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GCE Physical Education – Exemplar Materials Unit 2: The Critical Sports Performer (6PE02) Task 2. 2 – Local Study (Football) Commentary Mark band three (7-9): “The student has demonstrated a good level of knowledge of the local provision in their chosen physical activity. ” General comments This work suggests that limited research has been undertaken and only covers some of the key areas required, such as club and school provision. Although the detail for the opportunities in local leagues, clubs and schools is reasonable, the referencing is limited and the bibliography thin.

For example, there is a figure suggested for the ees paid in the Tandridge League but no reference as to where this information may be verified. Word limit The word limit is adhered to although it is perfectly reasonable for candidates to include case studies and tables to illustrate or develop points providing they are properly contextualised, add relevant depth to the work and are not simply additional words conveniently ‘boxed’.

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Local Study – Football Essay
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Marking guide grid – to be considered in conjunction with descriptors in the specification Mark Analysis Additional detail 2 Opportunities for disabled Public Private Voluntary Clubs Schools Performer Officiating Leading Additional gencies Role of local governing body Student marks Funding Primary areas required for consideration in the 7 Content The opening sections outline aspects of the local provision. There are references to from the personal knowledge of the candidate.

The overview of the provision in the area is missing; for example, there are no details about the number of affiliated clubs or players, or the name of the local governing body and the role it has in further developing football provision in the area. Furthermore, the detail on schools is limited to the candidate’s own school with little on the range of competitions or epresentative teams that might be on offer. Nevertheless, this detail does give useful information about these aspects of provision.

The study goes on to outline some of the opportunities available for the young people in the area and makes reference to one or two specific projects for players with disabilities and to reduce anti-social behaviour and crime. There is a conclusion which summarises key aspects of provision but which fails to offer much in the way of analysis. For example, the significance of the St Matthews Project might be identified as good practice and that authorities should consider similar projects ecause of the opportunities for social cohesion it might support.

Areas for improvement This study gives a basic overview of football in the area, most notably about some of the football opportunities in local clubs. Information on schools and clubs could have been more succinct which would have provided more space to address a number of notable omissions; for example, opportunities for girls and women, links with additional agencies, private, public and voluntary sectors and coaching and officiating.

Had the candidate addressed these areas the study would have attracted additional marks. Task 2. ??” Local Study Max. word limit adhered to 992 words 7/15 Page II Loc cal St tudy For my local study I have chosen n to research h Football in my area of S South London n, this will m mainly be ough of Lamb beth but will also feature e various other boroughs s which are associat ted with spor rt in south Lo ondon.

With the FA(I) be einga very w well establish hed and strong governin ng body, this s has allowed d many coaches and club bs to emerge e within the a area through coaching g and fundin ng. In Lambet th there are many parks, , Astroturf pi itches and yo outh clubs w were youths c an let off ste eam and enjoy their foot tball on a ser rious level or r Just for fun n. 2)That is w where the spor rts participat tion pyramid d comes into o play; the m main level off football in La ambeth is FOUNDA any of the kid ds are doing it to keep fit t and have fu un with their r friends, participa ation level fr rom the pyra amid is active e aswell as m many schools s within the L Lambeth bor rough compete e amongst each other in school leagu The team m I played fo or throughou ut the 10-11 seasons was s named Rollers Athletic Football club b. They are situa ated in Crystal Palace and train in Cry ystal Palace P Park.

This tea am participa ated in the Ta andridge rd league ‘C C’ division an nd finished 3 overall. In 3 n the current t season of 2011-12 they would have been ating in the ‘ ‘B’ division ,h however many of the pla ayers from th u16 season h had either been scouted by higher clubs or decid ded to focus more on edu ucation, beca ause this hap ppened w u17’s Roller rs Athletic w were forced to o fold’ which means bac ck down and only keep th heir the new senior sq quad . They t train on a Tuesday and Th hursday afte ernoon from 5-7pm and i in the winter r they rain on Saturday mo ornings from m loam- 12pm.

