Local Environmental Issues Essay

Checkpoint: Local Environmental Issue Michelle Winters SCI/275 Environmental Science July 2, 2010 I live in the beautiful small town of Eagle Point, Oregon. Our small community has a beautiful creek which runs right through our town; and although many people would say that our biggest environmental issue would be that our creek has an e-coli warning, I believe our communities biggest issue to be recycling.

Many of the people in the community which I live, seem to be constantly on the go, they say they care about the environment, and like to be eco friendly. However these same people fill their garbage cans each week with recyclable items, such as aluminum cans, cardboard, paper, plastic jugs, and newspapers. My neighbor alone throws away about 100 empty soda/beer cans each week, and here in Oregon that is money being thrown out, not just recycling we can take these cans in to our stores and receive . 05 each can which really adds up after a while.

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Local Environmental Issues Essay
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I believe that the failure to recycle is the failure of the people within the community; we all say we want to do it we just fail to follow through. Our trash company gives each household a large recycling can at no charge to use each week, I have personally filled this can every week with my household recycling, and have saved space in over half my trash cans. I see my neighbor’s trash cans overflowing with garbage each week and their recycling cans never brought out. I feel that if each individual in our community would put forth the extra effort to recycle a bit more each week we can cut back on this problem.


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