Logan Miller Essay

Mr. Cheatham’s 2nd hour
English 1
Tuesday, February 23, 1999
Fantasy Basketball
Fantasy Basketball is a fun game to play during the basketball season.
It’s a group of eight people who pay fifteen dollars to join and then you have a
draft to pick your favorite NBA players. You watch their stats throughout the
week and you play other teams that are in your league.
Each week you have a starting lineup, which consists of five starters and
three bench players. The bench’s points is cut in half. The games that count
are from Friday to Tuesday. There are fifteen rounds in the draft. In the first
five rounds all the good people are gone. The next five rounds are the
mediocre players. The last five rounds you take chances on people. You also
get to name your team. Some of the teams names are Butt Cowboys, Purple
Headed Yogurt Slingers, Pimps R Us, Pimps Palace, and the Predators. One
of your first picks should be a center. That’s because they are very few good
centers. There are equal amounts of forwards and guards.
The first eight picks in the draft were David Robinson, Shaq O’Neal,
Tim Duncan, Grant Hill, Kevin Garnett, Hakeem Olajuwon, Antoine Walker,
and Gary Payton. The last pick in the draft was Michael Jordan. Josh
Viegelahn took him as a joke. You want to pick people that get a lot of points,
rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals. The overall points leaders are Grant Hill,
Chris Webber, and Shaq O’neal.
The following are the stats leaders after week one. The rebounding
leaders are Charles Barkley, Tom Gugliotta, Chris Webber, Shaq O’Neal, and
Tim Duncan. The assists leaders are Jason Kidd, John Stockton, Stephon
Marbury, and Rod Strickland. Whoever wins the league gets fifty dollars.
Second place gets thirty dollars, third place gets twenty dollars, and fourth
place gets ten dollars. Each of the division winners gets five dollars. The
people in the league are A.J. Pryzbala, Tyler Hilla, John Meharg, John
Zampich, Josh (worst team in the league) Viegelahn, Max McLean, Mickey
Marx, and I.
Fantasy Basketball is an awesome game to play during the basketball
season. The only time people ever watch basketball is when my players have
games. People also go on the Internet to see how there players did. It’s also
very exciting because there’s a chance to win money.

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