Long Term Memory Essay

Ricardo Young Wednesday 10:10 Am Topic #2 3/01/10 Long Term Memory Long-term memory is memory that can last as little as a few days or as long as decades. Life without long term memory is almost impossible if you ask me. Memories play a very important role in your everyday functions and doings. I don’t see how you can function without long term memory because of the amount of things it affects. Memories are critical in having a regular life because you can’t function properly without memories. Life without long term memory is almost impossible in reality because it factors in almost everything you do.

For instance, you can’t remember names, faces, birthdays, events, facts, knowledge and etc. For example, you can’t have relationships because you can’t even remember who the person is much less anything you have done in the past with them to form a close bond with someone. You can’t get through school because you can’t remember (learn) any information to have a foundation to build on. Living like this is also dangerous because you can never learn from previous mistakes because you can’t remember what you did to not repeat it.

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Also, you would have to always have someone around to remind you of who people are, where you are, and how to get places you have already been in the past. So basically living without long term memory is like living a pointless life. Memories play a large role in my life because it factors in so many things I do on a daily basis. Memories allow me to have friends, revisit important events, get smarter and etc. For example, memories are a major contribution in the reason I at Virginia Tech right now.

I had to remember school work to get good grades, remember plays to execute them properly, remember mistakes I made to not repeat them constantly. Memories are just as important in everyone’s life just as important as it is in my life. So memories play not just a important role in my life but probably the most important role in my life. Memories are so important that they can have a major affect on everyone’s lives. Therefore life is basically purposeless without having long term memory. This is because short term memory is not enough alone to help you function properly.


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