Living Your Yoga by Judith Lasater Essay

Living Your Yoga; Finding the Spiritual in Everyday Life By Judith Lasater, PhD, P. T. For many people, yoga begins and ends on the yoga mat. It’s something they do. Judith helps remind us in this book that yoga isn’t about doing but actually more about the non doing. Yoga actually teaches us things of great value beyond the physical asanas. Her explanations of the teachings of the Bhagavada Gita help to remind us that we are not here to create ourselves but more so to just remember and that doing this will literally transform our lives.

Living your yoga is about taking the practice off the mat and into our everyday life. Also it is about realizing that it is called the “practice” because it is exactly that. Yoga philosophy teaches us simple and valuable lessons about acceptance, happiness, health, appreciation, and love. Making our lives full of these things not all the time but consistently is difficult and Judith helps us see that patience and ahimsa (non hurting or self judgment) can help us experience these things daily despite our external conditions.

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Living Your Yoga by Judith Lasater Essay
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Looking inward is where to find the gold, it is nowhere else. Through reading her book I have learned acceptance and how to remove the layers of self doubt so I can experience wholeness and oneness. A sculptor does not add anything to the sculptor to create it, rather he removes everything that is not the sculpture and reveals beauty. I have now made this idea my own and take Judith’s advice into my everyday life. I am truly working on removing the parts of me that I don’t need and the things from my life that I latch on to, which in turn is revealing a happier and simple life.

The lessons that she teaches are practice and useful for me to use whether I’m at work or at home, doing school work or during my yoga practice. Judith refers to a personal experience where she counts the number of times a day she becomes anxious, stressed, or aggravated and counts a number of 67 times. This high number amazed me and I thought to myself that I could never become stressed so many times in one day but after reading her book I did my own self analysis and found my number to be fairly close.

The act of just stopping and noticing my emotions and body at times when I become anxious has truly become the remedy to relieving and eliminating it from my day. The teachings she uses in her book are so simple and almost seem like common sense but are so easily looked over. I deeply enjoyed this book and will probably refer to it multiple times in my life. Im very grateful for the easy explanations and personal experiences she shared. Using these teaching daily has already brought me more happiness and I look forward to learning more about myself.


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