved the American Dream. Many of these past and present celebrities and millionaires in America started at the bottom of the lower class and climbed their way up the social ladder to become part of the upper class. John D. Rockefeller is considered to have achieved the American Dream. He was America’s first “business superstar”- starting out in a poor family of six kids and having to help support his family at the age of 16 by taking odd Jobs certainly places him amongst Americans who have surpassed heir beginnings by later becoming a powerful millionaire.

Current celebrity Arnold Schwarzenegger is another American who we can conclude as having achieved the American Dream. Mr. Schwarzenegger was born as an abused child in an Austrian village who made it his goal to go to America. Arnold was given the oopportunity to move and came to America as a competitive body builder. He was later given many movie parts that would lead him to fame and riches. Arnold is a great example ofa current celebrity that has made his American dream come true. A third example ofa erson obtaining the American Dream could be President Obama.

President Obama was able to become the first African American President. Just ten years ago nobody could have even thought of a black person being elected President of the United States. These three people are great examples of becoming someone more than they were when they were young; however, many people live their American Dreams everyday without even being rich or famous. The most iconic and famous example of people achieving their American Dream would be the base of the Dream itself; the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence symbolizes American freedom from the tyrannical English Government.

The Declaration started out as a dream itself, but when the people of America took action it became set as a goal. This goal would be reached by the Continental Congress of 1776. The Declaration was a result of many years of violent war and conflict with England. This document officially stated that America be an independent nation apart from the British Government and became the first American Dream. While the Declaration of Independence is the first official American Dream, the document also contains InTormatlon on wnat tne American Dream Is ana Isn’t.

I ne PreamDle 0T tne declaration is the most quoted part of the document with its famous phrase “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. ” Within this line alone, the declaration not only becomes a document calling for freedom, but also becomes a document that declares individual rights. The Preamble also symbolizes the action of taking Independence, teaching us that through hard work the American dream can be reached.

While the List of Grievances tells us what the American Dream is not. The List is the Continental Congress complaining specifically to the King of England by telling him what he is doing wrong and what they don’t like. One thing that the List of Grievances does is show the King no respect by addressing him as “He” instead of miour Majesty’ or Just “The King” The Declaration of Independence sets a new attitude with the American people letting them know that through hard work, your wildest dreams can be achieved. Many people picture their perfect life as simply having a family and owning a ome.

To me, the American Dream mearns starting somewhere in life and making your life better through hard work. Being able to go farther than where you started out in life is what the American Dream mearns to me. Ironically enough, part of my American Dream is to one day be able to leave America and live in another country. I would like to be able to experience the world, meet a vvariety of new people, visit famous cities and learn about how other people in the world live. I have already started my American Dream by trying to visit and travel as much as I can at a young age.

Already I have travelled to Paris, France and spent time with a host family there. I have also gone to Mexico and Canada where I vacationed with my parent’s and plan on visiting South America on a church missions trip to Peru next summer. The American Dream is a belief that is unique to Americans and is the reason why many immigrants move to America, leaving all they had behind, to become someone new and succeed in whatever their perfect life is. While the American Dream has a different ending point for many people, the path for everyone to reach that point includes a lot of hard work and patience.

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