London, a Multicultural and Ethnically Diverse City Essay

Introduction London is one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse cities on the planet. As of July 2010, London has had an official population of 7,825,200 where they may be divided into different ethnical and cultural backgrounds. This diversification has brought upon different outcomes. Some of which may show the benefits that diversity has brought to the city as well as any challenges that the city might face. Also, by looking at these outcomes, it is possible to foresee any possible future evelopments that may take place in the next 20 years.

Benefits of Diversity “More than 300 languages are spoken by the people of London… ” (Benedictus, 2005) One of the benefits of cultural and ethnical diversity is the increase in the spoken languages in the city of London. Based on (Benedictus 2005), a population of 10000 or more makes up for at least 50 non-indigenous communities, which calls for the fairly large amount of spoken languages in the city. Moreover, diversity in culture and ethnicity has also introduced the city to a variety of ifferent foods.

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London, a Multicultural and Ethnically Diverse City Essay
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Not only can Londoners experience the different types of food, but also, the citys enthusiasm for foreign food creates thousands of Jobs for immigrants and makes the establishment of new communities that much easier (Benedictus, 2005) This of course definitely proves the quote, “food makes the world go round. Plus, diversity can also broaden the views and open the eyes of the local Londoners who are unaware of other cultures present in the world.

This also helps them nderstand different cultures and help them learn to live together amongst them. Challenges On the other hand, diversity may also result in some negative effects. Cities that are culturally and ethnically diverse are facing some challenges due to diversity. One of the issues that are being faced is that immigrants are taking Jobs away from native- born workers. “Since immigrants are willing to work for lower wages, the charge goes, employers lay off native-born workers and hire immigrants in their place” (Pakenham, p 98).

Another problem that is being faced is racism and discrimination of other people’s culture and ethnicity. Not everyone is willing to accept immigrants coming in taking over their Jobs, changing the way the city used to be, replacing local restaurants with foreign food restaurants and so on. This results in the formation of groups such as the British National Party (BNP) in the I-JK, who are people against the existence of different cultures “invading” the country and believe that the city is starting to lose its identity as a British country.

Further Developments With that, it is possible to see any possible future developments in the city of London possible to see that with a constant increase in the migration of people from different parts of the world, the city and also the country may also lose its identity as a British country. Plus, this ongoing issue of social discrimination, such as the existence of the BNP, it may result in an increase in the social discrimination even further. Conclusion Diversity in the city has most definitely brought in a number of benefits.

However, with that also comes with its own challenges and problems and from there, it is possible to foresee any future developments in the country may it be positive or negative. References Parekh, B. (2005) ‘Multiculturalism is a civilized dialogue’. The Guardian. Friday 21st January. Beneditus, L. (2005) ‘Every race, colour, nation and religion on earth’. The Guardian. Friday 21st January. Pakenham, J,K. (2011) ‘The Challenge of Diversity. In: PakenhamJ,K. (2nd ed) Making Connections. New York: Cambridge University Press, pp. 95-101.


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