Living Things

Term Definition
cell The basic building block of life
cell membrane The thin layer that encloses and gives shape to a cell
cytoplasm A jellylike substance that fills most of the space in a cell
nucleus A cell's control center
cell wall A structure that keeps a cell rigid and provides support to an entire plant.
chloroplast A part of a plant cell that contains chlorophyll, the green pigment plants need to make their food
microorganisms Organisms that are so small they can only be seen with a microscope
vertebrate An animal with a backbone
invertebrate An animal without a backbone
arthropod An invertebrate with legs that have several joints
embryo A young plant
flowers Reproductive structures in flowering plants
fruit and protects the seeds The part of a flowering plant that surrounds
fungi Living things such as mushrooms that look like plants, but can not make their own food
hyphae Densely packed threadlike parts of a fungus
spore A tiny cell that ferns and fungi use to reproduce
mold (fungus) A common type of fungi that often looks cottony or woolly

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