I live in B Brixton whic ch is in the bo orough of Lambeth, sout th London. In n south Lond don there are e many football opportunitie es. The fact t that there ar re more than n 4 professio Onal football teams situat ted in London shows the st trong influen nce football has on the communities. These team ms are Crystal palace, Afc Wim r. Chelsea. Th here are many semi pro teams as we ell, such as Su utton united d and Tooting and Mitcham m fc who hav ve created fo ootball acade emies with 10 Ocal schools to provide a educatio on and footb ball opportun ities within South Londo on.

The facilities that sch hools have to o offer football wise are ver ry good. Scho ools like ‘Gra aveney School’ have build a massive 36 pitch for their students s and the community to play football on. This wa as all funded by the schoo 01 committee and local mp p in the area. The Tandridge leagu ue, is the most popular le eague the youth of south h London play y for this is d due to xcellent struc cture of tiers s within the league The le eague has tie ers as young as u7’s and as old as there ex u18’s so o there is a w wide range of the league.

T The facilities in the Tandr idge league’s facilities s aren’t the g greatest as cl lubs still hav ve to individu ually pay for pitches and referees. He ere is an example e of some of the tiers in t the Tandridg ge league. Th he fees to Join this club are about Elo 00?±150; this varies depending on the age e of the playe ers and what t tier their sq quad are par rticipating in for the year. (3) Word d Count Page e 1 : 528/992 Page 12 The school I attended from 2006- 11 was Dunraven school.

This school had 3 gyms in which students could use at lunch and break to partake in an activity such as football. Football at my secondary chool was good, there were 7 teams all varying from the yr 7 team all the way up to y ear 13 and even teachers. There was a scheme in which ‘Fulham Kicks*’ would come into the sch the players from each year with the opportunity to attend a Fulham development cen tre and progress through the ranks from there. Within Lambeth there are many opportunities of football through the grass roots syst em.

Chelsea football club are very active in the grass roots system, creating training and tourname nts at local recreation centres. These sessions are fully funded by Chelsea football club and invol e drills and matches over the course of 2hours on a Saturday afternoon or morning depending o n your age group, these sessions are held and run by Chelsea coaching staff. One of the location s is Furzedown Recreation centre, Tooting/Mitcham/ Balham . The age range is from 7 years old all the way up to 18.

An average session would consist of roughly 3()- 35 players attending. There are also football opportunities for disabled people from within the community. Professional club Fulh am and others such as Chelsea and Charlton have a deaf team in which they hold trials for deaf yout to try out for the squad. There is a (i) Fulham deaf ladies and Fulham deaf men. There are many football clubs in south London and there are also many projects that are being held within south London.

The St Matthews Project was set up after a group of teenagers i n a football pen on a south Brixton estate were robbed at knifepoint and then lined up and used as target practice with footballs. Seven years later, the project has succeeded in bringing toget her teenagers who were previously territorial in south Brixton. It developed, literally, from a kick- about in the local ark for young people living in one block of flats on the St. Matthews Estate, nestling behind Brixton Hill, south London.

This project is funded by large firms such as RBS AND the telegraph through their ‘sports for you’ grant. In conclusion, South London brings a lot of hope to the communities young and promising athletes, facilities are of a high standard and are awaiting athletes from all backgrounds, whether theyre young Olympic hopefuls or troubled teenagers trying to reverse their life and get back on track. Many facilities are at a high standard and even accommod ate for disabled athletes.

Facilities and organisations are encouraged for leisure or for work purposes with many Professional football areas amongst the community encouraging amateur players thr ough fun days or grass root organisations. word count page 2: 464/992 Page 13 Bibliogra aphy (i)http:// /www. telegr raph. co. uk/s sport/othersports/amate eur/8418867 7/Sport-for-y you-breaking g-down- barriers. html (LAST P PARAGRAPH H BEFORE CO ONCLUSION) (ii)http:/ //www. fulha amdfc. com/ ( Fulham Pic) (iii)http://www. ourk kidssports. co om/Leagues/ ‘profile/id/23 Append dix (1)The F Football Ass sociation, also known a


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