Look Both Ways Sac Prep Essay

LOOK BOTH WAYS – The film is an authentic personal and group portrait of how humans deal with personal tragedy, depression and loss – Depicts the daily life we all lead, where tragedy and crisis are just around the corner Characters:Nick – not yet in control with his medical diagnosis; hasn’t come to terms with his father’s death, therefore impossible to accept his own describes his life with self-critical cynicism as a matter of “poverty, wars, natural disasters… then back to the mini bar – the use of flashbacks and photo montages give us an insight into Nick’s fragile state of mind – Quote: “I’ve been seeing death everywhere this weekend… I just look at people and I see them dying” – Quote: “I’ll find out more tomorrow, then there’ll be more I don’t know” – afraid of the unknown Meryl- her fears are seen through vivid animations; they inhibit her progress; they come through in her paintings and artwork preoccupied with death – Quote: “Maybe it was meant to be… Maybe the right thing happened” – Quote: “The seven stages of grief. What’s the point in knowing where you’re up to if you’ve still got to go through it anyway? ” Julia- her life is thrown into chaos – she is framed by doors and windows; her life appearing to be bound and constrained by fear – reaches out with acceptance, not accusation – Quote: “It wasn’t your fault” Andy- can’t see situations from any view but his own self-absorbed – constantly preoccupied with negativity and paranoia – Quote: “Who would believe in something so ridiculous? ” his cynicism – Quote: “That’s just it isn’t it. Knowing…” – Quote: “Do you know how many supposedly “accidental deaths last year could have been suicides? ” Phil- the tragedies happening around him, open his eyes causing him to grow closer to his wife and children Train driver- spirals into a depressive silence; shattered by his perceived role in the death festering in his own guilt and sorrow – offers a condolence card to Julia; letting them both accept the accident – Quote: “I’m the train driver… I’m sorry” Themes:Freedom Grief Insecurity Loss Comfort Love Expectations Selfishness Loneliness Fear Shock Death and Illness: Andy – believes everyone who dies accidentally is actually committing suicide Nick – felt he wasn’t there for his father at the end – grief – regrets his past life; smoking and drinking his career has been around themes of other’s deaths Meryl- suffering from grief – dad’s shock death – trying to make experience of death logical; understandable – “good he died when he did – may have committed a crime in the future” Train driver- pain; guilt; grief – must have resolution Julia- has to deal with Andy’s article about suicide – funeral arrangements – constantly aware of her loss Relationships: Nick and Meryl- awkward at the start – full on; everything moves fast – chance meeting; death at train tracks share a connection with death – see it everywhere- don’t see it in each other – both lost their father – grief – choose life over death – photo montage at the end – take joy/sadness as part of life Images/Birds- used to transition between scenes Motifs/- pause or breathing space Symbols:- transition between Nick’s doctor’s scene and Meryl Rain- relief breaks the exhausting heat and draught; breaks the emotional drought – washing away the detritus of the past Newspaper- a linking device; tragedy circulates through the community TV broadcast- a linking device; tragedy circulates through the community

Sound:- sound effects are longer than usual; long silence adds effect of tension; associated sounds with motifs and imagery – distorted sound effects –natural sounds v sound effects, imaginary sounds (artificial); specific sounds for some scenes; subtle sounds in background (sirens, car alarm, trains) – The sound track is also a powerful technique as it also highlights the apprehension of protagonists and their feelings – At the first part of the film, the song ‘Crashing’ gives the audients feeling of grief and sorrow

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Look Both Ways Sac Prep Essay
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Filmic devices:- Mixing of animation and action slips clearly show what is going on inside the mind of characters – Key quotes: “Everyone has to find a way to face their own death and life” “The death wasn’t the sum of his life. It doesn’t matter how life ends, it matters how it was” – both quotes come from Nick’s mother Key quote from Sarah Watt: “The script deliberately contained elements of small stories that could be mixed up” It is the “Meaningful connections” between these mall stories that impels the filmic technique of “Look Both Ways”


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